Craft tutorial: how to make a mini Wisconsin.

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DIY winterscene by NellieBellie. Bring a bit of Wisconsin into your home!

Christmas is coming and here in Wisconsin it is a rare, rare thing indeed to not have a White Christmas. But, I am sadly aware that many of you are in warmth, with beaches and palm trees. First of all, no sympathy. Not happening. Suntan lotion, cabana boys, and girly drinks sound pretty heavenly! But…at Christmas time there is something magical about Wisconsin and snow. They just go together. Like chocolate and NellieBellie. Or wine and NellieBellie. Or sleep and NellieBellie. You get the idea.

So, I wanted to show you how to bring a bit of the wonder of Wisconsin to you. I wish I could pack these up and ship to all of you all over the country. But, there are logistics involved. Mostly financial. And golly gee…I don’t think Levi would like me stealing all of his cars. So, you will have to make your own. But, it’s really very simple!!


Add some sort of filler to the container you choose. I used a pool noodle for this one, plastic bags for the other. Use your filler to create a mountain of sorts. Cover that mountain with white felt. Hot glue the felt to the edges of your container. Trim.


Use some sort of white fabric paint. I love anything glitter and so I chose this glitter fabric paint I already had from another project. And snow. Epsom salt, table salt, white glitter, snow flakes…there are a lot of options to get fake snow. Use what you like.
Cover your felt in white paint. Glob it in some places. While it’s wet, apply your snow. I used snow flakes AND glitter. Glitter can’t hurt, can it? Nope. Not ever.

DIY winterscene by NellieBellie. Bring a bit of Wisconsin into your home!

The fun part…decorate! Craft stores have all sorts of miniatures. I still had these little trees left over from making snowglobe ornaments. So, I used those. One of the scenes has Levi’s matchbox car with a tree on the back. Another has little poofs of cotton in a snowman. Whatever strikes your fancy.

I threw on some ribbon to “finish” this project. And off they will go as gifts. So sweet!!

P.S. If you make one of these… throw on a little sign that says Wisconsin Smile. It would make my heart happy!

And, I wanted to leave you with a picture of my backyard as I write this.  I was thinking of taking a picture of my FRONT yard with the pond covered in ice and snow, and the gorgeous birch trees surrounding it. But, I didn’t want hate mail. So, I took a picture of the lesser of my views. (I’m being a brat, I know) Yep, right about now I am a lucky girl. I know. But, come  next week if you tell me that you are warm and at the beach…I’ll pack up my glitter and find you!

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