How to paint a mug.

personalized mug

This personalized mug (see the J ??) is for my friend Jen’s birthday. So she can hang out with me and drink her coffee in style. No more plain ol’ white mugs for her. No maaam. She’s a colorful kind of girl that needs a colorful kind of mug! Happy Birthday Jen…hope it’s filled with lots of laughter, snot-nosed tears, fun, and giggles. You deserve nothing less!

How to make a personalized mug…

easy diy personalized mug!! I want to make this for a gift!

(tip: be sure to pop these in the oven on low heat for 20 minutes or so to “cure”. Usually there are more specific instructions on the paint.  I didn’t include a bunch of instructions, because they will change based on which paint you use.)

Not an artist?  That’s completely ok!  You can use stencils to make designs, or you can go very simple and just add whatever you are capable of free handing.  That’s one of the best things about these personalized mugs; there aren’t any rules.  Whatever you decide to do will work great!

P.S. These are knock-offs from the big ol fantastic store Anthropologie. See their version…ours is just as awesome.


Pretty darn cool that we can recreate our own version of this personalized mug…don’t you think??

And since we’ve gotten a ton of questions about using Sharpies to do this, we’ll get that out in the open right now.  Plain old Sharpies don’t work well for this.  You can do a few things to try and get them to work better, but we just recommend using the right kind of paint pen from the get-go.  It’ll save you time and frustration.

In case the picture didn’t show up for you (’cause that sometimes happens), you just need to know that you’ll be buying ceramic paint.  And painting a white mug.  And then baking it for a bit.  Simple as pie!  Actually, simpler than pie.  Some pie recipes are hard work!  This isn’t.

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  1. Tiffany says

    I tried this method because I had this paint from when I painted one of my bird houses and in 95 percent sure that it was the same paint so I was wondering that if you put it in the oven too long does anything to stop it from setting properly because I feel that is what I did wrong.

    • says

      Tiffany, not sure exactly what might have gone wrong. You need to put the mugs in the oven, then turn it on, then bake it, then turn it off, and leave the mugs in the oven until the oven is completely cool. Maybe one of those steps was skipped?

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