recycle plastic bags: outdoor pillows

This post is sponsored by Duck Tape from Shurtech.

Oh yeah baby! I love me some Duck Tape!!
And when Duck Tape sent me a box filled with the stuff my brain started spinning.
Duck Tape has always been one of my favorite products.
I’ve been spitting out Duck Tape purse, wallets, purses, ties…you name it well before my blogging days.

But…it’s outdoor week. I’m supposed to be doing outdoorsy projects.
So, let’s use Duck Tape outside…shall we?

I refuse to buy outdoor pillows. They are expensive, blow away, get dirty, disappear, in general not great for my house.
But an outdoor setting needs a few to be finished…don’t you think?


These pillows are old pillows wrapped in garbage bags and Duck Tape. The garbage bags and Duck Tape make any old pillow waterproof.
Of course, making it cute helps too.
I would probably choose different colors but after other projects…this is the colors I was left with. But, wouldn’t black and white look great!

I had some old cheap-o pots that were on their way to the trash…

I gave them a good cleaning and wrapped them in Duck Tape…

And yes…those are mustaches on that pot. How cool is that!
But, this is my favorite…

The tutorial for the ruffled Duct Tape pots can be found here…

Ruffled Pot tutorial.


  1. Billiardbean says

    You really should spell it correctly if you love it….Lol. It’s not duck-quack, quack. It is duct.

  2. says

    LOVE these. The ruffles are really cute ( I thought they were fabric at first!) and the prints are adorable. I cannot believe those cute floral and moustache print duck tapes are really available. Totally want some now!! Would love for you to link this to my Craftastic party:)

    • says

      Thank you…I was so pleased with how it turned out! I about swooned when I saw the moustache print…so fun! I will be checking out your blog soon!

  3. says

    That ruffle pot is going places my dear. Cute, clever, more cute, more clever. I’m pinning it too. And the pillows? I seriously think I might try that. Pillows look all faded and crappy after the first couple months no matter if they come from WalMart or Pottery Barn.

    Seriously…… the duct tape pot, T.D.C.

  4. says

    Fun outdoor projects!

    My daughter has an obsession with duct tape. I was thinking I should show here these because she’s always creating things with it.

    Then I decided maybe I won’t since she doesn’t have a job to support her duct tape habit yet! ;)

  5. faithfilledcc says

    That ruffled pot is stinkin’ aDoRabLE!!! All of them are super cool, but especially love the ruffles!

  6. says

    Holy Moses…that is KRA-ZYYYYY!!! Those pots are NUTS!!! I HAVE NEVER IN MY BLEEDIN’ LIFE!!!

    You get the Bold Award of the Week.. Sorry, I don’t have a button cuz it’s not really an award…

  7. says

    The pillows are cool, makes me think Jetsons! The pots are AWESOME! The mustache is my fav! I want one for my office. Can that tape be purchased in stores?

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