Before/After Mini Bar

A DIY minibar created from a free computer NellieBellie

This DIY mini bar began it’s life as a rolling computer table. Nate picked it up off the side of the road for me. He’s a keeper…I know. When it came home I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to be. So, I left it and looked at it occasionally. Until…I had an aha moment! This is what the diy mini bar began as…


The first thing I did was add a basket as a “shelf”. I easily could have added an ordinary shelf. And, you could do that. But, I had this wire basket that I had sitting around and knew it would work great for this purpose. So, the basket it was!



I used the hooks that are for garages. (That’s what we had). These are going to be for hanging wineglasses. I screwed them in part way…not all the way because I didn’t want it sticking through the other side…and they don’t need to be too terribly strong.



Yes, I realized this is painted in this picture but I forgot to show you that I added a slim basket to the side…for the corkscrew, small stuff.



I sprayed every inch of the table, baskets, and handles this great red color from Krylon.




I added 2 vintage brackets to the top, stringing jute between the two brackets. I use this jute to clip recipes to. And, it looks sooo cool!



A great knob from World Market looks great for hanging bar towels on!


And there you have it…my free table, spray paint, and household “stuff” gave me a fabulously cute bar!

This DIY minibar was created from a free computer NellieBellie

I have the ingredients out for a Margarita…my favorite!
Have you tried my recipe for Margarita cupcakes??? Yum!

NellieBellie: Margarita Cupcakes

And that pretty little mini bar is sitting in my Dining Room. Looking all sweet and lovely!


  1. debbiedoos. says

    This is such a clever idea! I google plused and stumbled. I do not see your pin it button? I really love this project girl!

  2. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says

    Ahhhh!!! You did it– you reallly did do it! I love super perfect, just roll it around the house with you! Yes! Love the red as well! I will have mine on the thanks! :)

  3. keri @ shaken together says

    WOW – you really transformed this into something super cute! I’ll bake the cupcakes, you mix the margs … deal?!

  4. Inspire Me Heather says

    Oh my gosh that is too cool girl! I love, love the corbels on the side – totally makes it! Cheers!

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