reinvent your bedroom: jewelry carousel

This post was originally written for the great Gwen at The Bold Abode.
It is one of many upcoming projects made for my Master Bedroom redo.
I am so thankful to Gwen for having me at her blog.
This is one of my favorite projects to date…I hope you all think so.

yipee!! Gwen lets me be at her blog! Tear. hiccup. blow. I am sooo honored!
Let Gwen decide if that’s sarcasm or truth…ha!
No really, Gwen is so cool and I am so glad to know her.
Her blog is always fun, truthful, and good for the soul.
And she isn’t perfect…my kind of girl!
And if you all read Gwen’s blog you must be right up my alley too!
So be sure to pop over and say hi…cause I wanna meet you!

I have always wanted one of these for my jewelry. And while in the midst of revamping everything in the master bedroom I knew it was a good time to get my act together and make my want a reality.

But me being me can’t fork over big money for something my brain says I can do myself.

I sat on it for months looking and looking for the right materials.

Finally it came to me…

Floral rounds. On sale at Michaels for $.59 each. I used 2.
Wooden dowels in the same size as the holes on the rounds. 3/16 in my case. $.79 a piece.
A lazy susan as the base. I had one just hanging out. free.

Use your round to mark 4 of the holes on your lazy susan base. Like this one.

And drill the holes. Be sure to drill them the same size as your dowels (3/16th for me)
Then drill the tiniest holes you can into the round…all the stinking way around!

Add upholstery tacks (nice strong ones) around the other round. Maybe put yours in straight? Unlike me.
Then measure the height you want your carousel to be and cut your dowels accordingly.

It’s tricky to put those dowels on because of how tight it is into the holes. I did have to expand the holes a bit. But, line the rounds up the way you want and hot glue them for added security.

After the rounds have dried onto the dowels hot glue the dowels into the base. Be sure it can go into the base quite a bit (mine was about 1/2 inch) to give it plenty of strength.

I added trim all the way around. Well, almost.
In typical Hating Martha fashion…I ran out.
So add in the wooden thingy to make it look intentional.

After everything is all dry spray it down.
I used a black, shimmer, texture spray paint because it was all I had.
And it was awesome!

Love…love…love this project! It came out they way my brain told it to.
Hardly ever happens.

Anyways, thanks for putting up with me…
Til next time!

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    Super cool! I shared an accessory display this week too. Getting ready to share a few that I have made for my next big craft show. Thanks for sharing!

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