How to make a hanging light (from funnel and shop lights)

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DIY light from shop light and wooden spool (or any kind of bracket). how cool is this!! from

A hanging light from a light kit and a funnel. Fun fun!

Let’s pretend we are in a Choose Your Own Adventure book. You know, the ones where you read to a place and it gives you a choice; choose to go to page 4 if you want blah blah blah, go to page 27 if you want blah blah blah. One way might kill you, the other might make you a hero. Today you can choose your own adventure; one might make you a diy light from a shop light or the other way might make you a hanging light from a funnel. But in our adventure, neither cause death. Death is bad. Adventure is good. Ha!

Let’s start our adventure with the necessary equipment:

*A shop light kit for Light #1.
*A light kit for Light #2. (this is just the cord and light bulb part without a shade)
(Both can easily found at home improvement stores)

light kit

If you choose Light #1 read on.
If you choose Light #2 go on to the elephant. Why an elephant? why not!

DIY light that hangs (from shop light).

1. Start by removing the clamp from your shop light.
2. Choose your “hanging device”. I used a vintage wooden spool attached to the wall. Other ideas would be plant hangers, shelf brackets, even plastic animals.
3. Attach your hanger to the wall at the height you want. Remember that your lamp is going to hang. And that it will need to be 4-6 inches from the wall.
4. Hang your light by wrapping the cord around your hanger.
5. Add your light bulb. Important: use cool touch bulbs!



good job…you found the elephant!! You will not die.
(yes, I am a dork.)

DIY hanging light from funnel.

1. Stick the end of the light kit through the top of the funnel. (you may need to use pliers to open the mouth of the funnel large enough)
2. Add your light bulb. Important: use cool touch bulbs!


These lights are very easy, inexpensive, and just plain charming!! They are a fabulous touch for Levi’s bedroom of awesomeness!
Go HERE to see them in their element!

Now go and read your Choose Your Own Adventure book!! Which one was your favorite??


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