DIY egg nog giftset

A DIY Egg nog giftset? Everyone needs one, don’t you think??  Well, I do. So…I headed over to my thrift store and picked up some glasses (they actually don’t even match, but are close) and a flask.  I chose simple glasses and a simple flask, so you can actually buy those new and get something pretty similar if you want.  And this way, the painting stands out more!

I used some paint and stencils from Martha Stewart Paints to make this look all vintage and dorky.  I like Martha Stewart glass paint, I just think it works better.  You can find it at most craft stores.  Another paint would work too, just get something that is supposed to work on glass.

Isn’t this eggnog giftset great!


NellieBellie: DIY vintage eggnog giftset.  This gift set is a great idea for a number of different people!

 If you want to get a lovely vintagey, dorky Egg Nog giftset all your own (or to give as a gift) here’s what you need to do.

1. Find yourself some glasses that seem “vintagey”.  We also really love this set.  

2. Find yourself a bottle, flask, pitcher…whatever. Something for the egg nog.  This glass flask on Amazon is pretty similar to the one I found.

—I would recommend looking at your local thrift store for these. Or garage sales. Or free boxes. And, if they don’t match perfectly…that’s okay.

3. use some vinegar or alcohol to clean the glass if you are getting it used. Dry well.

 4. place your stencils.

5. paint.
6. cure. The paint tells you how on the back of it. Follow the directions. It’s easy.

(tip. to put a new cork into an old bottle I used a vegetable peeler to cut the bottom of the cork down enough to fit it.)

Look at your crazy cool Eggnog Gift set and be proud that you made it. Cause it’s so stinking cool you just can’t stand it!

the end.

go rule the world!

DIY eggnog gift set. a tutorial by NellieBellie.  This set is easy to make with any combo of glasses and flask, some stencils, and paint.  So cute!

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  1. Kristin says:

    Love this! Pinned!

  2. octoberfarm says:

    I love this egg nog set. I was trying to locate the stencils and I found the one for the trees and the deer but I can’t find the letters or the large dotted circle. What stencils did you use for them?
    Take care :o)

    1. miznelliebellie says:

      I used Martha Stewarts.
      Those circles were silk screens (not the adhesive stencils).
      The letters were adhesive stencils from Martha Stewart as well.
      Love those adhesive stencils!

  3. Bliss says:

    Did you make egg nog too? That’s a cute idea, even to keep for myself and not gift away.

  4. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says:

    What the What? How clever and cute is this?! This is why I follow the guts out of you- amazing ideas!!!

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