How to make copper boxes.

When it comes to decorating our homes, it’s often the smaller things that add up to a big price.  We usually think of the bigger items as the big expense (don’t get me wrong, a couch can be spendy!), but it’s the pillow and the rug and the picture frames and the knick-knacks that add up in the end.  But, while diying a couch is a bit challenging, you can save a lot of money by crafting those smaller items yourself.

With just a little time and a few supplies you can make a lot of the smaller home decor items yourself, including these copper boxes.  A few dollar boxes from the craft store, copper paint from Martha Stewart, and spare alphabet letter stickers are all it takes to get your own little copper boxes without the high price tag of the real thing.

Use these to hold all sorts of things, from jewelry and makeup to spare change and keys.  

copper boxes materialscopper box 2

copper box 3

Beautiful and simple painted copper boxes from

This cute box is yours in 2 simple steps…

1. Place your stickers on your box.
    My box was $1 from Michaels. Look for similar boxes at your local craft store or dollar store.
    I used leftover stickers I had. Use whatever you can find. Big or little…they all will work!  Just make sure that they have some depth so you will be able to see them when you paint over them.

2. Paint the box multiple coats of the copper paint.  Be sure you have several layers of newspaper down beneath.
     Let the paint dry in between coats, and be sure that you don’t put the lids on until they’ve dried thoroughly.

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What home decor projects have you done for your home?

  1. Copper dee ropper! I LOVE this!

  2. Marisa says:

    Super cute and so simple, the perfect combination! :) Way to go and thanks for sharing!

  3. Fantastic idea!! I suppose you could also do a silver or a pewter one following the same method. Great concept. Where did you get your wooden boxes?

    1. postitmaster says:

      yep, any paint will work just fine. We got our boxes for $1 each at Michael’s.

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