“Just do them” a Quick & Easy Boobie shirt…breast cancer awareness!

NellieBellie:"Just Do Them" breast cancer awareness shirt.

In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month I wanted to create a craft honoring boobies. I wanted something silly, fun, actually wearable, and…educational. I wanted to have fun with it but to serve a purpose.  Kapeesh?

I’m all about t-shirts with sayings. They are walking billboards! But come on…some of those shirts need to stay on greeting cards. So, I really, really wanted to stay away from tacky.

So, I reached for…



Get it??…I didn’t want tacky so I reached for puffy paint. Ha!

Well, at least I’m giggling. Okay, moving on…


I made 3 boobs on my shirt. Lined up nice and straight. Perfect, perky boobs. How did I get perfect circles?? Simple, I used a duct tape roll as a guide. That darn duct tape is so useful!


After I created my 3 boobs I added arrows for the various directions a woman can use to give herself a self-exam. I’m telling you…I’m going to get a Nobel Peace Prize for this shirt. Saving the world people…saving the world!

And just to be silly, I put a Nike swoosh and the words “Just Do Them”. I know…I’m here all week people. All week.

Now go forth and do good! Be silly AND save the boobs!

NellieBellie:"Just Do Them" breast cancer awareness shirt.

Just to be clear…I’m not making light of breast cancer. It’s serious. It’s deadly. There isn’t a person on earth that hasn’t been touched, or couldn’t BE touched by breast cancer. I stand with all the women who have survived, are surviving, will survive, and have survived in a way we have yet to understand…death. I choose to use humor to bring awareness to this terrible cancer. How will you help? Because I hope you do!


  1. says

    At first I was like “Uhhh…” then I was like “ohhh…” then I was like “Wow!” Super legit cause. I love it. Way to educate. I love the way you write. You are a crackup. xoxo

    • miznelliebellie says

      Absolutely!! A great cause! Thank you…I hope my way of writing brings smiles. AND education!! Thanks for stopping by!

    • miznelliebellie says

      Thanks! You know, I’m getting requests for them. How strange is that :). It’s fun! I wore it the other day, washed it and wore it again!

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