Simple steps to make an advent calendar

NellieBEllie: DIY advent calendar tutorial.

This DIY Advent Calendar may not be a gift to give. But, my kids sure thing it is more fun to get gifts FROM it!! And this DIY Advent calendar is easy, inexpensive, and fun!!  If you have small children, you understand how hard it can be for them to wait for Christmas, and a simple advent tutorial with little gifts or coupons inside each day can make that waiting so much easier.
Do you have an advent calendar in your home?? Is it a tradition that your family just can’t do without?? It sure is in our family. I don’t know when I started. Or why I did?? I think I began it as a way for my toddler Katie to understand how much time until Christmas came. But, it’s become so much more!

Anyways, enough jabbering. Here’s the tutorial…

Supplies needed:
25 little stockings. (I got a pack of 4 for .99 from Walmart)
a large piece of wood, canvas, old picture…wrapped in burlap.
roll of Christmas ribbon
upholstery tacks or nails or…whatever.




1. cut the ribbon in strips the width of the stocking.



2. Hot glue the strip onto the top of the stocking (this just makes our stocking look a bit more…jazzy)



3. Use a Sharpie to add some fake stitching.



4. Use your tacks (or whatever you are using) to run twine across the board.



5. Before you attach that twine too well…run stockings on it.
tip: Lay out your stockings before you start to get a feel for how you want it to look.



Now here you can do your own thing…
Add numbers if you want to your DIY Advent Calendar. However you want.
I used little beads that had numbers and strung them on with ribbon.
But, you can use stickers, sharpie, tags…whatever you like!!
Or don’t…your kids will remember…guaranteed!

(also, to be honest…I framed out my calendar with some wood. just cause)

advent calendar2


If you like this DIY advent calendar and are looking for more holiday tutorials, check out our tutorial for simple sharpie ornaments!


  1. Gwen says

    Whoo-hooo! You GO GIRL! I’ma try to make it if I can, but YAY!!! Oh, and cute advent calender! You gots da jump on that big bad wolf Christmas, yo!!!

  2. Kelly @ View Along the Way says

    Great idea! I want to start the advent calendar tradition with my family this year and this is a very sweet idea!

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