8 Fantastic DIY lights

This last week I have had a mind-blowing 2…count them, 2…DIY light tutorials on the blog. Why stop a good thing? So, I’m here to bring you the granddaddy of DIY lights. All in one place!

8 great diy light projects

All of these lights are DIY with tutorials for you can do them yourself!! Just pop over to the post and follow the instructions!

From NellieBellie:

diy industrial cylinder light

DIY Glass Cylinder LIght

diy light cube

Light Cube from CD Cases

anthropologie knock-off light--a diy tutorial

Anthro-knock off: DIY Pipe Lamp

DIY funnel made from light.

DIY Light from funnel

A diy light from a shop light and antique spool

DIY hanging light


Please pin the following from their sources…

IKEA lantern hack from The DIY Village

Cordless tealight lantern IKEA hack by The DIY Village


Perhaps you aren’t up for a full DIY lamp? How about personalizing your shade instead? Or…something fun like a flashlight?

DIY ruffled shade from Four Marrs One Venus

Shabby Fabric Strip lampshade from Four Marrs & One Venus

Ruffled Lamp shade from Mom 4 Real

Ruffled Lamp Shade from Mom 4 Real

DIY Personalized Flashlights from Four Marrs One Venus

DIY Personalized Flashlights from Four Marrs One Venus

Next time you want a new light or lamp think about DIY’ing your own!! I bet you can make a fabulous one!

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