Quick & Easy Diva Pumpkin

The DIVA pumpkin! Feathers, modpodge, and glitter turn this pumpkin into a rockin' cool chick!

This Diva Pumpkin is “one of those crafts”.
One of those crafts that you would NEVER tell people you made.
If, if, you weren’t me.
And if, if, you didn’t believe soo strongly that creativity is viewed differently by everyone.
And if, if, you didn’t have kids that had a good time making the Diva Pumpkin.
You know exactly what I am talking about.
You’ve had “one of those crafts”.
Maybe that’s your usual.
Good. Then you will love this quick little craft.

Our pumpkin gets her makeup on in no time at all!
She qualifies for our 30 Minutes or Less? Series!

Foam pumpkin.

diva pumpkin getting ready

Step 1.
Apply ModPodge all over the pumpkin.

Step 2.
Stick the feathers on the pumpkin.

Step 3.
Apply glitter to the stem.

Step 4.
Stick a green feather in for a “leaf”.

The end.
Now step back and grin at your amazingness.
Your pumpkin is rockin’  her Diva look!



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  1. Ricki Treleaven says

    LOL Your pumpkin is ready for a Gay Pride parade. I’m fine with that because I am not a hater!

    Linking from Debbidoos,Ricki Jill

    • miznelliebellie says

      My pumpkin loves parades!!! Feathers are where it’s at!

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      * blogger**, NellieBellie*

      http://nelliebellie.com [image: logo]
      [image: Twitter] @Mom4RealKY ‘s famous pumpkin is hanging at NellieBellie tonight…stop by and get an autograph! http://t.co/Z4cBPXtU Follow @miznelliebellie Reply Retweet 19:59 Sep-19 Get this email app!
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  2. Jessica @ Mom 4 Real says

    Love it! I tried a feather craft last week, and it went really wrong…like dead bird looking wrong instead of fancy feathered Christmas tree. It took me 10 minutes of soaking my hands in olive oil to get the feathers and spray glue off. Is this diva pumpkin coming to the Primp Your Pumpkin Party?

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