3 easter crafts.

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3 fantastic Easter crafts! Paint by number tablecloth, Easter eggs with chalk, and coloring placemat. Great ideas for the kids table!

We decided to make you some Easter crafts when working with #CollectiveBias and #ColorfulCreations.  So, we went on over to Walmart and picked up a variety of Crayola options to work with.

Getting Crayola at Walmart

 See how bundled up I am?  That’s because this was taken in Minnesota.  Where it is completely and horribly cold.  So I’m not looking that cute.  But you can see that I’m trying, so doesn’t that count?

Crayola Table Cloth Supplies

The first Easter craft we are going to show you how to do is make a Paint-By-Number tablecloth.  You only need 3 supplies; a permanent marker, kraft paper (or something similar), and Crayola Kid’s Paint.  It’s washable.  That’s important. But it is not meant to be used on faces/bodies.  

Tablecloth outline

 Start off by writing a message or drawing a simple picture in pencil, so you can erase it if you make a mistake.  Then re-do the outline in permanent marker.

Tablecloth us working

 This is Nellie and The Bellie doing this craft in our pajamas.

Tablecloth add lines

After you create the message, start drawing random extra lines all over the place.  Your mission is to impossibly confuse the message.

Tablecloth with lines

Okay, so we left ours still a little easy.  We didn’t want the kiddos to have too much difficulty figuring it out.  That would just be sad.

tablecloth colors

We then decided on a color code.  Make sure that you use the same number for every letter in the message.  For us, that meant having all of the letters in Orange.  That way they stand out against everything else.

tablecloth with numbers

If you look closely, you can see that the “E” in this picture has all “1’s” for each of the little sections connected to it.  You might need to think carefully before you write down the numbers so you don’t mess it up.  Also notice that we didn’t use 1’s anywhere else in the picture.  Just the letters.

tablecloth Levi coloring 2

 Levi showing us whether it worked.  It did!  Next time, we’ll make it harder.  They’re just too smart.

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  1. Jen Temcio @dapperhouse

    March 4, 2014 at 11:30 am

    These ideas look really fun for kids. I am in Chicago where it is about the same weather as you are having so I am excited to do these inside crafts with my kids. #client

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