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I have no idea what possessed me to make a plant out of felt. Okay, that’s not completely truthful…felt made me. I blame it on the softness, and the bright colors. It made me want to make something with it. Why a plant? giggle. Doesn’t everyone make plants out of felt?

Well…they should!

I kill plants. No joke. The love fern? Not in my house. I killed Levi’s cacti just last month. Yes…cacti. I don’t know how, why, or …how. How? I really don’t know. My yard outside is like a jungle. No really…I throw plants into the compost pile that are deader then dead. The compost pile from a few years ago is now a giant rose bush and chive plants with random stuff growing in there. No joke…I weed and weed and weed. It grows and grows and grows. Outside. But not inside. Oh no. Inside I am destined to a life of dead plants.


a felt plant never needs watering! by NellieBellie

Yes, that is a plant made out of felt. Yes, it truly sits in my living room. Yes, I love it . And yes, my pillow is upside down in the background.

Now that I’ve answered all your questions and you have decided that a felt plant is in fact cool….here’s the tutorial:

felt plant2

felt plant3feltplant4


felt plant 6


Here is the WHAT WHAT:

felt. about 2 pieces should do it depending on the size plant you want.
scissors. to cut, obviously.
fabric puffy paint. I used green. But, you could try hot pink or whatever. Go bold! P.S. Colored glue works too!
container/pot. Keep it on the small side, it’s just for show.
moss. or some green stuff to stuff the container with.
some sort of lid or circle to glue your plan to (I used a tin from a tea candle)

Here is the HOW HOW:

cut leaves out of the felt. keep the leaves in keeping with the size of plant you want. vary the sizes and shape. not being perfect is perfect!
use the puffy paint to put little dots down the center of the leaves to give it some texture.
I also used a hmmm….what’s that scissor called that makes the zig zags?…but that was an extra step for fun. you don’t necessarily need that.
hot glue your leaves around the edge of  your circle.
repeat  another layer inside that layer.
for the middle of the plant use three leaves and hot glue their bottoms to each other. hot glue it into the center.
I would recommend using a dab of hot glue on the very end of the leaves and pinch the ends. this is cool, but not necessary.
pop that plant into your container.

a felt plant never needs watering! by NellieBellie #craft #felt #fakeplant

felt plant: tutorial by NellieBellie

the end. you now have a never-dying plant in your life. if you like, you can even trick yourself into thinking you have a green thumb :)


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