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Circus Elephant. A tutorial for this craft by NellieBellie #craft #circuselephant #elephant

This little circus elephant was a Christmas present for my little sister. She loves quirky, original, artsy…you know. So I crafted this circus elephant for her.  It wasn’t hard. It was just a bit time consuming because of the layers involved. But, it turned out lovely, don’t you think?

If you have a hankering to create your own circus elephant here is the WHAT WHAT:

dollar store elephant
craft paint
(anything circular will work as long as the size is pretty good. Even a jar lid will work if it’s large enough!)
Sculpey III Polymer Clay 2 Oz. Bar-White
(for the umbrella handle)
bit of lace (for the umbrella)
Fabric Stiffener-8 Ounces
(find it near the ModPodge in craft stores)
super glue

Don’t be scared. I’ll walk you through it.

Here is the HOW HOW:

1. Paint your elephant and base.

This will take a couple coats to cover. Take your time. Add polka dots, stripes, and fun stuff! Be sure to use fun colors that compliment each other!

2. Create your umbrella base with Sculpey clay. This stuff is easy to use. It’s just like playing with play-doh. Roll the snake, form the handle curve, bake in the oven according to directions on the package.

3. Paint the umbrella base when dry. I painted mine white with orange stripes.

4. Cut the lace into a circle that will create the umbrella. Then, spray it down really well with the fabric stiffener. I suggest forming it around a small finger bowl or something else that has a round shape (so you don’t have to sit and hold it for hours). Put it in the microwave (follow the directions on the bottle). I had to do it a few times to get it the way I wanted. But that’s because I was being a perfectionist.

5. Superglue the umbrella to the umbrella base. Don’t save the glue here!!!

6. Super glue your painted elephant to your base.

7. Super glue your dry and finished umbrella to your elephant.

note…I put a fabric bow on my elephant with superglue.

Circus Elephant. A tutorial for this craft by NellieBellie #craft #circuselephant #elephant


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