Quick & Easy Christmas ornaments (x3)

I could have drug this post out into 3 posts. One post per ornament. But, come on…I’ve got other great stuff to post this month and you have other stuff to read! Let’s put these quick and easy ornaments into the same post. BANG! Done. moving on…

This year with both kids being in school, sports, clubs, church events, and more…there are alot of little gifts to be given! The ones that are mere tokens. I will not give meaningless gifts simply because it’s what is done. Either it means something, or it isn’t given. The end. So, I’ve been creating small, inexpensive homemade ornaments to give for these tokens. I figure that a handmade, sweet gift that is personal will be special. Agree? good.

My favorite of these 3 is the geometric ornament. Love that one! But, they are all sweet and easy to make! These steps are so easy!

Book page ornament. Easy to make! //NellieBellie

Book Page Ornament:

  1. Cut book pages into circles of identical size about 3-4inches (your library often has books that are ruined and heading to the trash)
  2. Fold the circles in half.
  3. Run a thin strip of hotglue on the folded edge of 1 and glue to the folded edge of another. Repeat.
  4. You’ll end up with a nice little stack of glued circles.
  5. On the folded edge of the stack glue your string, twine, etc.. that you are using for hanging (leave it long on the bottom if you would like to add a bead)
  6. Fold the stack of circles over to form a cylinder. Hot glue closed. (your string should be in the center)
  7. If you are adding a bead to the bottom…do so.

Tips: Dipping the edges of the circles in glue and glitter, paint, etc..is a fun touch. The more circles you use the fuller your ornament will look.

Make a modern and fresh geometric ornament! Easy to make and a great gift to give!

Geometric Ornament:

  1. Paint 2 opposing sides of your wood block 1 color. let dry.
  2. Paint 2 different opposing sides of your wood block another color. (be sure to leave 2 sides plain wood). let dry.
  3. Use 2 additional colors to add triangles on the painted sides, if you like.
  4. Once dry screw in an eye hook for hanging
  5. Hang.

Tips: Using a metallic paint for one or two of the colors is a fun retro touch. Try to keep your colors modern and fresh. Wrapping your eye hook in twine or string is a great idea!

Gift ornaments. Easy to make with mini ornaments and Sharpies!//NellieBellie

Canvas Gift Ornament:

  • Decorate your mini canvas with Sharpies as if it were a gift. (mini canvas’ are easy to find at craft stores like Michaels)
  • Glue a bow on top. (hopefully you are much better at great bows than I am!)
  • Add a string to the back

Tip: being able to add a great bow on top (better than mine) would really make this ornament shine! And, adding a name to the front is such a great touch!


Okay, I think that’s the last of the ornament posts for this year. I’ve got a nice giant stack of ornaments for gifts. How about you… do you give ornaments? Do you make your own or purchase them? And…what’s your go-to teacher gift?

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