Quick & Easy Chalkboard Christmas Trees

The Christmas decor is on a diet this year around here. We have a candy covered Christmas tree (more on that on another post!), Advent calendar wall,  Santa key, Joy plaque, and red and white placed strategically. And, these quick and easy chalkboard trees. The end. —But, you know…in a small apartment a little goes a very, very long way!

Make quick and easy Chalkboard trees with cardboard cones and chalkboard paint. Let the kids "decorate" and "redecorate" to their hearts content!

 Chalkboard Trees

These trees are easy as pie and a great little project to include the kids on! Have them paint and “decorate” their own.

Chalkboard Trees Material List


Chalkboard Trees Materials List:

  • Cardboard cones (you can find these at craft stores in various sizes or…make your own)
  • Chalkboard paint (I’m a fan of the green color from Rustoleum but use what you love. I also like DecoArt’s like used HERE)
  • a paintbrush :). Well, obviously!

Chalkboard trees step 1


To Do:

  1. paint the trees with multiple coats of paint letting them dry between coats.
  2. “decorate” with chalk.
  3. hot glue stars to the top if you wish. (make them from paper, pipecleaners, whatever you have on hand!)

Aren’t these trees adorable? I sure think so!! And, my kids have a great time erasing them and “redecorating” them.


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