For Fun: Which cake could you eat all the day long?

Chocolate with chocolate frosting.


White with cream cheese frosting.

Sharpie ornaments

4 forest animal Sharpie ornaments. Easy to make with easy tutorial (including video!) at

  We got a request by Sharpie to create 4 Christmas ornaments featuring their metallic Sharpies that they could use for advertising on Amazon. Our response...heck yes! We are giant fans of using Sharpies on white porcelain Christmas ornaments for all kinds of designs, patterns, and fun. We did a set of 4 last year (which Sharpie had seen and why they asked us, specifically) with Sharpies that were super fun and easy and knew that another set could be just as great! Boy, were we wrong. We think this set of 4 forest animal ornaments is BETTER than last year's set. And maybe faster. Maybe easier. Definitely more ...

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reindeer rootbeer.

Reindeer Rootbeer a great gift idea for beer or rootbeer. Easy craft to make! |

Reindeer Rootbeer is just one of over 52 gifting ideas we loaded into our new book, Creative Gift Ideas: 52 Unique Gift Sets, but we love it so much we wanted to make sure that even the people who didn't get our book have access to it.  Because it is just too simple not to know about. Reindeer Rootbeer is a great gift to give those people in your life that you just don't quite know what to get.  You know what I'm talking about.  You need to give certain people gifts, but they are so hard to shop for!  Or you have an office party, or a party with extended relatives, and you don't know anyone well ...

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tried & true Gingerbread Cookies

tried & true Gingerbread Cookie recipe. Cookies, gingerbread, holiday cookies, recipes. | | gingerbread cookies

We adore gingerbread cookies around here. They never fails to make us feel warm & cozy, happy & healthy, & full of joy! I make my gingerbread cookies and leave them naked. Meaning...without frosting. Rarely do we frost or ice our gingerbread cookies. For one, they get eaten so quickly that I don't have a chance. For two, my family really doesn't seem to need the additional sugar to enjoy their charm. And, why fight that? This gingerbread cookie recipe is the one that we use to create our gingerbread men, our gingerbread biscotti (coming soon!), and our gingerbread trees (also coming soon). It is one that ...

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Gingerbread. or eating Christmas.

This is the BEST gingerbread recipe. Easy and delicious. If you have never made homemade gingerbread, you must try this! Also known as gingerbread cake.

Imagine Christmas trees, pretty packages, cinnamon spice, reindeer, coal, and little Elves all wrapped up and shoved in your face. That's what this is; Christmas. And if you have never made homemade gingerbread, then you must stop what you are doing right now. Because true gingerbread is where it's at. For real, stop. You need to make gingerbread today. And shove your face full of Christmas. Make an extra batch so you can bring Christmas to your neighbor, grandma, or friends. Serve it with whipped cream and a bit of cinnamon for the absolutely perfect combo. Why the distinction between gingerbread ...

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Candy Corn Punch | Halloween snacks

candy corn punch recipe | |#beverages #halloween #punch #SpookySnacks #CollectiveBias

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Our homes aren't decorated for Halloween yet. Heck...we still have Fourth of July decorations up in some places! We're thinking of skipping Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations and going straight to Christmas. Anyone joining us? I thought so. But, there is no way that we are skipping this fun Halloween snack! Levi says this Candy Corn Punch tastes just like a orange dreamsicle which in Levi speak means..."YUM"!! Candy Corn punch is terribly easy to make, tasty to drink, and a fantastic beverage for ...

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We Wrote A Book! | Creative Gift Ideas: 52 Unique Gift Sets for Under $20.00

Gift ideas | Creative Gift Ideas: 52 Unique Gift Sets for Under $20.00

Surprise!  We've just finished writing our first book! And, before our loyal readers start to feel any guilt for not realizing we were even writing one, stop!  We didn't tell you.  We decided to keep it a secret from everyone until it was finished and ready for sale.  Why?  We didn't know when we would finish it, for one.  And we didn't want everyone to start expecting it out before it was ready.  We wanted to be sure the pressure to finish didn't lower the quality of the book.  So we didn't set a timetable.  And another reason we didn't tell you is because surprises are ...

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simple designs for face painting

Face Paint can be easy to do, if you choose simple designs and good paints! #facepaint #Halloween

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by NEUTROGENA®  I only recommend products I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. Some of the products mentioned were purchased by myself AND some were provided by NEUTROGENA® for this post. #CollectiveBias Yesterday we gave some tips and tricks that we have picked up over the years of face painting, particularly the importance of good facial wipes. Be sure to check those out before you start! We also ...

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Tips, Tricks & Tools for face painting success.

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for successful face-painting

This post is sponsored by NEUTROGENA®  I only recommend products I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. Some of the products mentioned were purchased by myself AND some were provided by NEUTROGENA® for this post. #CollectiveBias  We are not face painting experts by any means. But over the years of youth ministry, library work, camping, and more we have had our fair share of children's faces eagerly awaiting paint. Face ...

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our tried and true Holiday Dessert Recipes

tried and true holiday desserts | |#cookies #desserts #holidsays #recipes

 The time of year is approaching when most of our free time tends to be spent in the kitchen.  We love it!  Seriously, we do.  While we might not always enjoy cooking, and often look for tricks to simplify meals, holidays are different for us.  We love the Christmas cookie baking days, and putting together pies, and all that jazz.  We turn up the music, make ourselves gourmet coffees, and let the kitchen explode with flour.  Our holiday dessert recipe list has grown over the years...a lot.  And while we try not to overload NellieBellie with holiday dessert recipes each year, we ...

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31 fun Halloween ideas!

31 fun Halloween ideas. #halloween #crafts

We wrote a book!  Go check it out here. It is the end of September already! Halloween will be here in no time!. So, let's peek at 31 fun Halloween ideas. These are crafts, recipes, and fun stuff that I thought were just so cool...they needed to be shared with you.   And yes, there's more than one project from me.  That just seems fair, doesn't it? :)   I Heart Naptime This Old House Better homes and Gardens Martha Stewart (this pumpkin has a baby monitor hidden in it…it talks!) NellieBellie Sew Woodsy Humor Train (made with 2 beach balls) Bliss Ranch It ...

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make an adorable ornament from a teacup. Easy to do!

Make a teacup bell ornament with this easy tutorial.

Is it too early for Christmas ornaments? Sadly, no. The stores are starting in on Christmas already. It's a bit too soon, in my opinion. But...I guess if you want to make your own decorations or presents it's time to get going on it. December is going to come up awfully fast! This ornament is adorable and a great gift idea. I made up a couple for our tree and a couple as gifts. They were a huge hit!  This ornament is easy to make and doesn't require fancy tools, this teacup bell ornament is a perfect diy ornament for your Christmas tree! I love the idea of using items in new ways! Here’s what you’ll ...

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Simple steps to make a Halloween mummy costume

handmade halloween mummy costume from NellieBellie; simple, easy, and tons of fun! #mummy #halloween #costume

We wrote a book!  Go check it out here. Halloween is coming up again (it has a habit of doing that each year, doesn't it!)...and with it the need for costumes.  Costumes can be really expensive!  Geez.  But, they don't always need to be; sometimes you can do something homemade and it's even better than it would have been store-bought.  This costume is Levi's from last year when he wanted to be a mummy. We thought it would be fun to bring back the tutorial this year!  And just in case you need a reminder...a Halloween mummy costume doesn't need to be purchased; it is absolutely easy ...

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