May Day envelopes.

We love the idea of May Day. Granted, dropping things off on people’s doorsteps nowadays is probably not such a good idea. Even if it IS a basket full of goodies. But, these little envelopes full of flowers can’t possibly be mistaken for anything other then sweet and thoughtful. Unless you live in Minnesota where we are currently under INCHES of snow (hopefully it will be green grass by May 1st!). Then leaving an envelope of spring flowers on a doorknob is just a cruel joke and may make you a forever enemy…not friend. So let’s put out a disclaimer…ONLY leave May Day envelopes full of flowers if you are consistently above say…50 degrees?

To Make: May Day Envelopes

But, let’s just assume you live in a warmer climate. And you aren’t a creepy person. And, you can punch a hole, tie a knot, and color a picture. Let’s just assume that you like May Day and want to participate. Well then, it is safe to assume you would also like to know how to make these sweet envelopes.

We are all about using what we have in new and interesting ways! Wherever possible, shop your own home for materials and supplies for crafts & projects. Saves you money, saves on trash, and makes you look super clever!

How to make a May Day envelope


  • Manilla envelope (top clasp open)
  • hole punch
  • ziplock bag ( I recommend freezer bag size)
  • ribbon
  • cute paper
  • scissors
  • willing kids. or just kids.

Easy Instructions:

1. decorate envelope (optional)

We just gave the kids colored Sharpies and let them make designs. We’re thinking that if you are putting pretty flowers on the door of your neighbor or friend they aren’t going to be too judgmental of the decoration of the envelope.

2. punch holes at outer corners at front of envelope

3. punch matching holes in ziplock bag

4. insert ziplock bag into envelope and tie together w/ribbon

You will have to fold the bag into itself at the sides and bottom to get it to fit (if you use a freezer bag size)

5. attach tag to front of envelope (at clasp)

(we used some cute paper and cut a simple shape, punched a hole into it and then used that hole on the clasp.

6. Add a ribbon holder to the envelope

Use the hole at the top of the envelope…the one that you usually fold over and clasp to seal. It works perfectly to hold a ribbon that will allow the whole envelope to hang from the door.

7. Add water and flowers.

 The best part of this…you truly can add the water into the little bag INSIDE the envelope. Isn’t that just so clever!

To Make: May Day Envelope

We know that May Day is meant for us to bring some Spring cheer to others. But, not going to lie…we kinda want to keep the spring cheer for ourselves. We love this adorable little envelope of flowers! What a big ol’ giant Grinch am I!! Bah Hum Bug! (that’s the wrong seasonal character.??)

Happy Early May Day everyone! Cheers, Happy Day,  Seasons Greetings, and good wishes to you and you and  you!!

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