nautical dresser.

This is Captain…the nautical dresser.  Isn’t he adorable? I mean, look at him.  He’s so great!


If you didn’t immediately say yes, then maybe you should see the before.  He used to look like this:


He was not so pretty.  Not that there was much actually wrong with him, he was just boring.  Oh, and he had a few broken handles.  But I wanted to give him a nautical dresser type of feel.  You know, something a little rustic but fun?

I gave his body two coats of cream chalk paint.  If you don’t know how to make chalk paint, here’s the tutorial.  It’s really helpful to know how to make, and can add great texture.  I sanded and polished his top.  Don’t sand completely, just enough to start making the thing look old.  No electric sander necessary.

I added numbers to his drawers.  I used a stencil for this, the kind you can find to paint numbers on doors or mailboxes.

Then I sanded.

I rubbed stain in in spots to “age” the paint.  The trick to aging is to rub stain in spots, and then wipe it off a bit with a paper towel or a rag.  That leaves the perfect amount of aging.  Finally, I buffed him down with clear wax and made him simple twine handles.  A really great thing about twine handles is that even if they wear out, they are really easy to remake and refresh.

And now he is a nautical dresser.

I am soo pleased with Captain!  He turned out exactly as I had hoped!

What furniture do you have around the house that might turn out as great as this nautical dresser with just a bit of paint and some love?

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    I just LOVE the Captain and the sea theme…great job… I just love a great furniture save..

    Thanks for linking up with the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY… you rock!!!!
    I’m your newest follower…


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    I really like Captain. I’m very curious about the tag with the writing that’s hanging off one of the drawer pulls….it has me perplexed and wondering…care to share? Thanks so much for linking up to our first All Star Block Party!

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    Put a little Captain Morgan on his top, some nautical glasses in his drawers park him at the lake and you’ve got yourself a sand bar.


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    OH MY! I do like this Captain guy:) I hope he is not too close to Gertie. I just wonder what their little ones would look like?? I am just leaving you with that thought…..

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