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Did you know Bubble Bath’s help you de-stress?
I did.
But, I’ve been underestimating their power. I’ve been downplaying their goodness. I think “I should go take a bubble bath…I’m stressed” and then not follow through. I’ve been giving Bubble Bath’s (yes, in my world…it’s a proper noun and deserves capitalizing) a cold shoulder…no pun intended.

No Longer.


I hereby declare that I shall honor the Bubble Bath with a proper Bubble Bath routine. I shall take every precaution to make each Bubble Bath the very best I can. I will use only the best products, materials, lotions, books, candles, and wine in my Bubble Bath routines. I declare that I will bring not bring shame upon the Bubble Bath with shampoo, inferior salts, and…(gasp) no-bubbles. I hereby declare that Bubble Baths have a place of honor in my home. Signed, me.


A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Don’t judge. You know darn well you need to say the declaration. You probably only take showers because you don’t have time for proper Bubble Baths. That would require cleaning the tub regularly. Yuck. Who has time for that. Well, by golly…I’ll get my husband to do that. Yes…I will! Because, I have a declaration to honor!

So…what do you need for proper Bubble Bath’s??

Well, it’s a 6-pack kind of thing.

1. Wine. or a girly drink if you don’t drink alcohol. Something special in a fancy glass.

2. Candles. even just one does the trick.

3. Chocolate. I’m a dark chocolate lover. And I try hard to buy Fair Trade chocolate. I can do good AND have my chocolate…score!

4. Bubble Bath. I love the soothing kind. With soft, kitchen-inspired smells. Like lavender, rosemary, or cinnamon. But, there are some great vanilla, fruit, flower, even cupcake smells out there!

5. Reading material. A magazine, paperback, whatever. I don’t recommend bringing your tablet in. Doesn’t seem smart.

6. Lotion. Bubble bath’s can suck moisture. Get yourself some fabulous lotion to put on after your bath!!


Here is a great gift idea for anyone of the female variety…

If you are my sister and your name starts with L…act surprised when you see this at Christmas .

bubble bath giftset by NellieBellie

You’ll notice only 5 things in this 6-pack.
That’s because that Bubble Bath was so ginormous I had to use 2 of the slots for it.
I’ll give the magazine seperately.
But, you could just get a smaller container and then roll up the magazine and include it.

I don’t bother covering the fact that this is a 6-pack.
But, if it bothers you you could modpodge paper on it.
Or use gourmet soda’s. You can also find plain 6-packs in craft stores.
Of course the finishing touch is the rubber duckie I added.

All righty…catch you all later! I’m off to take a Bubble Bath. Will you join me?
No, not MY Bubble Bath. That’s dumb.
Your OWN Bubble Bath!

Bubble bath gift from 6-pack: NellieBellie

Let’s be sure to find a way to relax often!

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