Betty Blue and Washington

This desk set was actually 2 separate pieces.
I came across this chair at an occasional sale
for $15.00

and make it this beautiful color turquoise
and recovered the seat with an alfalfa sack.
This chair redo was a guest post for Chic on a Shoestring.
See that here.

That chair I named Betty Blue.

A few weeks later I came across this
at a rummage sale…

It was a wonderful price of $20.00.
Umm…yes, please!
I brought it home to live with me.
I named him Washington.
And looked at him,
looked at him.
Left him alone awhile.
Trying to decide what he needed to be.

Then I remembered the gorgeous turquoise paint color
I had…

I sanded and sprayed the whole thing down.
And then added gold “leafing” to the desk legs
and top…

Yes, my gold leafing is simply gold Duct Tape.
It was included in a box of product
to try from Duct Tape.
And I loved the way it looked!

After finishing the desk I realized
what it was missing!
Betty Blue…that’s who!

Betty Blue and Washington are a happy pair
and don’t they look like they’ve been
together for years!
A match made in heaven!

This is another project for the Master Bedroom Redo
that is being revealed soon.
Other projects for the Master Bedroom Redo are:
Fabric Wall
Jewelry Carousel
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