Jingle Bell Junk Swap.

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Did you know I have friends? I know, you can gasp and giggle and not believe me.
But…it’s true!!
In the blogging world that I find myself I even have friends.
And a group of us decided to do something fun together.
We call it…



It went a little bit like this…

Once Upon a Time a lovely blogger named Lori sent a box of old rusty springs to another blogger named Nellie.
The instructions were to make an ornament out of the vintage item (old springs). To fail to do this would bring shame and distress upon the NellieBellie name. (okay, so that’s maybe a bit dramatic…but you get the idea)
Nellie opened the box from Lori and was pleased to find old rusty springs. Old, rusty things make her happy. Lori knew this.
Nellie thought and thought of what to do with those lovely old springs.


bedspring angel ornament by NellieBellie


Nellie lived happily ever after.


So, maybe you aren’t into fairytales. Or hard to read font.
Well, here is the picture play by play of this pretty little angel…


The lovely old bedsprings that Lori sent.




I chose to use the smaller ones for the bedspring angel ornament. But, I have designs on those big ones!!




I twisted and turned the springs to form wings, a dress, and a halo.




I hot glued a large pearl thing I had. Its her head. And it gives me something to attach the halo to.




After she was complete I took glitter and lace to her. In small doses. I didn’t want the springs covered up.



And after all was said and done I had this lovely, lovely ornament…

bedspring angel ornament by NellieBellie


Do you want to meet my friends?
Well, here is the list of bloggers that made ornaments with me.
Go say hi to them!
They are a great bunch of ladies!
And give Lori a special hello…will you! Thanks!

Bliss Ranch,
Five Days..Five Ways,
Jane of All Crafts,
Junky Vagabond,
Primitive and Proper,
My Third True Love,
The Bold Abode,
The Thriftress,
Vintage Drama,
and We heart DIY

Nellie is the founder of NellieBellie, and takes basically every photograph you've ever seen on this site. She also runs our web design business, the Savvy Sites Administration.

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