bedspring and bottle centerpiece

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bedspring and bottle centerpiece by NellieBellie a tutorial.

I’m not the greatest at doing centerpieces. And I’ll be the first to admit that a vase of flowers is about all I can manage for my table. And those don’t last as long as they should. The cats always eat them and then puke them up on the table.

Okay, sorry. I’m waaaay off topic. What were we talking about?

Oh yes…centerpieces. So, I’m not so good. But…I had some fabulous bedsprings from Lori and my gals in the Jingle Junk Swap. And the minute I saw them I knew they wanted a candle in them.

I could just tell!!

So, I sent my husband off to get me white candles for my new candleholders that I was making.
He came back with 6 peach ones.
He is so obviously NOT  a girl. Good for some things. Bad for candles.

Alas, in the spirit of our homemade Christmas I was bound and determined to use 6 peach candles.
3 bedsprings. That takes care of 3 of the candles.
Now what to do with the others? I sat and drank my soda while my husband drank his beer (yes, out of glass bottles) and pondered.

I would like to say that it didn’t take me long to figure it out. That would be a lie.
An hour or so later I looked at those glass bottles and said…”I am sooo smart!”.
Yes, now I realize that may have been a bit hasty to proclaim such a bold statement. But, I claim paint fumes for boosting my self-esteem.

Anyways. I turned those bottles into jazzy blue bottles. Made the bedsprings into candleholders and put some gorgeous peach candles in them (truly, it’s the peach candles that makes the difference ). A little ornament here and there, some greens…I made a centerpiece! With bedspring and bottle candle holders!

bottle candleholders

To Make Blue Bottles:

Paint Martha Stewart frost glass paint in a blue color.
roll in Martha Stewart antique silver glitter.

insert candles (there is a certain size that fits into these perfectly…watch for those!)

let dry.


bed spring candle holders

To make bedspring candleholders:

hot glue a nail across the bedspring, towards the middles. This will make your candle not sink to the bottom.

hot glue a screw or tack onto the top. you will poke this into your candle, making it stand upright.

depending on the size of candle depends on the size of tack you will want

the end.


bedspring and bottle centerpiece by NellieBellie a tutorial.

To make your bottle & bedspring centerpiece:

put your bottles and bedspring candle holders on your table any which way you please.
insert some greenery, berries, or garland (preferable not highly flammable) in amongst it.
add some colorful ornaments in random places.

you are done. go you!

A reader pointed out that these can be unsafe. The bottles can be tipsy and there is no place for the wax of the taper candles to run.
This is a valid point. In my house we never burn candles unattended and they are for a short time. And truthfully…these candles are more for show then to be used. If you do intend to use the bottles…just stick some rice or something in them to give them weight before adding the candle. And add a large washer at the bottom of the candle to catch the wax in the springs. And of course…never leave candles unattended! 

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