Aztec Totebag

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Whenever I go looking at craft supplies I find totebags for cheap, cheap!
But they are tiny. And don’t hold much. But they are sooo cheap!
So, I decided to find a way to add a bit of room to those cheap totes!
And…I wanted to play with my new toy…fabric crayons!
Behold…the Aztec Tote Bag. I enlarged the sides and added some fun details!


See those sides…


(yes…you can make them prettier)

Alrighty, here’s the quick way to achieve this…

totebag supplies

the supplies:

fabric crayons
black fabric marker
duct tape
and some way of attaching stuff (needle and thread, sewing machine, fabric glue…whatever)


Cut out the side seam of the tote bag about 3/4 of the way down.


You are going to have to do a quick stitch or two to the top of the seam that is
left to keep it from unraveling.


Now using the fabric crayons make some sort of cool pattern.
And I took the black fabric marker and outlined my design and added fake stitching.



In order for that crayon to not rub off you have to run the iron over it for a few minutes.


After that’s done you have a blank canvas to add motifs with your fabric marker.
I just added dashes in a pattern. It seemed okay.


You should add a new sturdy bottom to your totebag.
A simple way to do this is to just take a piece of cardboard and wrap it in Duct Tape.


Now for those sides.
You want to add ribbon, ricrac, or fabric strips in graduating lengths up the side.
You can get fancy and add full fabric panels or whatever you want.



I always line my totebags with Duct Tape. It makes it sturdy and easier to wipe down.
But again, my preference. Not a necessity.


I wrapped the handles in yarn for an added embellishment.



And made a matching tassel.
I am NOT good at making tassels. But, unless you get close, you can’t tell.


There you have it…my Aztec Totebag.
That cheap, tiny totebag now holds my giant amount of magazines!
Quite easily, I might add.

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