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Before/After: boy’s bedroom on a budget

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  Perhaps you recall the before of Levi's bedroom? You can have a reminder in this post...when Levi was pleading with Mandi from Vintage Revivals to come and make over his room? Well, that plea for a makeover didn’t work for him. So, months and months later... I took pity on him. Kind of. It went something like this…”Levi, you finish your schoolwork early for the semester and you and I will have time to tackle that bedroom.” Whoa…3 days … [Read more...]

I love that boy!

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As I write this it is my boy’s 10th birthday. And if you follow my blog you’ve seen my boy. You’ve read his guest posts. And  know that’s he a powder keg of energy, wit, and smarts. Makes a momma proud!! And, I wanted to write something special…just for him. You know, a tear jerker. And then I was like…”who am I kidding? I don’t make people cry.” and also “Levi doesn’t read your blog, he won’t even know”. So instead, I decided to repost my … [Read more...]

Pie Party at my house! (with Mrs. Smith’s)

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This post brought to you by Mrs. Smith's. All opinions are 100% mine. Did you know today is National Pie Day?? Well...let's celebrate with a pie party! How do you celebrate a Saturday night at my house? With a pie party of course!! When you have the opportunity to try Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pies you do it up right! With candlelight, linens, wine, and coffee. And of course...dressing up!! Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish … [Read more...]