Simple steps to make glitter ball earrings

glitter ball earring feature

Hey! It’s still the Holiday’s around my house. Christmas turns into New Year’s. New Year’s turns into my kids birthdays. My kids birthday’s turn into Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day turns into my birthday. So, around the first of March we will stop partying. It’s a rough life I have, I know. You can send me sympathy cards whenever. My address is: Janel the worst part of the world. where nothing but horrible things happen. and no fun. USA. ******************************************************************************** Everyone needs glitter balls hanging from their ears for New Years…don’t you agree? So, if you ...

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Craft tutorial: how to make a mini Wisconsin.

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Christmas is coming and here in Wisconsin it is a rare, rare thing indeed to not have a White Christmas. But, I am sadly aware that many of you are in warmth, with beaches and palm trees. First of all, no sympathy. Not happening. Suntan lotion, cabana boys, and girly drinks sound pretty heavenly! But…at Christmas time there is something magical about Wisconsin and snow. They just go together. Like chocolate and NellieBellie. Or wine and NellieBellie. Or sleep and NellieBellie. You get the idea. So, I wanted to show you how to bring a bit of the wonder of Wisconsin to you. I wish I could pack these up and ship to all ...

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Quick & Easy gift tags

NellieBellie: 5 gift tags that aren't fancy pancy.

        These are the Tags of My Life. I could come up with fabulous and crazy amazing gift tags and pass them off as something I do ALL THE TIME. Or ever. But, let’s face it, who has time to spend hours creating awesome tags? I barely get the gifts wrapped, never mind look pretty. Geesh…some people are over-achievers! (I like getting gifts from over-achievers, though!) So, instead I thought I would just keep it realz (shout out to Jilly!) and show you what is really being used on my packages this year. Nothing is time intensive, everything is easy. That’s the way we ...

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hot chocolate recipe

Hot Chocolate, a simple and basic homemade hot chocolate recipe.

We’re Minnesotans.  We know what winter looks like, and how hard it can be.  We’ve lived through the crazy snow drifts and the negative temperatures.  We’ve dealt with frozen car doors and impossibly dense snow.  We’ve lived through the Polar Vortex...twice, is it?  And we still live here.  Crazy, aren’t we? Sure, sometimes we all ask ourselves why, and dream of becoming Florida snowbirds, but we don’t really mean it.  And while many of us would jump at the chance to get away briefly in the winter (say...late January?!), there’s still something about the snowy winter wonderland we ...

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Lazy Baker’s Tiramisu (using Twinkie substitutes)

Tiramisu, the lazy way, from

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] It’s annoying that I have to say Twinkie substitute. How lame is that in a title? I can’t just say Twinkie’s. No, they don’t exist anymore. Darn Hostess going bankrupt. Ruined  my title for Twinkie Tiramisu. Okay, I’m done ranting. For now. It will probably come up again. At the most random time. That's the way I roll! Short sentences, randomness, and sarcasm. I'm working on it...they are hard habits to break! Oh, that's another one!! I like to use the three dot things. What's their formal name?? Ellipsis. That's it. I have a bad habit of using Ellipsis' in improper ways. ...

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Quick & Easy bubble bath giftset


Did you know Bubble Bath’s help you de-stress? I did. But, I’ve been underestimating their power. I’ve been downplaying their goodness. I think “I should go take a bubble bath…I’m stressed” and then not follow through. I’ve been giving Bubble Bath’s (yes, in my world…it’s a proper noun and deserves capitalizing) a cold shoulder…no pun intended. No Longer. No. I hereby declare that I shall honor the Bubble Bath with a proper Bubble Bath routine. I shall take every precaution to make each Bubble Bath the very best I can. I will use only the best products, materials, lotions, books, candles, and wine in my ...

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How to make a toilet paper gift card holder

tp holders featured image

I had good intentions this year of making and creating Christmas gifts! And, I did make many. I slaved and slaved for hours, burnt almost every finger at least once on the hot glue gun. And…smeared paint, glue, or stain on one or two decent pairs of jeans. All, for a homemade Christmas gift for each and every gift. Alas, I’ve lost. I’ll end the year turning towards the dreaded gift card. Gift card. (shudder) Get over it. Yep, I said it. I’m over it already. It didn’t take long. And, if you are one that is on the receiving end of a gift card from me and not a lovingly created homemade gift…be thankful! ...

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Simple steps to make a Rudolph the reindeer mount

This Rudolph the Reindeer mount tutorial is a great project to create something special for your wall at the holidays. Just be sure you don't have any little ones around who think you're killing Christmas!

I apologize to Santa for killing Rudolph. Do I redeem myself if I say this is just a stuffed version…not the real thing? This is a faux taxidermy. This Rudolph the Reindeer mount is adorable. Just make sure your kids know he’s only fabric or you might make them terribly sad! Materials: stuffed reindeer ( you could use a stuffed moose like this one and just add a red nose) wood board/plaque hot glue glitter To Do: Apply glue and then glitter to your board and the antlers of the reindeer. Let dry. Hot glue the head of the reindeer to your board (you may want to add a jar lid or round piece of wood ...

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How to make sugar cookie gift tags


Just make sure you don’t set these presents with Sugar Cookie  gift tags on top of each other. Broken sugar cookie tags would be sad. Talk about a way to ruin a Christmas. Anyways, I’m a simple wrapper kind of girl. Either pretty paper and a sharpie with the name written on it. Or brown paper with great tags. Not both. That’s just overkill. This year the brown paper on a roll won. So…I’m ramping up the name tags a bit. I love, love these name tags. LOVE! They're the sweetest things! Now, you can just attach these to the present without them being in the bag. But, then they can’t be ...

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Simple steps to make a rustic nativity.

diy rustic nativity by NellieBellie. An easy tutorial for this darling project.

I've never owned a nativity set before.  I just generally don't like them.  I find them chinzy, or fake, or overly elaborate, or a hundred other negative things.  They all just seem a bit ridiculous to me.  But I also don't want to be a scrooge.  I love Christmas, and a cute little nativity set seems the perfect addition to most decorations.  So I set about making this rustic nativity set that seemed real and fun and perfect for me and my family. This is an easy project that requires little in the way of supplies.  That’s how we roll around here:  easy and ...

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extinct goodies??


A while back I had posted a question on Facebook. Which brings up a question...are you following me on Facebook? you should. we have loads of fun and silly questions! Anyways, back to the task at hand. the question. What old-fashioned food should I make? (or something along that lines) And the answers kept coming! you all had suggestions, suggestions, suggestions  some of which I had never heard of or had only once or twice and forgotten. or never had…but wanted to. And I thought we should have a chat about extinct baked goods and the powers that be that decided they should be extinct. Anyways, here are the ...

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Simple steps to make duct tape Christmas Placemats

These duct tape placemats are simple to make and a ton of fun for Christmas time!

These are Christmas placemats made out of the new holiday prints Duck Tape has rolled out.  Why are Duct Tape placemats a good idea?  Well, because no one else is going to have them.  Because they are adorable.  And…wipe on, wipe off!!  That's right...these placemats or so much easier to clean the most! Materials needed: Duck Tape sharpie. yes. that is all.  Numero Uno. I marked off the length I wanted to keep the duct tape strips. I did tear them a bit longer just to be sure.  Numero Dos. You need to build your “fabric”. If you have never made duct tape ...

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