Our second meal of only Pinned recipes. eh.

One week of only pinned recipes is enough to make you go crazy!
Especially when it’s the top pinned recipes.
I’m realizing that they are top pins because of their sugar and fat content.
We surely do like our unhealthy foods!

Thankfully the pinned recipes for day 2 were on the “lighter” side.


The chicken recipe was okay. It might have been my chicken but, it was dry. The potatoes and green beans just tasted like…potatoes and green beans.
I won’t be making it again.
This bread was incredible!! Delicious! I was sooo pleased!!
But, it was a yeast bread. And those scare the bejeebers out of me. It wasn’t very simple. But…it was delicious!!

The family consensus:
Nate: “Mmmmm….the bread is great!”
Katie: “Mom, do I have to eat the chicken?”
Levi: “Can I have more bread?”
Me: I didn’t finish my chicken. But…I did have seconds on the bread! Yum!


Make the bread at least once!
Skip the roast chicken.

Links to the recipes are following:

Pan-Roast Lemon Chicken

Hasselbeck Garlic Cheesy Bread


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