Our second meal of only Pinned recipes. eh.


One week of only pinned recipes is enough to make you go crazy! Especially when it’s the top pinned recipes. I’m realizing that they are top pins because of their sugar and fat content. We surely do like our unhealthy foods! Thankfully the pinned recipes for day 2 were on the “lighter” side.   The chicken recipe was okay. It might have been my chicken but, it was dry. The potatoes and green beans just tasted like…potatoes and green beans. I won’t be making it again. This bread was incredible!! Delicious! I was sooo pleased!! But, it was a yeast bread. And those scare the bejeebers out of me. It wasn’t very ...

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Let’s eat only pinterest recipes for a week…shall we?


This post took me FOREVER to write. I was on Facebook. then Pinterest. Then checked Twitter. Then I realized I had laundry running. I had to take care of that. This is the post that almost didn’t become a post. Moving on in life. If you spend any time on Pinterest you have seen a vast amount of food. It seems that food is the thing pinned the most. Maybe I am just hungry when I go on Pinterest and it just feels like it. Well, even if that is the case…food is a large amount of pinned items. So, I decided to actually make some of those pinned recipes. But, which pinned recipes to make? The top ones of course. So, I ...

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the bear tooth necklace


I was going to title this post Bear Teeth Necklace. But, it seemed so…normal. As if everyone should make, or want to make, or be able to make a bear teeth necklace. And that seemed terribly unfair. I don’t like to be unfair. So, I’ll keep it real. Unless you live in the boonies…in bear country…AND have a bear lose it’s teeth. You won’t be able to make this craft. Don’t ask my WHY the bear lost it’s teeth?? I surely don’t know. And they (they as in husband and son) found 2 teeth. The same size. Do bear lose their teeth? Again, I don’t know. You would think I would be more of an expert on the subject being I’ve had more ...

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why I believe in imperfection.


Once upon a time this blog was called Hating Martha...imperfection at its best (the old button is below). I was asked repeatedly WHY I named it that. WHY imperfection was so important to me. It's late, but it's time to share. I apologize for getting deep and personal.   I’ve written this post many times and rewritten and rewritten it. Each time I read it I take something out. Or add something. Or get worried that my words are mixed up and won’t be understood. See, what I want to say I want to be HEARD! Like, take to heart, sleep with it every day kind of heard! I want you to wrap it around you and walk ...

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acorn plaque.

Acorn plaque, where the size of your nuts matter! From nelliebellie.com

I want to talk  about something important, necessary, and delicate. Last week I talked about boobies. This week I want to address…nuts. This craft is all about nuts.  Okay, actually an acorn plaque... And in this craft, size matters. This is Squirrel’s trophy acorn plaque. It serves no purpose whatsoever except being cute. And giving me a reason to say nuts many times. Admit it….you are jealous. It’s okay. Okay, okay…moving on. To the craft about nuts. Ha...had to get that last one in. Yep, it’s nothing to write home about. It won’t get me any awards or ribbons. But, I get to put nuts on ...

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Fall embroidery hoop wreath!


Holler!! I'm in the mood...the mood for FOOD! Like pumpkin pies and perfect Latte's!Yep, that's not what this is though. It's my fall embroidery hoop wreath! For fall...y'all! Oh yeah...I'm just full of the one-liner's today. Anyways. Let's redirect to the craft at hand, shall we? You will need: embroidery hoop fabric yarn hot glue sharpie printed leaf picture ...

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Before/After Hallway


Just in case you don’t follow NellieBellie everyday. First, come on…get with the program. Go subscribe in some way. Second, okay there is no second…go subscribe. Might I suggest Facebook? It's the most fun. Repeat, just in case you don’t follow NellieBellie every day you might not be aware that I have been in full Hallway Redo mode. just shoot me. Seriously, after the floor I was ready to just leave it. Be done. I was tired. That floor looks awesome but it was work. But I didn’t dare paint the floor until I painted the walls. I am sooo messy and knew I would get paint all over it. So, my desire to paint the ...

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The All-Star Block Party…I’m a guest post!

nutmeg place

Happy Tuesday! I hope this has been a great week for you! Yes, my blog has been redesigned...again! No, you aren't going crazy. This is like the 11 millioneth time. If you've ever commented on my blog you may have come across an annoying system. I've been trying to fix it. I'll get there. No, it's not fixed. Because...it's not with the theme or design. The problem is buried deep in no-man's land of code and whatever makes websites run. And...it's beyond me.But...how about this gorgeous new redesign!! Love! And be sure to go to my home page to see that...so cool!Oh yes...back to the reason for today.The All-Star Block ...

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cheap flooring; lath floor


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you have been following NellieBellie on Facebook you have been aware that I have been neck deep in a revamp of my hallway. I knew that we would be taking up the carpet that was there. But, what to put down...I had no idea. Cheap flooring is hard to find, and often not very attractive. So, I turned to my binder of diy ideas that i had written down over the years. I remembered that I had an idea months ago of making a floor from lath. After talking over the logistics of yet one more of my diy ideas with Nate, my cheap flooring came to be...DIY lath floor. And this is what we have ...

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picture hangers.

Transform pant hangers into picture hangers with nelliebellie.com

Pant Hangers and posters, pictures, and hangy stuff are best friends.  No need to search everywhere for picture hangers that will work.  And I use these everywhere!! They look chic, trendy AND are inexpensive!! Can’t beat that!! So take that tip and run away with it!! The end.  Looking for more simple ideas for around the house?  Check out our 4 ways to style a bookshelf, kitchen essential for renters, and DIY curtains. ...

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Simple steps to create ABC display art


Another little bit of my hall is up for view. That would be the…  ABC art!! Were you liking my antlers? Yep, baby blue antlers are special. But, let’s get on track. DIY ABC display art is what we are talking about today! ABC letters from the dollar store… Next send your 9 year old out to spray the letters (that you previously had him line up to be sure that the dollar store letters didn’t leave out an I or a U). And then yell at him for being outside in the WI fall without shoes on. Cold! Find a piece of wood that looks pretty good. Decent width and long enough to put all 26 letters on. Now you want to brush black ...

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