Before/After Industrial Barstools

DIY Industrial Barstools by included!

So, I had these ugly barstools that didn’t quite work. They swiveled funny. Made creaky noises and jiggled. So, I set out to fix the problem. And make some great looking bar stools! I have 4 of these black and brown swivel barstools. They have lived a good life. I was envisioning something a bit more industrial and chic. But, my budget didn’t have room for brand new barstools. So, I altered these … [Read more...]

Simple steps to make specimen jars

diy specimen jars by NellieBellie

These diy specimen jars are created with ModPodge. And they are fun…creepy…and spooky!  If you are a fan of all of the spooky and scary bits of Halloween, these specimen jars are a perfect way to add that to your decor without having to spend a lot of time or money on buying Halloween decorations. First up... how to make those eyeballs. They are fun, interesting, and add the perfect touch … [Read more...]

10 steps to a cleaner house for you and your family

10 more tips to a cleaner house. Tricks for getting your family and kids involoved by NellieBellie

Let's start out with some honesty:  My house isn’t perfect. Certainly not.  It is not even tidy sometimes.  But, it is rarely bad enough to be embarrassing.  Or dangerous.  (although if you go in my craft room you wouldn’t continue reading this…I need to take my own advice!)  So clearly, I place a certain level of importance on having a clean home.  If only … [Read more...]

Before/After: teen’s bedroom


Quick. Take a picture!! (that’s what I said when I saw her room was clean) Because really…when is a 14 year old’s room EVER clean? NEVER! But…she had gotten new curtains months ago. And wanted me to put them up. Ha…no go. Not until the room was cleaned! That was the blackmail MONTHS ago. Finally, finally…the vintage teen bedroom is clean! And so here is Katie’s room. This is Katie… Yes, she looks … [Read more...]

I’m using my dog’s pic to trick you into reading this.

7517_167557422591_5095966_n (1)

If you haven't figured it out yet... NellieBellie is a source of silly, creative, and fun. It is my stress reliever. Where I get to play. Crafting, cooking...all an escape from being an adult. And I use my blog to share my "stress reliever". But...I KNOW that you all have happy places. That place you go to get away. That thing you do to relax. The time you have all to yourself. And I … [Read more...]

Simple steps to make your own journals


These diy journals are simply pretty. The are the kind you want to be seen carrying around. They make you feel smart and hip. This diy journal tutorial is cool ( I just needed to stick the words diy journal tutorial in together for Google. I couldn't come with something better then that sentence. Although, I think I stuck it in again...didn't I. Oh yeah, I am on a roll. diy journal tutorial. … [Read more...]

Stinky Linky feature…chicken butt!


I hope you all are familiar with my boy Levi and his fondness for chickens. You really should hop by and read his post How to Hypnotize a Chicken. It's revolutionary! And, then you will understand why #9 posts that was linked to the Stinky Linky Party was a winner, winner...chicken dinner in this house! Levi and I sat and read it together. And giggled. Especially with this photo... … [Read more...]