time management for dummies or…us?


Time Management for dummies       (part 1 of 7) Yes, this is a series of epic proportions for me. No, you are not dummies. It just fit. And..just in case I do an e-book I have to be prepared . Harper Collins….my email is [email protected]! And please forgive me posting at an odd time...my blog calendar just doesn't … [Read more...]

Creepy Halloween Mantel

Dolls are creepy when used in this Creepy Halloween Mantel!

Creepy Halloween Mantel First…I apologize if you don’t do creepy. Second…I apologize if you don’t do Halloween. Come back tomorrow for the return of the STinky Linky Party!! Or stick with me today for my Creepy Halloween Mantel! Okay…are you still here? Good. This is my “mantel” this year for Halloween… I usually don’t do decorations for … [Read more...]

9 steps to creating a compass rose!


Recently I had this wonderful table that needed some loving. It really was quite pathetic. So I used Rub N Buff on the WHOLE thing. Yes…the WHOLE THING! And she looked like this…   Oh wait. Stop! I MUST show you her before…   But, I felt like it was the perfect candidate for a Compass Rose. I thought about a stencil. Too much work. I … [Read more...]

vlog…with Levi and Katie

vlog button

Q & A vlog I believe I am going to try to do some video stuff. Not sure what. Or how. Or what it will look like. But…I wanted to test it out. So, we held an impromptu Q and A session at my house… Covering Starbucks...meeting Nate...and lots more! … [Read more...]

Simple steps to making a mini notebook


DIY Mini Notebook Good Morning fabulous readers! Well, I’m going back to bed after I write this for you. I just got back from  “vacation” and need to recoup. Ha…isn’t that funny how we need to rest from our “vacation”. I bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! But first, a quick tutorial for this DIY mini … [Read more...]

Give Me a Minute?


Give Me a Minute? Feature teacher...Cox's Corner Do NOT pin from my blog...please visit the featured blogger!   Our Give Me a Minute feature teacher is... The Cox Corner. She took an IKEA frame and gave it a quick and fun update with washi tape. Love quick! Love easy! So cute!! Do NOT pin from my blog...please visit the featured … [Read more...]

Simple steps to make a Creepy Crawly Wreath


Creepy Crawly Wreath!   Ooooh…right! yes, it's a bit early for such things.  But, I don't do time tables well. I did this. I liked it. I posted. The end.   Let’s go. You need… 1 styrofoam wreath. I used a 9incher I think?? 1 pile of rubber spiders, snakes…whatever you can find at the dollar store. 1 can of black spray paint (unless … [Read more...]

Before/After: vintage desk


Vintage Desk This piece doesn’t have a name. It was for a friend of my daughters. And I never quite figured out it’s name. Maybe you can come up with one?? But, here it is when it was brought to me… Very cute! She was planning on using it as a desk in her bedroom. She wanted vintage and liked a bit of grunge. So…after it was “Nellified”… I used … [Read more...]

Sponsor Salivation Day…My Turn (for us)


Hello fine fellows!! It’s Saturday!! Woot woot! The weekend is here! And that means it time for another round of slobber gushy wonderful words all over a NellieBellie sponsor! Today’s victim…Evelyn from My Turn (for us). Evelyn is a long time reader of NellieBellie and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. I mean this lady has the full outfit … [Read more...]

The teen’s study space


I am calling this a study space because…well, I don’t really know WHAT to call it?!? This is my 14 year old’s space. We just put the finishing touches on it over the weekend and it’s ready to go for her freshman year. Ack…can you believe I’m that old? Sigh, I need a nap. Anyways…because my kids do their charter school from home they need good-sized … [Read more...]

DIY dyed jute basket.


DIY Dyed Jute Basket Head over to Primitive and Proper to see a fabulous guest post by *ahem* a fabulous blogger (me...it's me!) Cassie is so cool, talented, and kind. Love her! Go say hi! This little guy makes me smile… Cause I made him! I dyed the jute. And then I hotglued it going around…and around…and around. It’s so darn sweet I just want to … [Read more...]

DIY laptop sleeve (with mailing envelopes and Duck Tape)


DIY Duck Tape laptop sleeve Sometimes…sometimes I do a craft just because I can. Just because I wonder if it would work. So…I try it. And sometimes…sometimes…it works! Yes, my head is full of ideas. Yes, I’m slightly ridiculous. But…I smile a lot that’s worth something, right! I made a redneck IPAD sleeve out of Duck Tape and a mailing envelope. … [Read more...]

The post with random pictures and gabbing…


The post with random pictures and gabbing... Sunday night my SD card had a temper tantrum and broke. Goody. As a blogger I have hundreds of pictures on it at a time. Most I keep backed up but…I hadn’t backed up projects from the weekend. Joy! But I have the man of mans! He superglued a tiny part thingy back on to my SD card long enough for me to … [Read more...]

Bathroom update on a budget of miniscule proportions!


This room is not perfectly done. And my pictures aren't great. Because...my SD card that stored all my images had a tantrum last night and POOF!...my images are gone! Oh well...moving on. But…I’ll be honest cause we all are friends....I needed to do a Bathroom update on a budget! A budget of all budgets for a bathroom! I’m NOT done. But, I had … [Read more...]

Sponsor salivation…A Night Owl


Sponsor Salivation...A Night Owl It is time to salivate all over a sponsor. It is Saturday. Saturday will become the designated Sponsor Salivation day here on NellieBellie.   Today I am going to salivate all over… A Night Owl Blog. You probably already know this blog. Cause it’s just that cool. If you don’t…well,  you should. There are … [Read more...]