Mustache cookies!


It’s time get our fun on again. Enough of this dawdling with names, layouts and such. Let’s get back to the business of doing cool stuff. So…I have sponsors now. Epically cool strangers that pay me to have their little button in my sidebar. I work for them. Well, seems to have forgotten that I do stuff FOR THEM! And, yeah…I am not feeling like a reminder needs to happen. Nope. Cause, I got this in the mail yesterday… Oh yeah baby…I’m all over that! Just because I don’t have mustaches all over my blog does not diminish my love of them. They are just…quirky. Love! Two new things happened ...

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Bloggy Olympics Closing Linky part, sponsor Just SugarCoat It!


Um yeah, this is a BIG day here at Hating Martha. Let me tell you why (said with a saucy voice). Okay, how about we just do it this way… P.S. My contacts were dry, hence the vigorous eye blinking. Gwen from This Bold Girl NOT The Bold Abode is giving away the social media icons. (yes, it’s technically the same person.)   Catch that??Recap… 1. I’m accepting only cool and great sponsors…check the sponsor page. 2. Linky party runs til Sunday midnight link below… 3. Scavenger hunt runs also til Sunday midnight. Go HERE to get to the 1st day. 4. This Bold Girl is giving away custom social media icons. 5. just ...

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Bloggy “scavenger hunt” day 5. Prize-a wisconsin apple


Again, if you don’t know what you are in for go HERE   Did you read?? Okay good. Here is today’s prize… an apple from my very own apple tree (ha…we had fun with this!)   Blog 1 clues: this blog is so freaking cool, I can’t freaking believe it! this blogger loves to craft. and any craft she will be able to tackle! since this blogger doesn’t have Facebook I’ll give you an easy out. BLOG 1 Leave me a comment on Facebook with the name of this blog…and you’re entered! Blog 2 clues: this blogger has THE CUTEST picture! this blogger is a scientist!! the link for this blog’s Pinterest account… Pinterest Blog ...

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updating the sink and vanity with paint.

Painting a sink can make a huge improvement in your bathroom for very little expense.

Working with a budget of miniscule proportions, I was challenged with how to update my bathroom sink and vanity.  This bathroom is the ONLY full bath in the house. Guest and Personal all in one. It has to be pretty and practical.  And  once again I turned to paint. It really is the miracle “drug” of home improvements!  Painting a sink, I've discovered, can really make a huge difference! There are the before pics.  The vanity base was okay. I liked the hardware. It just needed to be freshened.  But, the sink…ugh. I used the same paint that I used on the tile. ...

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Bloggy “Scavenger Hunt” Day 4. Prize-Levi’s mud


Go HERE to read the details of this scavenger hunt Cause I don’t like repeating myself over and over again.   Today’s prize… Levi’s prized mud. From his mudspa. It will come from here… If you don’t know why this mud is “prized” go check out Levi’s post. HERE.   Here are the blog clues of the day! 2 blogs equals 2 entries!   Blog 1 clues: this blog hosts a weekly linky party with Tutus and Tea Parties. this is the lovely owner of this blog… this blog doesn’t have a Facebook account so I’ll shoot you to her Twitter. just use @HatingMartha when you leave her a comment. Twitter   Blog 2 ...

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Bloggy “scavenger hunt” day 3. Prize-davey crockett hat


If you don’t know the rules…or why on earth you are looking at a prize Go HERE and read. I’ll wait. You done? good.   Today’s prize… Davey Crockett hat. The girlie edition. Like this… It’s new. And clean. I think.   Okay, get your hunt on!! Then go to the blog’s Facebook page and leave a comment tagging Hating Martha! 3 blog’s today. Which means 3 possible entries…lucky you! Blog 1: I do believe this blog lives on Main Street. Probably number 504 or something. this blog hosts a weekly linky party called Tickled Pink. How fun is that! this blog has a lovely author! The wonderful Holly… here is this ...

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window box shelves.

turn windowboxes into shelves!

This project was featured in the January 2013 Cottages and Bungalow's Magazine. I did take the above picture (an improvement from the below pictures) when I was requested to submit a picture. Other then this picture I haven't prettied it up, or changed the original pictures. And, I was still using Hating Martha as the blog name. This is what the original post was...  Here’s where we are in the bathroom cheap cheap! revamp… Today's current installment in the bathroom saga--window box shelves, and towel holder! The starting picture of our yummy bathroom… Then I painted the tile…   Today I am ...

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Bloggy “scavenger hunt” day 2. Prize-yumminess!


It’s time for some funny stuff this week. In case you haven’t been paying attention Hating Martha was a big part of the Bloggy Olympics. It ends this weekend. Sad day. And in case you haven't been paying attention... We have a little Scavenger hunt going. Click here for Day 1. You  have until the end of the week to play to win! So, we are gonna play a little game. I’m gonna (I like using that word instead of the proper going) show you some fabulous projects, maybe a funny picture here…and there. And you are going to try to figure out who the blogger is. Got it? And of course there is prizes. Doh! Yes…they are ...

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painting tile.

Painting tile is actually not that difficult and can make a huge difference! from

   You might be wondering why I ever got the idea that painting tile might be a good idea. Well...The top is my bathroom at it’s absolute best. About 2 weeks ago.  I have been working at remodeling it…on a serious budget.  And when I say serious, I mean, almost nothing. Bathrooms are gross and stinky.  No matter how much you clean them, they just never seem to be all that pretty and clean.  At least when you have kids.  And just eat away at the cash when you try to give them a makeover.  They need all sorts of special sized containers and shelves, as well as special ...

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Using Revlon to let your personality shine!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.   If you are of the female sort chances are you have a love/hate relationship with makeup. Maybe more love. Maybe more hate. Me, I LOVE makeup. I love what a powerful tool it is!! I love how it transforms, how it helps enhance personalities, and how it gives women confidence! And me…I love me women that are confident! I want to be their BFF’s! I am not a makeup expert by any means. Not at all. But, I love to play. And I don’t look too bad, usually. When I was asked to join the Revlon Expression Experiment I was ...

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Bloggy “scavenger hunt” day 1. Prize-Toe Socks


Day 1 of our epic scavenger hunt. Because it's fun. And I haven't introduced you to new bloggers recently. We are gonna play a little game. I’m gonna give you some clues, maybe a funny picture here…and there. And you are going to try to figure out who the blogger is. Got it? And of course there is prizes. Doh! Yes…they are awesome prizes. Doh! No, I can’t tell you all of them. No, it’s not because I am still figuring it out. gosh, have some faith!   Today’s prize… toe socks! like these… You know you want them!! Aren’t they sexy!! How to enter for such a fabulous prize??? Find the right blog…go to their Facebook ...

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Redhot Firecracker cupcakes


Sometimes you just need something awesome to bake.  We've said this many times here on the site, and we will keep saying it occasionally.  There are just some foods that you make because you want to know what they taste like.  Or because they are fun.  This is one of those foods; Firecracker cupcakes.  They are cupcakes, which are always fun.  And on top of that, they have hot sauce, pop rocks, and other fun additions.  Try these sometime with your kids and giggle as you eat them! These cupcakes are quite simple. In fact, my daughter did a good majority of the ...

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