refashion a blazer


I am not a seamstress. My sewing machine ALWAYS wins a battle. I always lose. It’s not fair…but there it is. And lately we have been fighting. And, as usual, I am losing. My sewing machine has decided to take a timeout. Darn thing. But, I had this cute jacket that I wanted to make pretty… So, I set out to do so without my sewing machine. Take that! I used vintage collar lace, fabric scraps, … [Read more...]

Cork Tic Tac Toe board-quick craft


Cork Tic Tac Toe board--quick craft If you came to the impromptu Pity Party last night...thank you! You made my night. That...and winning the CeCe Caldwell paint from Refresh/Restyle! I really was fine,  more dramatic then I intended. Typical of me. I don't realize how much my mood comes through on a post. There had been one too many people I heard have a bad day. I thought to myself "You … [Read more...]

What a difference some skincare makes #EclosBeauty!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of éclos Skin Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Ack!! I had to cover this picture with my hand while I was writing this post. It's tinted sunscreen...just dried hair. Sad. And, I apologize for making you go through the horror of seeing that (and don't I look tired!). But, it's for a good cause! I want to … [Read more...]

ruffled duct tape pot (tutorial)


It’s here! It’s here! okay, don’t get all excited… it’s just the tutorial for that darn ruffled Duck Tape pot. That pot hit the spot for lots of folks (ha, such a dork) and I have been getting a lot of requests for the how-to. It’s simple, and easy, relatively quick (this one took me 20 minutes) and inexpensive. What more could you ask for? Supplies:  Duct Tape (this small pot took about … [Read more...]

tutorial-Book Page Wreath AND Cupcake Liner Wreath


off topic…have you read this blog…Thistlewood Farms? I do. So, it’s cool. The way she writes about boring, everyday things. Tutorials, crafts…salamanders? Is…exceptional. And…challenging? And so, I set out to write this post about…wreaths… with all the beautiful, wonderfulness that I possess. Like her. Yeah, I’m not that cool. She’s a pro. But…I do have 2 20 minute wreaths with tutorials for you … [Read more...]

Owl Art…Who Loves You?


The Bloggy Olympics are coming!! And a specially designed pillow is up for grabs! Go HERE to check it out! don't want to miss this! It’s time for a craft up in here! And Owl Art sounds like just the thing… This is a cute little piece of Owl art I made to give a little nod to a window. Do you see the valance made from paper straws? Do you see the window? I hope so. An old frame … [Read more...]

Casey the Chalkboard Retro Set


I’m excited about this here project. It’s one of my fav’s! I love, love retro sets! The chrome…the vinyl…the oldness. It’s just lovely! Sadly, it’s rare to find a set in great condition AND suitable for modern homes. I mean, that’s the nature of oldness! Recently a friend picked this set up for me. $25…wow! It was in decent shape. Some rust on the chrome, knicks and cracks in the vinyl, and just … [Read more...]

Upholstery Paint…huh?


Do you live in the backwoods of WI like me and don’t know that there is now paint that paints upholstery? Well fine…maybe you knew. I didn’t. I just found out. I put my discovery of upholstery paint up there near the discovery of the hot glue gun. Near, I said…near. It is oh so very cool. The possibilities!! I got the opportunity to try this lovely product from Sunshine Joy out… in Caribbean … [Read more...]

guest bloggy friend…Kim from Tiaras and Bowties


Hey readers!! So glad you are here! Meet Kim...she has a great project to share with you all today! She also has a great blog full of tips, DIY, and real life. Happy Monday to all you Hating Martha Fans! I'm uber excited to be here... really, I'm thrilled I was asked to come out and play!  Who am I? Well, I'm Kim from Tiaras and Bowties.  I am the crafty queen of my castle … [Read more...]

Bloggy Olympics…I get the torch!


(if you are here to enter for the giveaway or for Bloggy Olympics HERE!) Janel: Torch passer extraordinaire!!! (has a nice ring to it...doesn't it!) Here’s a real, honest to goodness picture of me. Not a silly one. I had my husband take one…he did pretty good, I think. Here’s my info. My what-for. My biography. Cause I am an athlete participating in the Bloggy Olympics. I hope you … [Read more...]