refashion a blazer

I am not a seamstress. My sewing machine ALWAYS wins a battle.
I always lose. It’s not fair…but there it is.
And lately we have been fighting. And, as usual, I am losing.
My sewing machine has decided to take a timeout. Darn thing.

But, I had this cute jacket that I wanted to make pretty…


So, I set out to do so without my sewing machine. Take that!

I used vintage collar lace, fabric scraps, buttons, and…stich wizard!!
And I made this…


Little strips of fabric on the sleeve hem and pocket were attached with stitch
wizardry. Same with those lace collars…stitch wizardry.
Gosh, I wish there was something with wizardry in the name for buttons.
But, no…I put those suckers on the oldfashioned way. Thread and needle.
And…I added an extra button.

Anyways, that simple jacket now has some fun vintage details in this blazer refashion!
All without my wayward sewing machine!

Stitch Wizardry. Remember that!

Cork Tic Tac Toe board-quick craft

Cork Tic Tac Toe board–quick craft

If you came to the impromptu Pity Party last night…thank you!
You made my night.
That…and winning the CeCe Caldwell paint from Refresh/Restyle!
I really was fine,  more dramatic then I intended. Typical of me.
I don’t realize how much my mood comes through on a post.
There had been one too many people I heard have a bad day.
I thought to myself “You have a blog…you can actually throw
a pity party!” So I did! and you came! Thank you!

You all look like you need an itty bitty craft. I do!
So, I can oblige.

There here craft is made from cork.
Therefore, it is eco friendly Smile.
It was made by me…therefore no energy wasting Smile.
Although, I certainly wasted time making it, I am sure.
I have no idea what we are going to do with it.
Never mind…

Cork Tic Tac Toe Board
This here craft is made from cork.
And, tacks.
And, buttons.
And, paint pens.
The end.


This here craft has no purpose, really.
Except in helping waste time. And making your 9  year old boy happy.


This is a 8 by 8 square piece of cork with lines drawn on with one of
those handy paint pens.
I hot glued buttons to the tops of tacks. Black is for X and White is for O…or is
it the other way around?
I added a strip of extra cork to the top to store extra tacks, and to write a title.
Some twine stapled on as a hangar and you are good to go!

There you go…you had me being a dork, and a simple craft all in one! Yay you!


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