Special Guest post from NorthShore Days

I am out of town for the weekend doing some fun stuff.
The party kind. Well, with kids and friends. It’ll involve waterslides, fast food, and fruit snacks.
But…leaving town is still leaving town! And, we are going with some of our  bestest friends…score!
Anyhoo…I didn’t get much done in the way of lining up posts for this weekend.
So the very sweet and gracious Nat from North Shore Days agreed to post for me today.
And she is lovely. So be lovely back to her.
Hi Everyone,
My name is Natalie and I’m so happy to be a guest poster here today,
I blog over at NorthShore Days where I share crafts, DIY, photos and funny stories about my 3 loud, cheeky but very sweet kids… I love white decor and anything beachy. I’m lucky enough to live very near to the beach on the beautiful North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand.
Today, I’m going to show you how simple and easy it is to embellish and “dress up” a plain dollar store candle…
You will need, a candle, twine, a hot glue gun and any embellishments you like.
Literally all I did was dab a drop of hot glue about a two thirds of the way down the candle. Press the end of the twine into the glue to hold it in place. Then wind the twine around the candle to the base, add another dab of glue to hold it in place. Don’t forget to end in the same area as you started, so that when you display the candle you can place the gluey bits towards the wall.
 I added a silver charm to a piece of white cord and tied it at the back of the candle. I used a couple of beachy charms to match my decor, and I had inspirational charms that I thought looked good on the bigger candle.
I had all these items on hand already, so I didn’t spend a cent on this project. I shopped my home and dug in the back of my bead drawer to find the charms and cord. Your options are pretty much endless with a craft like this.
The little silver dishes under the smaller candles are lids from the kid’s hot choc tins – don’t they look awesome?
 I hope you have enjoyed my post and been inspired today…
Thank you so much for having me.
Take care xxx

recycle plastic bags: outdoor pillows

This post is sponsored by Duck Tape from Shurtech.

Oh yeah baby! I love me some Duck Tape!!
And when Duck Tape sent me a box filled with the stuff my brain started spinning.
Duck Tape has always been one of my favorite products.
I’ve been spitting out Duck Tape purse, wallets, purses, ties…you name it well before my blogging days.

But…it’s outdoor week. I’m supposed to be doing outdoorsy projects.
So, let’s use Duck Tape outside…shall we?

I refuse to buy outdoor pillows. They are expensive, blow away, get dirty, disappear, in general not great for my house.
But an outdoor setting needs a few to be finished…don’t you think?


These pillows are old pillows wrapped in garbage bags and Duck Tape. The garbage bags and Duck Tape make any old pillow waterproof.
Of course, making it cute helps too.
I would probably choose different colors but after other projects…this is the colors I was left with. But, wouldn’t black and white look great!

I had some old cheap-o pots that were on their way to the trash…

I gave them a good cleaning and wrapped them in Duck Tape…

And yes…those are mustaches on that pot. How cool is that!
But, this is my favorite…

The tutorial for the ruffled Duct Tape pots can be found here…

Ruffled Pot tutorial.