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north shore days

I am out of town for the weekend doing some fun stuff. The party kind. Well, with kids and friends. It'll involve waterslides, fast food, and fruit snacks. But...leaving town is still leaving town! And, we are going with some of our  bestest friends...score! Anyhoo...I didn't get much done in the way of lining up posts for this weekend. So the very sweet and gracious Nat from North Shore Days … [Read more...]

recycle plastic bags: outdoor pillows


This post is sponsored by Duck Tape from Shurtech. Oh yeah baby! I love me some Duck Tape!! And when Duck Tape sent me a box filled with the stuff my brain started spinning. Duck Tape has always been one of my favorite products. I've been spitting out Duck Tape purse, wallets, purses, ties...you name it well before my blogging days. But...it's outdoor week. I'm supposed to be doing outdoorsy … [Read more...]

dipped branches.

Paint dipped branches from nelliebellie.com, and easy addition to your decor.

I love this... (from Martha Stewart living) I used this concept on my front porch. Okay, it's not even a close copycat. It's more of a...kinda copycat. I dipped the bucket in some leftover paint. And the branches in leftover paint. And smooshed them all together. And called the dipped branches decorating :). Although, on a smaller scale I am thinking this could look cool in the … [Read more...]

My “porch”. Or something like it.


Oh. my. goodness. You all better read this. And read it again. And then come back again. Cause this was some serious hard work! It's my turn to host the Spring Party Week! And show you my front door makeover. Tomorrow is Artsy Girl Connection! Be there! Ack. I should have taken a picture of the true, true before. Of the junk, wood, bikes...yuck! See, this was our garage. Turned craft room and … [Read more...]

Anthropologie Inspired House Number Plaque


Spring week is happening at some of the bestest blogs in blog world this week! Did you miss the past few days? That's sad. Adventures in Dinner had some darling photos of her daughter. All Things Bright and Beautiful had great budget outfits yesterday. Live. Laugh. Rowe is all about spring parties today! Tomorrow will be my turn. So be getting those porches beautified and ready to link! (And … [Read more...]

Guest Bloggy friend…Amanda from Ninth Street Notions


Hi-ya fabulous readers! Today's guest bloggy buddy is the lovely Amanda from Ninth Street Notions. She has a great blog and a fun craft for us! But, first we have to talk. There are some adorable earrings up for grabs... you just have to comment HERE. And, and... and!!! And! The Spring Party has begun!!! Head over to Adventures in Dinner to see her fab family pictures!! And, All Things … [Read more...]

the full, complete kitchen


The Stinky Linky Party is in full swing until midnight tonight! We have handsome men, party food, silver dishes, and party clothes already linked up...come get your staaank on with us! And of course...these gorgeous earrings are up for grabs until next Thursday. Leave a comment HERE and you are maybe, if you are lucky, the winner! Okay enough talking now... to the pictures! My kitchen before my … [Read more...]

Even MORE tips for jazzing up your kitchen!


As if you want more tips. As if you aren't sick of hearing me act like I know what I am talking about when there are billions better at decorating them me. Humor me. Cause I took time to do this and gosh darn...you just sit there and read and pretend I am oh so wise. Thank you. We've gone over my new cabinet hardware and updated shelving. We've seen me pretend I have a green … [Read more...]

more tips for jazzing your kitchen…with better pictures!


Yesterday I showed you (with hideous pictures) the updated cabinet hardware and open shelves that were part of my inspired kitchen jazz marathon. Well, aren't you the lucky readers... you get more! Do I here bru ha ha's from the peanut gallery? Let's jazz the kitchen on a budget of...0 dollars...please! Birch hardware yesterday....zero. Open shelves update...zero. (okay, technically I got white … [Read more...]

Let’s use bad pictures to show you kitchen updates…shall we?


I have projects ready to go in the yard. Beds that need to be looked after. Plants that need planting. But we had tornadoes on Sunday woke up on Monday to blowing snow. My yard will wait longer. So instead...let's do some work on making the kitchen a purdy looking place, shall we? After seeing Desiree's from The 36th Avenue I've  been itching to get at this kitchen! And because I am not … [Read more...]