Quick & Easy “gotcha” Spaghetti & Meatballs


This has been in my vault for years. But, in the last few days I found the source. So, I won't give you the play by play tutorial. I will simply let you go to the big dawgs. I'll just say... It's easy. It's fun. It's a disgusting mess of frosting, cake, and candy. Which I don't like. (mean mom) But my kid's love. Here is the link to Family Fun's page. Fake Spaghetti and Maltballs (theirs looks a whole lot better than mine!) Have a great April … [Read more...]

My black thumb can turn green?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ScottsĀ® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. If you are looking for the Stinky Linky Party...read this post and then go HERE. My H and I own a nursery. Of sorts. We wholesale ferns and wildflowers across the country. You would think growing some flowers in pots would be easy peasy for me.Nope...it's a running joke that I can't keep plants alive. The pretty potted kind, anyways. So when … [Read more...]

Pfister and Rebuilding Together!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pfister for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. So , I use plumbing products. Thank goodness. Because, that means I have plumbing...and I love that! I especially love that one of the great plumbing product companies...Pfister Faucets is joining forces with Rebuilding Together to help communities in need! Rebuilding Together is a national nonprofit organization providing critical home … [Read more...]

Decadent Doggy Dessert

Decadent Doggie Dessert for an April Fool's joke from nelliebellie.com

Why make a gorgeous cake out of dog food?  Because I can.  And it's fun.  And because I can.  Three really good reasons.   April Fool's Day is a great time to use my photography skills to trick you into thinking something could be delicious, and to trick my family as well. Moral of the story: Just because you see a beautiful picture of something on the internet doesn't mean it will actually taste good.  You need … [Read more...]

Fake-out grilled cheese and tomato-e soup!


We do April Fool's in this house. We do it long before April 1st and long after. It eventually gets old. And annoying. You can only get sprayed by the faucet so many times before you just want to scream. But...I have my own little fake-out's that I use on the kids. They almost always involve food. Cause, the little cuties *ahem* still don't cook for themselves...slackers. I have a couple of fun ones for you to try out on your kids in the next few … [Read more...]

Vintagey Spring Bag


I love bags. I hate the prices. I love Spring. I hate the prices. (of springy things.) So, I made my own Spring Bag. I took a iece of fabric and cut it into a shape of sorts... The fabric is pretty blue. Soft. With a nice pattern. I sewed that up on all 3 sides. And added a vintage cowboy print for a liner. And vintage lace to the outside. I really should have done this BEFORE adding the liner. Lesson learned. Typical me. I used lace to tie … [Read more...]

Roasted Cauliflower Soup.

My son said Yuck. My daughter said Yum. My husband went back for seconds. There's the reviews. In all fairness my son's opinion shouldn't count. It had vegetables and got the automatic Yuck review. We're still working on beating that out of him! (joke people...joke) K...made-up recipe. Cause soups just make sense to me. I get them. Roasted Cauliflower Soup 1 head of cauliflower and 2-3 cloves of garlic, minced. Cut up that cauliflower kinda … [Read more...]

fringe necklace.


We love the idea of finding new and interesting ways to use up old materials.  We live in small spaces, so we just can't hang on to everything hoping it will one day be useful.  So we ask ourselves: "how can we use this now?"  That's where this necklace came from.   That's also how we got the gold shell cake plate, our giraffe bookends, our bottle centerpiece, and the puzzle magnets. No jokes about the picture … [Read more...]

repurpose fabric scraps: door wreath

I had this sad, old, hay wreathy thing sitting in my crafting supplies pile. Just sitting there. Looking pathetic. I took pity and found an idea on Pinterest... don't get excited...it's just my old wreath with rags tied on. And a cut up sweater. then I hung some butterflies from old hardware and tied that on to the wreath with yarn...so sweet! I'm loving it. What do you got laying around your house that you can use? Til Next … [Read more...]

Blogger don’t do this’ and don’t do that’s

I had this scheduled a few weeks ago. Since writing this there have been many other blogs with similar thoughts and posts. I wondered if I should repeat. But then I took my own advice and didn't worry about making a "mistake". So there you go... If you are a blogger...don't hate me at the end of this post. Cause I am a blogger too. We are comrades.   But I'm needing to let it hang out there. To give some chin-up's and it's okay's to the new … [Read more...]

What NOT to do in your garden!

Okay people! It needs to be said. You need to know... If you are from the midwest where it feels like summer...acts like summer.. and is even starting to look like summer... You need to know...it's NOT summer! What? Why? Whatcha talking about? I'm talking about your gardens, your yard, your living outsides. And yes...I am an expert. Kinda. On some outsidey things. You see...it's what my H and I do. Native, wild plants. We sell them. And grow … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger-Gwen from The Bold Adobe v.2

You all are in for a treat. Of epic proportions! Cause my dear friend Gwen is here. You'll love her, you'll hate her (cause shes stinking cool), you'll wanna be like her. You'll promptly go over to her blog and follow along. So you can be cool. And fun. Now...give it up for Gwen!! (rawr...rawr...rawr...!!!)   Hey-hey all you Haters!   Hmmm....that doesn't sound the way I mean it.... I'm … [Read more...]

master bedroom fabric wall reveal

I wanted to wait until I have the whole room done before I start posting. Yeah right...this is over 2 months in progress. I decided that I would show you all this fabric wall a little early. Which I love. A reminder of the before... Truly, truly it's the same room. Truly. I have lots of projects that went into this room but I just want to show off that wall in this post. It was my solution to a room with no interest. And a girl with no carpentry … [Read more...]

repurpose yarn and wire: bracelets


Easy Peasy. Wire and Yarn are the tools you need to create these yarn bracelets! cut some wire. shape it how you want. dab some hot glue on the end for the yarn to grab. then just wrap. keep it going the same direction on each wrap around. find 2 large beads that have larger holes. fill those bead holes with hot glue and shove them on your ends. ta-da! you got yourself some cute bracelets! tips... The wire was the stuff IKEA sells to be used … [Read more...]

repurpose PVC: welcome mat

This was a project my brain thought would look cuter then it did. I was originally going to do this project for the American Crafter Round 1. It stunk. So I did the L.O.V.E. plaques instead. But, after some paint fixing I rescued this project and it is sitting at my front door. Not my proudest moment. But not my worst either. Good enough to give you the run down on the how to's... Grab a cheap door mat. Mine was $2 from Menards. And lot's of PVC … [Read more...]

Guest bloggy friend…Life on Mars

Happy Monday readers! Or not. I hate Mondays. But...I like having guest bloggers here on Mondays. And this guest is a great DIYer with fab projects and a fun personality. She makes Mondays bearable. Be sure to stop over to her house and say hi! Cause we are swapping blogs for the day. So that means I am over there! How cool is that! Hello Hating Martha readers! I'm Maury from Life on Mars. My husband and I bought a new house last May. We've … [Read more...]

simplify snacks: easy mini corn dogs

What do we do on snow days in Wisconsin? Eat of course. And our first snow day was about a week ago. Seriously. It's like we live in Florida or something. Well the kids were happy when we finally got that snow day. And snow food. Yes, snow food. This time it was hot chocolate with all the fixings and homemade mini corn-dogs. Yum! If you have never made homemade corndogs, corndog muffins, or mini corndogs you really need to give it a shot! They … [Read more...]

repurpose nails and twine: LOVE plaques

Holy German short-haired dog!! Since writing up this post the other projects for the American Crafter contest have gone up. There is some serious craftiness going on over there! I am probably not the one to vote for. There are wayyyyy better projects then mine. Yikes! Go vote...those ladies deserve every bit of props! Vote HERE! Hi all...Janel from Hating Martha here and I am excited to show you my jute and nails L.O.V.E. plaques. I desperately … [Read more...]

Poor Man’s Beef Wellington

This was a guest post sometime back for ArtsyGirl's Valentine shinding. It's yummy, It's awesome and... I am busy working on my craft for American Crafter (what you didn't hear? I made it to the top 15!) and don't have time to write a brand new post. So...a bit of recycling. It's... environmentally friendly! This blog called ArtsyGirl connection just rocks! I love being here! Thank you Marilyn for having me, imperfections and all! You are one … [Read more...]

repurpose vase: ribbon vase

Wanna spend a fortune for a fancy vase? Go ahead. This girl prefers to use what she gots and make it. If you want to be smart and do it yourself here's how... You'll need some varying colored ribbons. I don't know how much I used...I just made sure I had plenty. An old, cheap vase that's been sitting in the cupboard. It gets a new life. Hot glue the ribbon to the inside edge of the top of your vase. Hot glue the strip down. Go around and … [Read more...]