For Fun: Which cake could you eat all the day long?

Chocolate with chocolate frosting.


White with cream cheese frosting.

Shwe-shwe bed scarf.

I struggled and struggled with what I wanted to do with this fabric... Why? Well...since you asked :) This fabric was sent from South Africa by some dear friends we were so blessed to have as guests for 5 weeks this summer. Having a package arrive from them was an outstanding blessing! Nevermind the goodies inside. Amongst other wonderful gifts was this beautiful fabric.   Of course I wanted to do something with it. But what? I don't want it well used (it needs to last and last, when is the next time I will get this again?) I want it appreciated (it needs to be visible to others) It is a color that isn't widely ...

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Make-up bag by guest blogger Allyson

This dear lady is hard at work switching my blog to wordpress. It was scheduled to be up and running today. But, they have hit snags. So glad it's her and not me :).  So, it will be a couple more days. Just keep checking back. It's gonna look soo pretty! And can I get a Woot Woot for Aimee... by Aimee I am so glad to have Allyson here guest posting. This is her first guest post so leave lots of encouraging comments! If you would like to share a project here on Hating Martha just shoot me an e-mail. All sizes of blogs are welcome. Not a blogger? Send me the picture and info and I will plug it in for you!  ...

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Brighteners, moisturizers and wrinkles…oh my!

The winner of the Ramsign is #25...Chance from Designed by Chance. E-mail me! Thanks everyone! So technically I passed 30 quite a few years back. I've refused to acknowledge it. It's time though. My 3* birthday is on Monday. (So we are skipping Monday and going straight to Tuesday) And time to adjust my skin care routines, makeup, and such. As a round facer with good genetics I look much younger then I am. So I have stuck with a basic, worked for me, skin care routine for many years. Why mess with a good thing? But,lately I have noticed it's time to change. My skin is dry, dull, and just a bit tired. Maybe like me? So ...

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Are you a One Directioner?

I am excited, excited, excited! I make the switch to this weekend!  Just in time for my birthday...Monday! What a present is that? The great Aimee from... is doing all the hard work. I just sit around and wait, answer a few questions, wait. And then wam bam! It's there. Monday stop will be sooo impressed! And you can always just come by to say Happy Birthday. And no...I am NOT telling you how old I am. Dontcha know better then to ask? Moving on... If you don't have a teen girl you maybe aren't aware yet. Of these guys... That means you are seriously out of the loop. Let me fill you ...

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Orange Jalapeno-Honey Sweet Tea and Spiced Butter Cookies


Cause I can. I realize that this blog is about simple, and easy, and good enough, not having to be amazing or perfect. And I am proud of that. But sometimes I like to remember that I can. I can be fancy schmancy with the best of them. Proof positive... Orange Jalapeno-Honey Sweet Tea and Spiced Butter Cookies. What?? Yep. I can. So I did. Smile :). And geesh...what is with me and my long names for recipes? This one is the longest yet! And best. My brain had been thinking on these recipes for a few weeks. I wondered if they would work. I finally got around to trying them. Yep. They worked. Yep. They actually ...

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the power of fabric!


These are the sad pillows that came with my couch. Brown. Sad. (even the picture is terrible.) Not matching my happy home. A trip to Joann's gained me some fabulous fabric. Which I promptly turned into squares, sewed up the sides, and covered up those pillows. Now those same pillows are... So much better! These will go great in my living room that is slowly being updated to better reflect our families personality. See the new living room corner here. It has some more fabulous color! I am still deciding how to recover my sofa and loveseat. I decided to start with the pillows and see what came to me afterwards. So ...

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Chalk paint crate & Review with… guest blogger Bliss from BlissRanch

      I am so jumping up and down today because Bliss from Bliss Ranch is here today!  She is snarky (my new word...thanks Jane). And funny. And clever. And talented. And she likes my blog. Sigh. Isn't she just the greatest! Anyways...if you love humor mixed with crafting (you are here aren't you?) then head over to her blog...she's cool! And don't forget the awesome house sign by Ramsign are still in giveaway mode. A comment HERE is all it takes to enter! Thanks to Janel for inviting me to guest post at her wonderful blog HatingMartha.  First I must confess.... I don't hate Martha!  ...

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reimagine your shirt…refashion.

  Blogger tried to put this post up Friday night. Some of you may have seen it while I fought with Blogger about it for 15 minutes. I won. Cause blogger ain't got nothing on me! Here it the time I say it goes. Yes!  This project was originally shared with the Artsygirl Connection...cause she is cool and includes me. You rock Marilyn! A quick, simple refashion. Add some oomph to your basic shirt... I started with a long sleeve shirt I bought at that W store. It was $6.00 I think but I don't remember. I used tea stained muslin torn in strips. I love muslin because of it’s natural look and it ...

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recycle your plastic spoons: melted spoon flower

Sometime back I had the awesome honor of having this craft featured over at Someday Crafts. Seriously...wicked cool. all are my peeps (ha, what a dork am I) and you deserve this awesome craft too. And if you read this blog you are crazy enough to start fires in the name of crafts!   Levi finished his school lessons early one day and was looking for something to do. I wanted to do something "educational" and remembered this project I had seen on Pinterest...     It's hard to see the picture, I know. And the link is in another language. It's not my fault...really! But, the general idea is to ...

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DIY deconstructed slipcovered chair

These IKEA chairs that we bought with our table have done their job well. They were inexpensive, sturdy, and fairly classic in design. But I wanted to have a bit of variety in our dining room set. I wanted two upholstered or slipcovered chairs for by the window, and the rest simply white. Using the two black chairs from my set (cause I figured they would be more of a pain to paint) I stapled batting to their seat and back. Then I used a dropcloth for the slipcover. I didn't take pictures of making the slipcover because I figured it didn't need explaining. But, I kinda wished I had. It wasn't TOOO easy. I draped the ...

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Log Moss Gardens

for more info on this series go HERE The picture from Martha Stewart...   Martha Stewart Living My knock-off... Yep, a little more whimsical and such (read fake and free). But still...         from there just hot glue on whatever strikes your fancy. I did a bird on one. Some fake greenery on another. And even some lichen I stole from my faux fireplace. Very technical.   We burn with wood. Wood was free. The moss was left from another project. Free. Accessories from around the house. Free. Hot glue sticks. .25?   Cost me .25 cents. And it's fake. Which means I don't ...

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Card Clip by bear, rabbit, bear

Hello, Hating Martha readers! I am soooooo excited to be sharing with you today. I'm Melanie, and I blog over at bear rabbit bear blog. I hope that you will "pop" on over and visit sometime. I write about a variety of crafts, sewing, DIY topics, inspirational topics, and I have a weekly link party on Thursday. I've also had a lot of giveaways going on lately- who doesn't love free stuff! Thanks to Janel for letting me stop by today!     Usually I try to wrap gifts with wrapping paper (because it's more fun and fancier!), but sometimes I have to use a gift bag. It may be due to a number of reasons: lack of ...

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