Beautified Bins by bloggy friend Here’s to Handy Andy

Hi All! Guest blogger extraordinaire Liz from Here's to Handy Andy is here with a great craft! And be sure to stop by her blog after you read...she is one smart cookie! And if you need a Janel fix I am at the lovely Between U & Me blog today (starts Monday Morning) sharing my Jelly Toast Coasters. Now on to Liz... Can I hear the loud applause?  Hello Hating Martha readers! I'm so … [Read more...]

repurpose washcloths for Swiffer pads


Yep, no genius here! Just cheap, and lazy. I have seen homemade Swiffer pads floating around blog world and Pinterest and I was kind of baffled by them. Why on earth would you go thru the trouble of doing all that homemadeness when you could simply use washcloths? (A capful and some water) Just leave those sitting in the solution until you need them. Then squeeze them out a … [Read more...]

repurpose a sweater into mittens…


This gift was for a friend of my 13 year old daughter. It isn't perfect, in fact I won't score any points in the sewing department. But, it scored lots of points in the cool factor and that's something isn't it?   I started with an old sweater that was on it's way to the donation box. The cable pattern and little tab closures were perfect for this. Any old sweater you have will … [Read more...]

Builder grade to Beautiful Chandelier for $21.50!


So here is what I did. First, I painted it with a homemade chalkpaint. Without removing the light. Cause I am lazy and didn't want to make H help me more then necessary. A cup of this stuff mixed with tile grout. Liz Marie has the exact recipe. She rocks! (I realize chalk paint does't hold up well when painted on metal. But, who was going to go up and chip it? Really?) I used Dutch Boy in Lined … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Lanterns by Bloggy friend The ArtsyGirl Connection!

Hey all...I am super excited to have Marilyn here today from over at  The ArtsyGirl Connection. She is a super cool, incredibly kind bloggy friend. I have been blessed to share on her blog and she has kindly done the same for me...cause she rocks that way! So no more talking from me...Herreeee's Marilyn!   Happiest Of New Year's Friends... I am Super EXCITED to have an … [Read more...]

DIY Afghanistan by Levi

Since the antics of my 8 year old son were so well received in his Hypnotizing a Chicken post I decided to go ahead and put this post up. I had been holding it unsure if it would be offensive. But, I decided that since Levi means no disrespect and you all have been exposed to his personality already (You seem able to handle it :)), I would post it. goes... How to make your very own … [Read more...]

mini bow and arrow tutorial.

mini bow and arrow by nelliebellie. a tutorial for this fun little toy!

Here at NellieBellie we rarely create projects like this one.  Why?  Usually they suck up a bunch of time and don't add to the beauty and joy of our lives.  So we skip them.  If crafts aren't making your life better, we encourage you to skip them to.  Go get coffee instead.  This particular craft was different, so we've decided to share it with you. Why was it … [Read more...]

$86.66 Dining Room makeover!

Dining room bench, an easy re-do from

After a weekend of smelling fumes and sore shoulders it is finished far sooner then I expected! And I am so pleased! I was going to show you all the projects first and build up to the final reveal. But, I'm not patient enough. Aw shucks, I just can't wait anymore.. Here is my dining room after it's $86.66 Makeover...   This is what it was before, at it's best....     I … [Read more...]