reimagine toothbrush storage

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On to today’s project!

We used to have our toothbrushes in a pretty little cup on the counter.
Especially because we have 1 bathroom that serves as guest bathroom and the main bathroom.

We just didn’t want to think about the germs that floated around.
 And what if we made somebody mad?
They could just go take our toothbrush and rub it around in the toilet.
So, we put them in a drawer.
But then they sat together in gross salivaish eweyness.
And touched each other.
Not sanitary.
But…there aren’t alot of great solutions.
So I came up with a toothbrush cabinet.

This one here was a gift for my brother and similar to the one I made for my family.

It works soooo great!
You need a shadow box. This wood one was on sale at Michaels. I paid a whopping $7 for it.
 I painted the whole thing this great metallic paint. Seriously, I use this paint for everything.
(The one for my family was painted glossy black.)


I had a bunch of these little things on hand (what are these even called).
One of those “I don’t know what I would use these for but they look handy” purchases.
My H has learned to look the other way, cause I am usually right :)
(In ours we simply drilled giant holes into a block of wood the
width of the cabinet and glued the wood in place)


This stuff is brutal. It works great but has a very strong odor.
Be sure to have good ventilation and do NOT use near a heat source.
Okay. Now that I have given the disclaimer…
It really works great for lots of stuff…get some!
I glued those thingies in a nice row leaving space between each one to insert a toothbrush.
This is a bit of a guess because each toothbrush is different.

And in the case of this particular cabinet I needed to fit 6 brushes.
That is why there are more in there then I generally would put.
In ours we only have room for 4 brushes and then there is a nice little shelf for floss and such.

I had lots of these little tiles left from my scrapbooking days and used them to decorate the
front glass. This is decorative but it also hides the view of the toothbrushes inside.
(I used glass frosting spray on the one in my bathroom) But there are lots of ways to decorate that front.
You could paint with glass paint, use wallpaper, fabric, vinyl lettering, or simply leave it open.
This is when the tiles were put on and the epoxy was drying.
See how it blocks the view of where those brushes hang.
I also used Elmer’s glue to quickly write toothbrushes.
After it dried I simply painted back over it with the silver paint.
The final product.
(I do know that these aren’t great pictures.

It was night. And my family was coming. It needed doing. So I did.)

I added a vintage cabinet pull and some fun green paint on the lettering.


And the inside.
See how you hang those toothbrushes.
And room to set some floss underneath.
Maybe this could solve your nasty toothbrush problem?
Or maybe you don’t have nasty toothbrush problems.
Yeah right.
And I am Martha Stewart.


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DIY vintage sign letter

I have a love for anything industrial. Metal, iron, and even nasty wood I love if it was a working piece. I love the history these items carry. Can you imagine what they’ve seen and heard? I just think it’s incredible. I wanna be a fly on a locker, or a gas stations sign…nevermind the wall.
But, alas, industrial can be expensive.
Here is a way to create the look of the giant industrial letters for alot less!


Giant chipboard letter (mine is 2 feet and came from a craft store)
Metal upholstery tacks (easily available even at big box stores)
paint in your desired color
metallic paint
dark colored paint or stain

First thing to do is paint all the edges with the metallic paint. This will fake sheet metal when you sand some of the paint off (on a later step).
Next, cover your entire letter with paint. You will need several coats of paint. Let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Covered in that pretty orange paint.

Put the upholstery tacks along the edges. Space them evenly apart. Be gentle, chipboard letters are hollow on the inside.
Take some black paint and rub it all over the letter, rubbing it off right
away. Make sure to get the paint into those tacks.
Gently sand the edges of the letter so some of the metallic paint underneath shows through. You can also rub in metallic paint on random places for even more authenticity. Be sure to rub it in really well.
There you have it…
an Industrial Metal Sign.
From a chipboard letter.

Achieving 1950’s kitchen bliss

Over my “Christmas break” I got this on my Facebook…
I thought I would share here my return notes.
Perhaps there is more then 1 person loving the 50’s look.

Dear Hating Martha, 

I want to redecorate my kitchen in a bright and colourful 1950’s style. Problem, the kitchen in my ‘rental’ house has wood cabinets of a dark-ish grain, a dark grey ‘stone’ countertop, and ‘stone’ cheap lino floors–none of which I can take out. 

How do I reach domestic 1950’s bliss with these blah ’80’s generation pieces? 

Mystery Maiden

Dear Mystery Maiden…

Gosh…to think you asked me? Are you sure you don’t think this is a different Martha?
Or perhaps you have seen my lean toward Cath Kidston, like my living room wall?
No matter, you started it. Just remember that.
I am going to assume that you do not have an unlimited budget. If you did you would probably not be renting? Or you would at least be renting something you like. So, these suggestions are assuming your budget is as close to zero as possible.

I am thinking you have a pretty good starting point. It sounds like your kitchen is in good shape, if not your style? Yeah for that! 
Some thoughts…
Obviously you can’t do anything drastic with the cabinets unless you want your landlord sharing his/her thoughts (may not be good) or banking money in something that isn’t yours to keep. But there are a few things you can do…
  • remove some of the doors, if not all. Store them properly and replace them again before you move out. Shelves with colorful dishes, jars, and fun accessories would go along way towards your look. 
  • a couple well chosen, well placed pieces of art on the cabinet doors are fun (secure with 3M removable hooks), chalkboards, even mirrors are great choices (I tried to find photos for this…none? But, in my head it works. Therefore…try it!) This adds a bit of personality and helps cut down the large expanse of dark cabinetry. Just choose carefully. Or simple wreaths, greenery, mason jars hung with wire…
Gray counters are nice and neutral. Don’t fight them. Use those accessories!
yes, the cabinet color is fun but the accessories  are what makes it work
not matchy, matchy is key to a retro look that isn’t too kitchy
creativity, color, and textile turned this boring counter into something great!
a colorful cutting board helps take your eye off the large blah coutertop
check out the chalkboard, simple bowl of fruit, picture hanging from a clothespin, and wood box with grass.
nothing fancy, yet oh so sweet!
  • color or chrome are key accessories in retro designs. If you don’t want to shell out the money for brand new stuff…grab a can of spray paint and go to town or scour your thrift and dollar stores!
  • canning jars, tin cans wrapped in ribbons, pop bottles, oilcloth, cake platters, even old dishracks make great storage ideas for the countertop.
  • vintage textiles, or interestingly colored dish towels are a great accessory. Can’t afford new dish towels? Simple add a ribbon to your current towels (use washable fabric glue if you don’t have a sewing machine) in a fun, matching color or pattern.
  • use your fruit, veggies, and plants to add needed color and texture! Line up tomatoes on the sill, put some herbs into a jar with water, or simply put your fruit into a colander and set it on the counter. Instant art in great colors.
  • A big cutting board in a fun color can take up some space on the vastness of gray. 
  • prop up some artwork, vintage sign, chalkboard, or message board against your backsplash 
The floors…
several braided rugs attached into one runner
a great rug adds alot!
  • Yeah, not much can be done about that. Rugs. That’s all I can say. Rugs. Vintage rugs are great…braided rugs…black and white…colorblock. Make your own with cheap rugs attached together with colored ducttape. 
Window treatments?
I am assuming you have the ability to add window treatments of some sort. Here are some great ideas for you…
vintage tea towels, hankies, or placemats simply hung
a nontraditional window treatment…a pennant?
this look can be achieved by adding large, colored ribbon on all edges of  white sheers

You might see that color is my main advice. But be very careful. Keeping the colors fresh and vibrant is important. Pastels mixed with red. Turqoise mixed with pink and yellow. Navy blue with yellow and lime green. Color combos should combine a primary of some sort mixed with a pastel. Adding a kick of a neon or bright color will help. If you are scared of your ability to combine colors stick with your favorite in some key pieces. Keep the remaining accessories chrome, black, white, and natural elements. 

Well, Mystery Maiden…hope some of these ideas work for you. Please send me pictures of the jazzed up kitchen!

repurpose a frame into a fabulous tray!

Start with a frame. I used an 11 by 14 that had seen better days.

Take out the glass and cardboard back. Save it for later.
Now flip that frame upside down. See the tray? Look closely, it’s there.
I had to repair some of the frame. I just used hot glue. It works.
Homemade chalk paint in a soft white. I would have used color. But, I had some plans for the inside of the tray. And I wanted that to be the main show.

I took the cardboard back from the frame and wrapped it in felt felted wool, hot glueing into place. Then I hot glued it to the bottom of the tray (usually the front of the frame).
I added more details here then necessary. But, this tray I intended to be special and a show piece.
Normally, I would have kept it simple.  As a gift, that is probably what I would do. A simple piece of felt or flannel would have done a good job.

This is where I veered off course into the world of crazy detail. Not necessary.
Another time I would just add a pretty piece of fabric to the inside and set the glass in place hot glueing the edges to keep it secure.

But, I told you…I had something special planned.
This past summer we had a huge privilege of having a family from South Africa spend their 5 week vacation with us.
They had 2 small boys that collected sea glass, small shells, and coral from their home to bring with them. They live right off Boulders Beach near Simons Town, South Africa in one of the most beautiful places in the world that I have ever seen ( I was blessed to be able to visit there a few years ago). So, these little pieces were special to us. I had hung on to them for a bit, intending to make them into necklaces. But, I couldn’t part with them and was waiting for the right project for our home. This seemed to be it.

So I used that seaglass, some shells, a few bits of coral, even part of a marble. I made a mosiac of sorts. I had to add an edge of vintage lace to line the empty space and keep the attention on the glass.

I used some antique drawer pulls as the handles. I didn’t have two the same…oh well, I love them not-matching.
Then to hide the hot glue I had used around the glass edges I added two row of twine. It was just the right finishing touch. And stays quietly behind the scenes letting the seaglass steal the show. As it should.


This is one of my favorite projects to date. I am proud of it and love to look at it and think of the wonderful people that brought the glass into my home.
This project cost me very, very little. I used lots of glue sticks. I already had the frame, felt, twine, paint, hardware and of course sea glass. This was truly, truly inexpensive.

This special piece will be sitting proudly on my dining room table holding each season’s centerpiece.
But, let’s keep it real. This is a simple frame jazzed up. It would be a simple, homemade, thoughtful gift.
A hot glue gun is your main tool.
So go raid your frames!

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6 Quick homemade gift tags.

Last week I was a guest poster on Type A decorating. I love being at her blog!
I shared some of my favorite, quick tags. I didn’t want you all to not be included so I am sharing the post I had for her here today. Recycling is in fashion.
Cause I ain’t Martha. And when else am I going to use Christmas tags again….duh!
So, here is the guest post…

I get to be on Type A today! Yippee! Thanks Tammy for inviting me!

I am Janel and I blog at Hating Martha.
I have a 13 year old daughter, an 8 year old son, a husband (they must be included), 2 cats, a dog, and 9 siblings. My blog is just like my home…slightly quirky, imperfect, loud, fun, yet the best place to be! I hope you come over some time and say hi…I would love it!

I don’t do a whole lot for Christmas. Cause I just don’t.
But, I do believe in presents looking special. Nothing fancy or perfect. Just special.
So I try to get all crazy with my wrapping. Not time-consuming or expensive. Just fun and thoughtful.

Tags are my favorite way of jazzing up a gift.
So, I thought I would share some of my simpler, easier tags with you all…
(I am feeling self-conscious here so can I just say again…simple, inexpensive, and fun.
Perfect or gorgeous or amazing weren’t in my descriptions. Just saying.)

Bow tag.This is a simple paper tag. Draw a bow on your paper (I actually used a printed bow to help me cause I am terrible drawer. But, you are much better then me!)
Then cut it out.
Add a border with your sharpie. Draw the middle “knot” and a couple of lines on either side of the knot. And tada!
There you have it!

Button flower.You need reversible paper if possible and a button. Draw a small circle within a larger circle. I used tape thingies because like I said before…I can’t  draw.
Cut out your circle and then cut slits from the outside to the center circle line.
Curl up the edges a bit. Add a button and a nice border and you have a cute flower.
Sometimes I use green ribbon for this and add a cute little leaf. But, only when I am feeling crafty. Not often.
Holly tag.
It kind of looks like holly. Good thing I am not a perfectionist.

You need reversible green paper if possible. Cut 2 strips with squiggly edges. Wrap it around a pencil.
Stick the two squigglies together, and add 2 red buttons. I only have 1 on mine because gosh darn…I couldn’t find another.
But, you get the idea.
Reindeer tag.
You need a twig or two, clothespin, red button or paper and a sharpie.
Attach the red button to the very bottom of the clothespin. The twigs go on the top for “antlers”. Use the sharpie to draw in some eyes.

I don’t even bother attaching him to the tag…cause he attaches all by himself, he is just that cool!

Santa tag.You need red fabric or paper, cotton, paper or cardboard, and a sharpie.
I don’t even have more pictures because it was really that simple.
Cover the cardboard or paper in cotton (shape it like Santa). Add a red Santa hat with a pompom. Add some eyes.
Yep, that easy.
Baby Jesus tag.
You need a tag, twigs, 2 buttons, and a sharpie. I also used moss, glitter, and ribbon for mine. Up to you.
Use the twigs to form the manger. Add a little moss on top if you like. The two buttons are “baby Jesus”. I used the sharpie to draw eyes and a smile. Which, is kind of weird…but my kids insist. I also add a frame of glitter and a a pretty bow.

There you have it…some simple, quick, inexpensive gift tags.


Thanks so much Tammy for letting me share with your wonderful readers!
And you all…make sure to come by and say hi!


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DIY Tagalog ABC blocks

Create your own set of Tagalog ABC blocks with Mod Podge, printable images, and wooden blocks!This was simple and inexpensive. But quick, it was not. But, it was something special and worth the time (in my opinion).


My sister in law is from the Philippines. Her and my brother have 2 small boys. I wanted to get something for the boys that honored that part of their heritage. And honor her. I decided on making traditional ABC blocks…using the Filipino alphabet and including English AND Filipino (which I think is technically Tagalog?).

Please let me say that I probably made lots of mistakes. I did research and research. 

I started out with 32 of these blocks. The Filipino alphabet has 28 letters but I wanted the blocks to fit in the box perfectly so I added extras.

I would like to say this gets all complicated and hard. And that only a crafty genius like me could EVER do this. Ha! I crack myself up! Because we all know that can’t possibly be true! Really all I used was some ModPodge, scrapbook paper, and Cricut to make the letters and most of the pictures.

Whatever I couldn’t make with my cricut I simply found on clip art and printed on paper.
Really, the most time consuming part was mod-podging everything onto the blocks.

I put all of the blocks into this great chipboard box (the same style I used in my Herb Garden in a Box) that I modpodged with scrap paper and embellishments…

Perhaps this inspires you to make a gift that honors another language or culture?
And while you’re looking at these, take a stop over at my Teen Subway Art for a great gift idea for teenage girls.  Those can be hard to find!


repurpose lunch bags into stockings

A bit ago this project was honored to be featured on Remodelholic. Yay me!
So anyways, another recycled post.
But…I am not sick this time. Promise.
I just think this is fun and simple…and I want to go play with my kids.
So deal.


These are the stars of the show.
They are feeling pretty proud to have a purpose other then holding your pb and j!


The sewing machine will try to steal the show. It’s used to the limelight.
Just tell it to back off.


Just trace or draw your pattern on to the bag.
Try to use the sides of the bag in your stocking where you can.

Sew around your pattern.
I used a zig zag pattern.
I am not a seamstress and ended up redoing this.
But, that sewing machine lost any status, so all is well.


Cut around the edges.
Avoid getting your shadow in pictures…not nice. (although you probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t mention it?)


A couple more views.
See the imperfect perfection…so charming!


I added a little heel stich. What is that called anyways?
Never fear…all the stitching was fixed and trimmed.


I had a bag of vintage ribbon…shades of green.
Perfect for Christmas!


I added some velvet ribbon from the stash to the top of the stockings.
Doesn’t it add just the right touch of sophistication!
Is that possible…sophisticated paper bag stockings…ha!


The line up.
I only needed 3 because they were going on my bitty faux fireplace.
But, I whipped these out lickity split and imagine it wouldn’t take long to make many more!


I stiched it on to a long piece of ribbon that I would use for the garland part.
Another shade of green Smile


I took yet another shade of green ribbon from the stash and added a little bow.


Aren’t they cute!
I am so pleased with how they turned out on my faux mantle. All for the cost of…umm, nothing!
If you regularly read my blog then you know…I love the imperfection of these!
But, if you don’t…the sky is the limit with what how you could snazz these babies up!
Have fun!

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reusable grocery bags.

My sister is very aware of the environment and tries to be eco-friendly whenever possible.  I do, too.  But she’s a little farther on that path than me.  One of the things she does to conserve resources is take reusable bags to the grocery store.  It’s a great idea (if I could remember), but hers have gotten dirty and worn.  

So I decided to surprise her with an oilcloth version of her shopping bags that are easy to wipe down and clean off.

Oilcloth is a bit tricky, so I did some research before I started.

Here are the basic tools. And a sewing machine, of course.  A denim needle and tissue paper were my secret weapon.  Be sure to have them.

Okay, you are making a basic tote bag.  The only difference…put tissue paper between your oilcloth before you pin.  This is the secret for working with the oilcloth.

Here is my tube getting ready to be a tote bag. See the tissue paper…
I turned it right side out and folded the bottom like a Christmas package.  Lots of tissue paper in between the layers before pinning and sewing.

Because the stitching sometimes doesn’t look nice and neat with oilcloth I trimmed the top with ribbon.
This gave a nice clean look. I also used the ribbon for the handles, securing it really well. 

Some cute buttons on the ribbon handles and here is what you have.  I made two sizes, the one I showed you (small), and a larger one which has a larger bottom and sides.

Either way, they are adorable!  And they are also great for the environment!

Top 5 of being a great host!

With the upcoming holiday season there is a serious amount of entertaining happening in most homes. My home is doubled in numbers if not tripled or more on any given day these next few months. Of course being the oldest of 10 brings an greater number of guests than most. But still, being a great host is something everyone can keep striving for!

My home is a revolving door of guests. We have had siblings in all corners of the home…casual. And we have had a family of 4 from South Africa for 5 weeks…much more formal. In all hosting there are special considerations. But there are underlying rules in everything that make your home a fun, welcoming place to be. I am proud to say that everyone coming to our home feels welcome, loved, and important. They can’t wait to come back again. This is important to us, we feel relationships are of utmost importance. 

(I have to admit that I hadn’t thought about why we are good hosts. What do we do that makes our home inviting? Until that family from South Africa asked me…What makes a good host? I had never thought of it. I hadn’t even realized we were hosts. Well, of course we were. That family left our home about 2 months ago and I have been thinking on that question ever since. Waiting to answer the question until I was certain of my answer.)

1. Be willing.
Not the “okay…fine” kind of willing. But the “Sure! we would love to!” kind of willing. Be willing to sacrifice, work hard, put up with inconveniences, and suffer personalities that wouldn’t be your first choice. All with a smile, grace, love, and an understanding that you are gaining as much from your guests as they are from you. Truly be willing. If you can’t do that, then none of the other tips I talk about matter. Just say no. And then work on your grace and selfishness. Being a good host means being unselfish and gracious and willing to set yourself aside. Be willing.

I will say yes everytime. I have had to learn to say no. Willingness is no longer a problem for me…actually being able to be able to follow #3 is where I struggle. My sister likes to remind me…”Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” It is exactly what I need to hear often. Because I can. Almost always. But I am learning sometimes if I say no…someone else will say yes. And they need to.

2. Sacrifice.
You may not always have to sacrafice, don’t be scared. But…be willing to if necessary. Now be careful here, sometimes sacrificing can actually turn into being taken advantage of. But, if your children have a toy room…can they live without it for 1 week and allow your guests to use it? And yes, I realize that you like to go to bed late. But your guests have small children…be quiet and adjust. You will live. Your guests are used to coffee in the morning but you don’t drink it…can’t stand it. Suck it up and borrow a coffee maker. Your comfort can be set aside for someone else. And teaching your children that their needs are simply wants or even habits is a GOOD thing…really! Honestly, a good host won’t even realize they are sacrificing. It should be natural. If not…fake it until you are naturally thinking of what you can do to make someone feel comfortable.

My kids know that their usual past times will be set aside. We don’t watch our typical shows, get up at our usual times, or even eat our usual foods. They know they will be expected to play with kids nicely…no exceptions. They will use great manners regardless of how the other person behaves. They will have extra dishes, laundry, and sweeping. Yep. That is just the way it is. And in return…they meet new people and experience new and deeper relationships that will one day prove invaluable.

3. Be available.
I have seen and heard time and again families that have guests still running around doing their usual activities and functions. This is not okay. You know how annoying it is when a friend asks you to lunch and then proceeds to spend a majority of their time texting or checking e-mails. Their time is divided. It makes you feel less than important, a bother. That is exactly the same thing. If you have guests, try to clear your calendar. If you have overnight guests you rarely see…consider using vacation time. And say no to as many functions as you can. If you usually volunteer for something…ask for that day off. Have your kids pull out of their extra activities wherever you can. Be available. Even if nothing is going on but chatting and tea…you are building relationships!

I have heard time and again that the best part of coming to my house is sitting at my bar counter, drinking coffee, and chatting. Really! And it costs me nothing…but time!

4. YOU are what your guests came to see.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean your home and prepare. That is is simple courtesy. BUT…if you have to choose between working late to garner extra vacation time or having that time to clean…pick the extra time with your guests (exceptions would be extremely formal guests, or the President). You and I both know that you will run around at the last minute and your home will be just fine. And if you have to throw in some dishes while you are chatting with your guests…who cares. Give them some tea and cookies, sit them in your kitchen and chat while you work. But do only what is necessary. And if they offer to help, let them. Then you can all sit and chat with a glass of wine later. They want to see YOU! You running around is not the same. Let things slide, take help, simplify your chores and meals.

I only make my home clean and the guest area well cleaned. Thorough cleaning happens AFTER my overnight guests leave. I do not feel that scrubbing every inch of my home is a great use of my time. I would rather put some pretty flowers in a vase, get some favorite movies for the guest area, make sure I have my guest kit ready, and the shower is looking great. Everything else will be a mess the minute my guests are in my home for a few hours anyways. Who cares.

5. Simple, easy, healthy, good meals!

One of my great skills as a hostess is figuring out very quickly what kind of food my guests love. And then that’s what my home has while they are here (there is that willingness and sacrificing again). There are exceptions…I won’t make unhealthy food repeatedly. But…if my guests are big sweet lovers, I pull out my best Chocolate cake for dessert and keep the main dish simple. When we had guests from South Africa we attempted to keep some foods as familiar as possible while introducing them to some American classics. Food is a hostess’ secret weapon. I cook at least one signature dish every day. Of course, I have a collection of quick, simple, and cheap amazing dishes that are tried and true. But nothing screams “YOU ARE IMPORTANT” like a delicious, thoughtful dish. But be careful here…you need to balance this with being available (note that being available is #3 and this one is #5…remember that!).

Soups are my great go-to. They are delicious, cheap, can feed lots of people and can usually be left on the stove for hours! I make some mean Gumbo!

I could really go on and on. But, those have been our rules for being a great host…although we didn’t really sit down and write them out. Being a great host takes practice and patience. The more you entertain, the easier and better you will get. Do it often, in various circumstances, and you will find it becoming less and less of a struggle. Soon you will get to the point where you don’t even hesitate to invite someone over. Then you have a whole another set of problems…like me :).

Good hosting this Christmas!! Let me know if you remember these tips through your holidays!

-yellow dresser love


Today I wanted to show you a quick furniture facelift I did recently. It was done just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas guests to ooh and aah. Cause when you see her…you can’t help it!


Isn’t she a beauty? She cost me $35.00. No joke. I actually wanted to offer more because I felt so bad.

But, I sucked it up and walked out with her for cheap, cheap, cheap.

I have been seeing chalk paint all the time now that I have joined bloggy world. Bloggers seem to love it.

But, it was rather expensive. And I would need to order it. Too complicated.

So, I tried the homemade version.



This is the color I ended up with. It was in the oops paint. The whole gallon was $5. I used about 2 cups.

So…how much does that end up costing me? Like….75 cents? Ouch. Expensive…

Anyways, I was happy because I couldn’t decide if I wanted yellow or orange. Then I saw this in the oops and I said…yellow!


Another view of the color…with a bit different lighting (funny what a difference that makes!)


Here she is with her first (and only) coat of chalk paint. Lovely!



Those little details. I did distress them a bit to give them more definition.


I lined the interior of the drawers with some vintage contact paper I found at a thrift store for $1.99 for the roll.


A little peek of what you see when you open the drawers. Sweet!


I was originally going to change out the hardware. Then I changed my mind. I couldn’t find anything reasonably priced that I liked better. So I “tarnished” the ones that already were on it and just changed out the top drawer knobs with some inexpensive ones from my local hardware store.


There is the hardware roughened up a bit. Much better.



There she is in her proud new spot in my living room. She serves as a buffet for all my beautiful antique china. She loves her new job.

Isn’t she just darling! We added some casters to give her some more oomph and make her more portable…she loves shoes!

And I love color!

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repurpose vintage hankies into a runner


This gorgeous runner is unfortunately on my table for these pics. She is waiting for her new home on a more well-deserved table of my dear friends. She will be a Christmas Gift. This is so simple that I feel it would be insulting to show you how to do it. Simply grab some vintage hankies (I paid $1 for each of mine, hopefully you don’t have to pay more.) and sew them together. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can simply use some fabric glue (you can find it in the sewing section at Wally world or others). I added some vintage lace to my ends but it’syour choice (tassels would be cute too, wouldn’t they?)

There you have it. Another easy Homemade Christmas gift that is sweet, charming, and adorable.
Cause, we don’t want to spend all our time on sewing. We want to have time for fun too!


-Vintage Hair Barrettes-

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The first edition of simple Homemade Christmas gifts. More to come!
This project is intended for 2 of my sisters…one is 19 and the other 13. They love vintage and a bit dramatic so I thought these would be a good gift.
You will need some hair barrettes. You can buy these in packages at the craft section at most stores.
You need ribbon. I used some the same color as my decorations. You only need a little…don’t go buying a ton.
You need ornamentations. I bought these navy blue “ribbon flower s” on clearance at Michaels for $2.50. There are lots of choices out there, you can also make your own if you like. Just be sure that it is rather large and vintagey looking.
Cut your ribbon slightly longer then the length of the barrettes.
Apply hot glue to the top of the barrette.
Put the barrette on the ribbon.
Hot glue the ends overlapping …cut down the ribbon if necessary to fit.
There is the ribbon wrapped barrette. This probably isn’t necessary if we are putting a big ol’ fancy thing on top. But, it makes it look cleaner.
Time to put on the pretties.
Put hot glue all over the top of that baby.

I had these great vintage buttons that I used to jazz up the pretty.
Use what you have to add some personal touches…less “bought”more homemade. Think Etsy.

I simply hotglued these buttons on.
So pretty.
I took three strips of ribbon in varying sizes and hotglued their ends together to form little loops.
I hot glued them on to the back.
These are the pretties. Vintagey, personalized, inexpensive, and oh so girly homemade barrettes. Love!

So…crank out a few pretty barrettes for the girlies on your Christmas list.
There are so many ways to do them…quick and easy or as fancy schmancy as you want.
These cost me very little but are oh so adorable and will be well received by my sisters.

Another easy peasy, inexpensive Homemade Christmas gift.
Some Pinterest pics to give you more inspiration for some homemade fancy pancy barrettes…

Ha….moustache barrette!


tulle and fabric covered button…so sweet!
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