reimagine toothbrush storage

If you want to check out where I am hanging today pop over to Get Outta My Head Please and see my guest project. It's pretty darn cool... On to today's project! We used to have our toothbrushes in a pretty little cup on the counter. Gross. Especially because we have 1 bathroom that serves as guest bathroom and the main bathroom. We just didn't want to think about the germs that floated around.  And what if we made somebody mad? They could … [Read more...]

DIY vintage sign letter


  I have a love for anything industrial. Metal, iron, and even nasty wood I love if it was a working piece. I love the history these items carry. Can you imagine what they've seen and heard? I just think it's incredible. I wanna be a fly on a locker, or a gas stations sign...nevermind the wall. But, alas, industrial can be expensive.   Here is a way to create the look of the giant industrial letters for alot … [Read more...]

Achieving 1950′s kitchen bliss

Over my "Christmas break" I got this on my Facebook... I thought I would share here my return notes. Perhaps there is more then 1 person loving the 50's look.   Dear Hating Martha, I want to redecorate my kitchen in a bright and colourful 1950's style. Problem, the kitchen in my 'rental' house has wood cabinets of a dark-ish grain, a dark grey 'stone' countertop, and 'stone' cheap lino floors--none of which I can take out. How do I reach domestic … [Read more...]

repurpose a frame into a fabulous tray!

Start with a frame. I used an 11 by 14 that had seen better days. Take out the glass and cardboard back. Save it for later. Now flip that frame upside down. See the tray? Look closely, it’s there. I had to repair some of the frame. I just used hot glue. It works. Homemade chalk paint in a soft white. I would have used color. But, I had some plans for the inside of the tray. And I wanted that to be the main show. I took the cardboard back … [Read more...]

6 Quick homemade gift tags.

Last week I was a guest poster on Type A decorating. I love being at her blog! I shared some of my favorite, quick tags. I didn't want you all to not be included so I am sharing the post I had for her here today. Recycling is in fashion. Cause I ain't Martha. And when else am I going to use Christmas tags again....duh! So, here is the guest post... I get to be on Type A today! Yippee! Thanks Tammy for inviting me! I am Janel and I blog at Hating … [Read more...]

DIY Tagalog ABC blocks

tagalong abc blocks by NellieBellie

This was simple and inexpensive. But quick, it was not. But, it was something special and worth the time (in my opinion).   My sister in law is from the Philippines. Her and my brother have 2 small boys. I wanted to get something for the boys that honored that part of their heritage. And honor her. I decided on making traditional ABC blocks...using the Filipino alphabet and including English AND Filipino (which … [Read more...]

repurpose lunch bags into stockings

A bit ago this project was honored to be featured on Remodelholic. Yay me! So anyways, another recycled post. But...I am not sick this time. Promise. I just think this is fun and simple...and I want to go play with my kids. So deal. These are the stars of the show. They are feeling pretty proud to have a purpose other then holding your pb and j! The sewing machine will try to steal the show. It’s used to the limelight. Just tell it to back … [Read more...]

reusable grocery bags.

My sister is very aware of the environment and tries to be eco-friendly whenever possible.  I do, too.  But she's a little farther on that path than me.  One of the things she does to conserve resources is take reusable bags to the grocery store.  It's a great idea (if I could remember), but hers have gotten dirty and worn.   So I decided to surprise her with an oilcloth version of her shopping bags that are easy to … [Read more...]

make gifting simple with Reindeer Rootbeer!


Supplies: Rootbeer (in the glass bottles) I used rootbeer because it was going to some kids for Christmas. Pipe cleaners:  as "antlers" red buttons for noses and of course...goggly eyes! To Do: attach buttons for noses attach googly eyes You will need to cut about an inch off a pipe cleaner (x2) and wrap it around the end of another pipe cleaner to create your "antler". Do this to 2 pipe cleaners (probably the same color). Then wrap it … [Read more...]

Top 5′s of being a great host!

With the upcoming holiday season there is a serious amount of entertaining happening in most homes. My home is doubled in numbers if not tripled or more on any given day these next few months. Of course being the oldest of 10 brings an amplified number of guests then most. But still, being a good host is something everyone can keep striving for! My home is a revolving door of guests. We have had siblings in all corners of the home…casual. And … [Read more...]

-yellow dresser love

  Today I wanted to show you a quick furniture facelift I did recently. It was done just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas guests to ooh and aah. Cause when you see her…you can’t help it! Isn’t she a beauty? She cost me $35.00. No joke. I actually wanted to offer more because I felt so bad. But, I sucked it up and walked out with her for cheap, cheap, cheap. I have been seeing chalk paint all the time now that I have joined … [Read more...]

repurpose vintage hankies into a runner

vintage table runner

This gorgeous runner is unfortunately on my table for these pics. She is waiting for her new home on a more well-deserved table of my dear friends. She will be a Christmas Gift. This is so simple that I feel it would be insulting to show you how to do it. Simply grab some vintage hankies (I paid $1 for each of mine, hopefully you don't have to pay more.) and sew them together. If you don't have a sewing machine you can simply use some fabric glue … [Read more...]

-Vintage Hair Barrettes-

vintage hair barrette

Don't forget to stop over and leave your opinion of Hating Martha and get the chance to win your kids some fruit loops, macaroni and cheese, or whatever you want SoAP!! The first edition of simple Homemade Christmas gifts. More to come! This project is intended for 2 of my sisters…one is 19 and the other 13. They love vintage and a bit dramatic so I thought these would be a good gift. You will need some hair barrettes. You can buy these in … [Read more...]