For Fun: Which cake could you eat all the day long?

Chocolate with chocolate frosting.


White with cream cheese frosting.

..advent calendar!

make an easy advent calendar!

(this post was created many years ago prior to our great improvements in photos and post-writing. We have chosen not to remove it from our archives because we like the simple idea and think it may have value to you...our readers.) I am tired and Christmas hasn't even come close yet. A fancy advent calendar was not happening this year. But, I realized I was the one that wanted it. My kids didn't care too much about the fancy calendar part. They simply liked the fun of opening a gift and marking another day closer to Christmas. So I made it easy on myself. And simplified it. A big basket is filled with ...

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Satin and Burlap skirt.

A bit ago I did a guestpost over at Sugar Bee Crafts where I shared my tutorial for a burlap and satin skirt. I think this skirt is just perfect for the holiday season...especially St.Lucia Day! I wanted to share that post with you today... And don't forget our 30 days party starts on Friday! Burlap and Satin skirt   Hi All! My name is Janel and I blog over at Hating Martha. My blog is all about how I have learned to embrace imperfection...and just enjoy creating...whatever the outcome! I have a bit of a chaotic life, house, and family that help me hone my imperfection. To find out more pop over to Hating ...

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diy Anthropologie knock-off purse

I didn't set out to sew a knock-off. Or Anthropologie. I just wanted to test my new found sewing skills on something a bit harder. And I love bags. An Anthropologie knock off purse just happened. I found this on Pinterest and decided it was simple enough, and cute. And a great use of some scraps from my new pillow covers which had fabulous fabric that I adored. It took me to this site... But, the pattern had been taken down and I my brain couldn't figure out the proper sizes and such. I am only human. So I found that this site ...

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Gingerbread Ninja

This is what we do on our Saturday afternoons. Make giant Gingerbread Ninjas. Yep. It was delicious and will be the go to Gingerbread recipe for future Christmas cookies. This recipe comes from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (you know…the red and white one) and should be included in your recipes! Gingerbread Cutouts (from the New Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook) Oven: 375 Makes 36 to 48 cookies 1/2 cup shortening 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp ground ginger 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp ground cloves 1/2 cup molasses 1 egg 1 tab vinegar 2 1/2 cups all-purpose ...

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Free Green Onions!

I felt you all needed to know this. It is life-changing. Kinda. I used my green onion tops and put the white roots into a jar of water. This is what I have a few days later. I told you it would be kinda life-changing. An almost never-ending supply of green onions. Probably I will have to replace them occasionally. But still. Crazy huh! Don't forget our happening party (said with a giggle) starts November 25th! ...

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Thanksgiving/Christmas Chalkboard placemats

reversible chalkboard placemats made from $1 placemats

Today I want to share one of the Seasonal projects I have been working on...Christmas AND Thanksgiving Chalkboard placemats! whew! someday I will figure out a shorter name!  I'm really not a big fan of keeping a ton of miscellaneous things around the house (read, crap) that only comes out for a few days each year.  We don't have space in our apartment.'s one more thing to clean. But a certain amount of decoration really helps to make the holidays feel special, especially for kids.  So I've been thinking of ways to keep the feeling of holiday without needing quite as much stuff. ...

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Living room corner from blah to FAB!

I've been tweaking my living room lately. And this corner sat empty. Looking sadly boring and blah. NOT okay in my home. We don't do boring. Over the top is okay. Tacky is even okay. Not boring. But, it hadn't spoke to me yet. So I let it sit there feeling sad. And then I had a moment. Of aha! Brilliance! Inspiration! Whatever you call it... I grabbed some homemade chalk paint in a sample color (I think it was supposed to be aqua. Looks pretty darn blue to me. But, it's pretty!) and painted all the random, unused frames laying around the house. Gave them a better life...really! I found the little kimonos that were ...

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this ol’mirror

I was dreaming of a big ol’mirror. Like this one… Nice and tarnished. Old and beat-up looking. For on top of my new chalk-painted beauty of a dresser turned hutch. This is what I had… a very plastic, silver, beast of a mirror. But it had great potential. Which is why I have hung on to it for way more years then I should have. See…it’s a beast. (actually it reminds me of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…do you see it?) Ignore the mess in the reflection, I had just finished lining some drawers with contact paper. “Tarnishing” silver is easy. Rub on this stuff….then rub off. That easy. This is what ...

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10 ways to know that your house is messier than you realize!

Realistically speaking if you all stepped foot in my apartment it would probably sound something like this "oh how cute", "adorable", or  "I like that idea, I would never have thought of that", or even maybe "your house is so pretty". So I realize it is probably me that notices things in my home the most. However, they say that sometimes we don't notice our own body odor. Is that the same as our house's nastiness? Oh gosh. if so, I'm in trouble! I've put together some tips to help me know that everyone else has been dealing with my messy house FAR before I noticed it... 10 ways to know that your house is ...

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I am an expert cleaner :)

Did you believe my post title? Read my blog name. Moving on...  A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of guest posting at Believing Boldly...I wanted to share that post with you as well...   Hi All! Wow! Its great to be invited over here today! I was so excited when Summer Jo asked me to guest blog...what an honor! She has asked me to share with you all the system I use to manage my household chores. Or attempt to manage. Cause, let’s face it they seem to multiply the minute you feel you made headway. That’s life. Before I share my great wisdom and amazing homemaking skills *ahem* I feel I ...

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