Two Ingredient Cake

2 ingredient cakeWhy spend a lot of time and energy putting together a completely homemade cake when you can make a two ingredient cake?  We think that is a valid question.

Let’s get something straight; we love homemade cake.  We have several recipes for homemade cake, including our favorite chocolate and white cakes.  And we encourage everyone who likes baking to try them.  Even people who don’t like baking should try them, so they can see how easy baking really can be.  But sometimes, and for some people, spending a couple hours baking a cake just isn’t worth it all the time.

We have more important things to do.  Or we realized at the last minute we needed to bring something for church.  Or any number of reasons we just don’t feel like taking the time to bake a cake completely from scratch.

Enter the two ingredient cake.

We are not claiming that this cake is as delicious as homemade ones.  It isn’t.   And it would be very sad if all our work making cake from scratch didn’t matter.  It does!  

But, if you add a delicious frosting or a bunch of whipped cream…it’s still quite good.  And there are some events that don’t require you to spend the time necessary to make the most amazing cake ever.  Good is good enough.  In those cases, make this cake!

This is also a great starter cake for kids.  A box of mix, a can of soda, and a supervisor to make sure they don’t burn themselves on the oven.  As they get older, you can graduate them to 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies.  

Directions for your two ingredient Cake:

Two Ingredient Cake
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  1. Lemon Cake Mix
  2. 12 oz. can of lemon-lime soda (diet works)
  3. whipped cream for topping
  1. pour lemon-lime soda into a lemon cake mix.
  2. stir well. It will be frothy.
  3. pour into greased 9 by 13 pan
  4. bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or so.
  5. I top this with some whipping cream and sliced lemons.
  1. Tip: add lemon zest into the cake mix to feel more fancy.
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Butternut Squash Cake

butternut squash soup.

That title sounds weird! But, my friend is/was a Butternut Squash virgin. She had tried to make butternut squash and it was awful! Sorry, it really was! (Don’t worry, I still love you! You make great bread! And tea!)

I think it’s a travesty of epic proportions! Okay, that’s a bit dramatic but …still! Good Butternut Squash soup is one of Fall’s greatest pleasures. It is a must. must. must.

This is the most basic recipe I know. I realize that for some it is too basic.  But, you can always jazz it up if you like.

I don’t peel and dice the squash. Instead, I have everything in one giant pot. gasp! .And…I have only 9 ingredients…that includes the salt! But, this is the truest, most simple Butternut Soup recipe I know. (If you have other great ones…shoot them my way!


Yummy yummy yummy! We serve ours with a dollop of sour cream and a bit of cheddar cheese. Okay, let me know when you have tried this!
If you all have some other fun variations on Butternut Soup, let me know! This family would eat it all year!

basic butternut squash soup recipe

Butternut Squash virgin soup.

Butternut Squash virgin soup.


  • 1 butternut squash...baked
  • 1 cup diced potatoes.
  • 1 cup diced onions
  • 4 tab butter
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • 6 cups of chicken broth (or a mixture of wine, broth, cream, etc...)
  • 2 tab rosemary
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup of 1/2 and 1/2


  1. Bake the squash until done.
  2. In large pot melt butter add potatoes and onion.
  3. Cook until onion is translucent.
  4. Add minced garlic
  5. Cook a minute or two.
  6. Add chicken broth, rosemary, and salt...simmer about 20 minutes
  7. Add cooked squash, cover and bring back to boil. Remove from heat.
  8. Use an immersion blender and blend until smooth.
  9. Stir in 1/2 and 1/2.
  10. Serve warm.

Speaking of good recipes…did you check out the 2 Minute Brownies in a Mug?
And, here is one of my favorite soups. LOVE my Gourmet Mushroom Soup!


DIY TV Stand

DIY TV stand, turn a dresser into a cabinet

This diy TV stand was very easy to do, and is one of our favorite pieces of furniture in the home.

turn a dresser into a t.v. cabinet
One of the reasons I loved this piece was the hardware.

I added 2 coats of Zinzer White Primer to seal the wood and prepare it for painting. Great stuff! And, priming the piece will make it last longer, the paint hold better.

turn a dresser into a t.v. cabinet

To get the distressed, dirty look:

  • Wipe a dark stain on to where you want to create the distressed look. Quickly wipe it off. Repeat until you create the desired look.

The bottom part of the cabinet has been wiped on and then off again with the stain.  But, on the side you can see it has just been wiped on without being wiped off. It will need to be wiped off again. Quickly! After it is wiped on and off it will settle into the grooves nicely.

dresser turned t.v. cabinet

After all the paint dries pull out some sandpaper of varying grits. Sand off the edges that would see normal wear and tear on the piece. You want to see some wood underneath, and varying shades of paint. 


Didn’t it turn out great! That inside cupboard has two little drawers behind the door. Perfect for video games! The drawers hold video game components, dvds, videos, and other stuff. Nicely hidden.
Although  this quick post makes it look simple (it is!)… redoing furniture is time consuming. It doesn’t take much time to paint. But, it takes a lot of waiting between coats! Be prepared for waiting. And a project taking multiple days. But, you can do it! A bit of patience is all you need!

The diy TV stand is in its home in our family room.DIY TV stand, turn a dresser into a cabinet

Make it: skeleton bat costume!

Saturday in this house consisted of one thing..Halloween costumes. Not much else. My new sewing machine had come. Yay!


The kids thought that a new sewing machine should be broken in properly, with something for them. We made a fairy costume for Katie and a skeleton bat costume for Levi.
Here is the costume in all its glory…


Pretty darn fabulous.

  • I will have you know that we already had the shirt bought from Children’s Place last year. Free!
  • I had black felt bought on clearance at Wally World sometime back. Score!
  • We only bought some black pants at Target. $8.00
  • And some puffy paint (like what we used HERE). $3.00
  • Total cost…$11.00


Anyways, this costume was one of the simpler in recent memory. I sewed some felt shaped like wings onto the underside of the shirt arms and side. I then added some fabric paint to the black pants and felt pieces. Then made a simple mask from felt and twine.


Talalah de dah. de dah dah.

This is one happy momma! Now, if thehouse would just clean itself !

For a great Halloween wreath idea try this Creepy Crawly Wreath.





Manners matter!

In my house, teaching manners is important.  Because I think manners matter. We eat nicely. We close our mouths when there is food in them. Most of the time.  We don’t fart or burp… at the table.  And so, when one of my angelic children fake burped at the other, while at the supper table, consequences needed to come. Oh yeah, but it gets better. The other (that would be my smart, 13 year old, daughter Katie) showed him up.

With the real burp. Loudly.

At MY dinner table. Huh?

Sometimes I think they were replaced with alien beings. So, their punishment…

To sit on the naughty step until they could properly burp three times. Of course, we had to utilize both steps of stairs. And Katie thought it was ridiculous.  And hard. Levi couldn’t do it at all. He sat and sat.

Finally, Katie had 1…then 2…and 3!

Levi was still sitting with a big fat zero. Zero burps means he still does the time.

A moment of unity.
Katie donated her time and air for the sake of her less fortunate brother, so she was able to earn his freedom.

I must say that I was in a fit of giggles. I am not sure if this was altogether the proper way to go about teaching manners to my children. But I wanted them to remember what can happen when they are rude.  I wanted them to be inconvenienced and not to forget what the punishment was for. They needed to be sure to use rudeness ONLY when they wanted to pay the consequences.  And teaching manners is something I think is really important for them.

Because in this house, manners matter.

For more insight into my parenting style, head over to this article with my top tips for disciplining your children.

Do you ever use unconventional punishments to help your children understand that manners matter?