Christmas Door Bells


I was up for the challenge of copying a magazine picture. Sounds like fun! The picture I chose to copy for Debbiedoos Magazine Copy challenge... Simple, thank you very much! Ha…because it was Martha Stewart…it wasn’t so simple. Serves me right. Ironic, I think. Martha Stewart magazine I started out with these big plastic bells from Christmas past. They needed a new life anyways… This … [Read more...]

Let’s bake a cake.

2 ingredient cake

Why spend alot of time and energy when 2 ingredients work perfectly well? Well indeed. Let's not. Directions for 2 ingredient Cake: pour a 12 ounce bottle of 7-up (diet works fine) into a lemon cake mix. stir well. It will be frothy. pour into greased 9 by 13 pan bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or so. I top this with some whipping cream and sliced lemons. Tip: add lemon zest into the cake mix … [Read more...]

DIY camera bag.

DIY camera bag

I am taking a bit of a break from the family room. I am getting bored with it so, thought I would do something else for a bit. I bought a new camera recently (in case you couldn't tell the pics around here were getting better). I am a klutz and that poor camera needed to be wrapped up snuggly so it would be safe and sound. But, camera bags are expensive. And ugly (at least the … [Read more...]

faux fireplace?

Is it faux if it has fake fire? Ha! Fake fire. I guess it is. I had an electric stove laying around ready to get thrown out. We had added a REAL woodstove and now I had a sliver of wall space in the family area that was screaming for something of it's very own. I have a chair in front of the fire! The chair was an IKEA chair that I made a slipcover for in the same fabric used in the … [Read more...]

butternut squash soup.

butternut squash soup

That title sounds weird! But, my friend is/was a Butternut Squash virgin. She had tried to make butternut squash and it was awful! Sorry, it really was! (Don't worry, I still love you! You make great bread! And tea!) I think it's a travesty of epic proportions! Okay, that's a bit dramatic but ...still! Good Butternut Squash soup is one of Fall's greatest pleasures. It is a must. must. … [Read more...]

DIY It: dresser turned t.v. cabinet


One of the reasons I loved this piece was the hardware. I added 2 coats of Zinzer White Primer to seal the wood and prepare it for painting. Great stuff! And, priming the piece will make it last longer, the paint hold better. To get the distressed, dirty look: Wipe a dark stain on to where you want to create the distressed look. Quickly wipe it off. Repeat until you create the desired … [Read more...]

Make it: skeleton bat costume!


Saturday in this house consisted of one thing..Halloween costumes. Not much else. My new sewing machine had come. Yay! The kids thought that a new sewing machine should be broken in properly, with something for them. We made a fairy costume for Katie and a skeleton bat costume for Levi. Here is the costume in all its glory... Pretty darn fabulous. I will have you know that we already had … [Read more...]

DIY daily planner

DIY planner

I have been using a planner forever. Really, as long as I can remember. My favorite has been the Planner Pad these last few years. Mine is done. A couple of weeks ago the last day happened. But, I can't bring myself to spend the money for a new one. So, I thought I would make one. I have all the stuff. Why not? Here's what I ended up with...       I love the look of hand drawn … [Read more...]