DIY it: Teen Subway Word Art

teen subway art

DIY Teen Subway art.     This project was inspired by the current rage of subway art. But, with a teen edge.   How to make Subway Art: Gather some magazine clippings of all sorts of words and phrases. You'll be happy to know that the Cottages and Bungalows that featured Levi's bedroom redo was spared the dreaded fate of being cut up. Yay!       Or print your … [Read more...]

Vintage teen room


Update: Since this post I have updated Katie's vintage teen room. Go HERE to see the updates and (very much) improved pictures! So, today it is kid's rooms. Does teen room count? I hope so. Cause they are maybe harder. No, they ARE harder. Have you ever tried to please a teen? Nuff said. I redid the room of my 13 year old daughter K. Isn't she lovely? Those eyes she got from her dad :) It took … [Read more...]