basic deviled eggs recipe (tips, tricks, and recipes)

Learn how to make a basic deviled egg with this recipe and tutorial. deviled eggs

Are you an egg eater? They are chock full of protein and soo good for most of our diets! Trouble is that they can get a bit old. As in...boring. It's always fun to have them in a new, interesting way. We think deviled eggs are one of the best ways to eat eggs ever! Deviled eggs are surprisingly easy to make and delicious to eat. They make a great little appetizer for parties, holidays, and reunions because of their make ahead quality. Have you seen some of the fantastic recipes for new twists on the old classic? Guacamole, bacon, even Asian-inspired recipes for deviled eggs make them a great dish to learn how to ...

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How to Enjoy the Flu

Use these tips to enjoy the flu, or at least not be incredibly miserable.

So flu season is here.  In a BIG way.  And you are probably (and hopefully!) doing everything you can to keep yourself and your family from getting sick.  And you've probably read a ton of articles with tips on keeping your family healthy.  So we aren't going to give any of those normal tips.  You know them; wash your hands, sleep, yadda yadda.  Instead, we want to give you some helpful tips to enjoy the flu if you are unfortunate enough to have it invade your home. Puffs plus Lotion.  You've been there.  That sickness when all you seem to be doing is blowing your nose, ...

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Steak and Mushroom Pretzel Loaf

Steak and Mushroom Pretzel loaf is easy to make and great for entertaining!

Oh gosh, that photo STILL makes my mouth water! This little gem of a loaf that we shall call a Steak and Mushroom Pretzel Loaf is amazing! It is easy to put together and makes a fantastic entertaining recipe for football games, holiday parties, or simply a Thursday night. Use packaged pretzel dough (ours is the fantastic  Salted Pretzel Roll Mix from Tastefully Simple!), sliced deli beef, sliced cheese, and bottled sauce to make this SUPER fast, easy, and still amazing!    After you make up your pretzel dough (get the kind we use HERE) and follow the proper steps for resting, rising, and such, roll it ...

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How to make a martini | Basic Martini Recipe

How to make a martini | basic martini recipe as well as tips, tricks, and variations to try.

A lot of people have the idea that because martinis are "classy", they are complicated to make.  This is not true!  Basic martini recipes have 2 ingredients.  That's it!  Nothing crazy, no muddling or anything like that, and you don't even strictly need a shaker.  When you look at the basic martini recipe below, you'll see that all your fears of making martinis can just run away.  And because the martini recipe is so simple, that means there are tons of ways to customize them to fit your tastes. We don't like martinis.  Let's just put that out there.  They have too much ...

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Manhattan Recipe and Old-Fashioned Recipe

How to make a Manhattan | a basic Manhattan recipe

Manhattan's and Old-Fashioned's are not generally considered girly drinks...because they aren't.  These are masculine and strong.  I mean, they are both made with bourbon after all!  They make a perfect addition to your cocktail repertoire.  And the Manhattan recipe is really quite simple, so learning to make it is a breeze!  You can find bitters at your local liquor store.  If you don't know where to look, just ask the clerk! Tips and Tricks: Sugar cubes and water can be substituted for simple syrup in these drinks.   Rub your rims with orange peel.  This gives a ...

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Rice “Stuffing” (gluten-free and vegan)

This rice dressing recipe is gluten-free and vegan friendly. It is a great way to make sure everyone, no matter their dietary restrictions, feels welcome and has something delicious to eat!

This rice dressing recipe is sponsored by MinuteĀ® Rice, but we only ever work with brands we really use and think are helpful for our readers! While there isn't a true substitute for the traditional stuffing of the holiday season, this rice dressing recipe makes a solid attempt. I've used a multi-rice blend from MinuteĀ® Rice to make it easy, quick, and have a great blend of different rice varieties in one box. Using multiple kinds of rice, including wild, brown, and quinoa help to keep the "dressing" nutty, deep, and wild in flavor. Sage, thyme, and rosemary are the same spices used in traditional ...

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How to make a Skinny Margarita | Classic Recipe

How to make a skinny margarita | a classic recipe for a magarita along with extra recipes, tips, and tricks.

Before we move forward in explaining how to make a skinny margarita, we need to get one thing straight: We are talking about a classic skinny margarita, not a blended version. Many people think that the slushy, frozen, sweet (and probably strawberry) version of a margarita is the classic, but it actually isn't.  That drink is great, and sometime we might teach you how to make one from scratch, but today is not that day.  Today, we want to talk about classic margaritas.  The classic is not a blended drink...and just has a couple ice cubes in it to keep it chilled.  These are made with tequila, ...

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Classic Cookie Recipes

a collection of the easiest, best classic cookie recipes

If you plan to do a lot of baking for Christmas, be sure to check out our tips for freezing cookies.  So helpful!  Oatmeal cookies are a classic, and these chocolate chip ones are the perfect classic cookie recipe to make all year round.  Get the full tutorial here (though you don't really need it!). Gingerbread cookies are absolutely a classic cookie recipe!  These can be made into so many different varieties!  You can make gingerbread men, Christmas trees, biscotti, animals...whatever you want!  Get the full tutorial here. These molasses cookies are super rich ...

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African Peanut Soup

easy, homemade African Peanut soup recipe. Simple to make, incredibly delicious, and gluten-free and vegan.

Traditional African Peanut Soup is made with vegetable broth. We make ours with Silk Cashew milk for extra creaminess as well as that added nutty flavor (you can get a coupon here if you are interested in getting a newsletter). This soup is vegan and gluten-free, making it a fantastic recipe for many houses. Try the basic recipe first and then add and tweak for the variation your family loves. We've listed some of our favorite additions in the recipe notes. This simple African Peanut soup recipe is king of cozy on a cold winter night. The easy ingredients are an unexpected combination of sweet, nutty, and spice ...

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Tips and Tricks for Long-Term Travel (and Alaska pics!)

tips and tricks for your next long-term travel trip. Great advice to make it the best ever! From

This post brought to you by TownePlace Suites by MarriottĀ®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of NellieBellie. As many of you know, Janel and I are 2 of 10 children. Many of our siblings are spread out across the country making it difficult to see everyone. Last week, I had an opportunity to travel to Alaska to see our sister Darla, number 3, in Anchorage, Alaska. A chance that absolutely could not be passed up! I've traveled a lot, in many ways (car, train, plane), and in many styles (African safari!), and have good experience in traveling for long distances and long trips. The quick trips ...

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How to infuse oil

how to infuse oil with these simple steps. It's easy to do for anyone! Tips, tricks, and need to know info from

Although this post is sponsored by Pompeian oil we, as always, don't work with a company or create content that we don't feel is valuable and useful for YOU our readers. Here in Stillwater, MN we have an fancy pants oil company. It's a little shop that sells all manner of infused oil. You can go in and buy a pre-made infused oil from their vats and vats of flavored oil. Or you can mix and match your own specialty oils. It's an incredibly popular little store that collects tourists on weekends like crazy. We love going into that little store just to smell the amazing smells. Rarely do we buy anything because the ...

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the best, basic Thumbprint Cookie recipe

a fantastic recipe for the classic Thumbprint cookie from holiday recipes, Christmas cookies, cookies, thumbprint cookie recipe

Along with Peanut Butter Blossoms, Jam Thumbprint cookies are a Christmas cookie classic that are baked and frozen in mass quantities in preparation for the Holidays. Truthfully, I don't manage much in the way of holiday baking with our crazy schedule. But these cookies are such a favorite that I carve out a few hours on a weekend to bake up a batch. I'm an uber fan of how these cookies give me a way to show off my delicious 2 ingredient homemade jam without looking like I'm being obnoxious. "Here, would you like a cookie?" "Oh that jam? Yes, it IS delicious. Thank you, I made that." See, it's perfect. Of course the ...

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