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Next time you make deviled eggs swap out the mustard in your recipe for a gourmet brown or spicy mustard. Or hey, horseradish is tasty!

Carrot Ginger soup & Lunchbox noodles

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Today let’s talk about a part of life that sometimes doesn’t get enough thought and attention … lunch. Poor lunch. We treat lunch (especially those of us that have short lunch hours) as an afterthought, a break time, and just another blip to the end of the day. We are completely missing out on grabbing a moment in our day and making it delightful and purposeful.

So today, let’s talk about turning a Sad Desk Lunch into a Delightful Desk Lunch.

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Make your own tea bags at home!

DIY tea bags are easy to make from muslin, scissors, and twine. All easy to find materials in your store's kitchen department. It’s no secret that I’m a coffee snob. I love coffee. I dream of coffee. Coffee makes my world go round. But, I may have given the impression that I drink pots and pots of liquid gold per day.

Not so.


I have, all in all, about 1 cup of coffee each day. Usually half in the early start-up of the morning and the other half mid-morning. The rest of the day I drink tea. Ginger tea is my favorite but many times a week you’ll see me pull out my loose-leaf tea collection and make up a cup.

I don’t own a tea-strainer, at all. Nor do I buy tea bags. I make my own tea bags from either coffee filters (the tutorial for coffee filter tea bags is HERE) or from muslin/cheesecloth, which I’ll show you today. I find DIY tea bags easy and fast to make, good to the earth, and inexpensive.

diy tea bags are easy to make from muslin and twine. Keep the supplies on hand so you can make a fantastic cup of tea whenever you like!


  • Cheesecloth or muslin (Easy to find in your kitchen department. Usually near the gadgets.)
  • Bakers twine (Easy to find in your kitchen department. Usually near canning supplies and/or cupcake liners)
  • Scissors


Simply cut your muslin into squares about 4 inch by 4 inch. Use double pieces if working with an extra fine tea blend. Cut larger squares if making large batches (such as for tea concentrate or cold-brew iced tea).diy-teabags-step2Scoop your loose-leaf tea on to the cheesecloth square. Most tea is about 1 tablespoon per cup but tea drinkers often have their own preference. Use what you like!

diy tea bags are easy to make, inexpensive, and great to know how to do!Now bring the corners of the cloth together and twist the top a couple turns. Tie the twine around to hold the bundle in place. Done!

diy tea bags are easy to make and cost effective.Keep several squares and twine already cut and ready to go. Your tea time will be tastier, faster, and you’ll be pleased with yourself every time you drop one of those bags into your hot water!


A box with cut tea cloths, twine, loose-leaf tea, vanilla coconut sugar, and a personalized mug would make a fantastic gift!

Pom Pom Ghosts are Boo-y-tiful!


Some of you LOVE Halloween. You go hog-wild decorating and preparing. I created this cute garland with you hog-wild Halloween lovers in mind. A pom pom ghost ghost garland will make your Halloween decorating complete. All that cute ghostiness…who can resist? The best part is it’s made from simple and easy to find materials. AND, it’s not crazy hard. Meaning you can sit in front of your favorite and latest binge t.v. show and create these guys. You’ll feel useful and productive with an excuse to park in front of the t.v. for a few hours… score! Read More

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