Ice Cream Tacos. Yes, for real!


Can there be a better combo then ice cream and tacos? No, I didn't think so either!! The trick to these ice cream tacos is the homemade shells. Well, partly homemade. We fry up corn tortillas in cinnamon and sugar and trick them into forming sweet taco shells. Yum!! Fill those babies up with your toppings and you have a sweet, fun treat! These little guys are perfect for parties and special … [Read more...]

painted bras

Paint a plain white bra into something adorable!! Easy and inexpensive! Painted bras are so great! #paint #bra

Here's a fun way to spend a rainy day afternoon! Most of the time good, quality bras are a little lacking adorableness?. So, we tend to spend the money for quality AND fashion. We believe in less, but better. But...we've come up with a great solution!! A money-saving, fun solution! Painted bras combine quality, less-expensive bras with adorableness. And, it's a FUN project to do with … [Read more...]

homemade angel food

Homemade angel food is actually a lot easier to make than you think! Use this simple recipe and steps from to get started! #dessert #recipe #angelfood

I had a craving for angel food cake the other day.  But we didn't have a box mix.  But I really wanted it.  So...I made homemade angel food from scratch. That's dedication. The most time-consuming part of making homemade angel food is separating the egg whites out.  I did this one at a time, and then dumped the egg whites into a measuring cup.  That way, if … [Read more...]

Verdant Tea House

Verdant Tea in Minneapolis. Adorable little shop with fabulous tea and a great vibe!!!! #tea #teahouse

 Recently, a coworker of mine told me that I needed to stop at Verdant Tea the next time I was in the Minneapolis neighborhood.  But I kept putting it off.  Because I was busy.  And even though I'd gone into Minneapolis a few times, I just couldn't make time to stop.  And then I realized something; that's dumb!!!  It sounded like a great place, and we write for a … [Read more...]

50 shades of grey party

Hosting a 50 shades of grey party is a great adult option that is unexpected and a ton of fun. #party #parties #50shadesofgrey

 So...Nellie and I were chatting a couple weeks ago about party themes.  And we realized that most of our ideas are for kid parties, not adult parties.  So we started brainstorming what party themes would work well for adults, and jokingly came up with a 50 shades of gray party.  And then after thinking about it a bit more...we realized we actually wanted to plan one. … [Read more...]

Whopper Chex Mix

This Whopper Chex Mix is a great twist on the traditional and perfect for large groups! Recipe from

Chex Mix is a classic.  Puppy chow is also a classic.  This Whopper Chex Mix capitalizes on those classics...and makes them even better!  Whoppers, marshmallows, chocolate...a few of my favorite things. All smooshed up into one great snack.  Always great for parties and movie night. Especially football parties.  And anything with Whoppers is better. Now, I … [Read more...]

Delicious scrambled eggs.

scrambled eggs4

Today we are giving the site over to Levi to share one of his favorite recipes.  As a consistent contributor, Levi has shared some fun information with us in the past, but today is something new.  Today he's sharing a post specifically with kids in mind.  So, if you have kids, share this with them.  If you are a kid...stay right here!    Hi, today i'm going to … [Read more...]

Almond Joy Better than Sex Cupcakes (because cake was just too boring)


Better Than Sex Cupcakes?  Not cake???   Yep.  Don't get us wrong...we love Better Than Sex Cake...but we wanted to try something new.  And we wanted it to include coconut.  And not have chocolate cake.  Don't ask us why.  That's just how we felt. So we created these Almond Joy Better than Sex Cupcakes. And they're pretty dang phenomenal. Yes, they … [Read more...]