make an adorable ornament from a teacup. Easy to do!

Make a teacup bell ornament with this easy tutorial.

Is it too early for Christmas ornaments? Sadly, no. The stores are starting in on Christmas already. It's a bit too soon, in my opinion. But...I guess if you want to make your own decorations or presents it's time to get going on it. December is going to come up awfully fast! This ornament is adorable and a great gift idea. I made up a couple for our tree and a couple as gifts. They were a huge … [Read more...]

Simple steps to make a Halloween mummy costume

handmade halloween mummy costume from NellieBellie; simple, easy, and tons of fun! #mummy #halloween #costume

Halloween is coming up again (it has a habit of doing that each year, doesn't it!)...and with it the need for costumes.  Costumes can be really expensive!  Geez.  But, they don't always need to be; sometimes you can do something homemade and it's even better than it would have been store-bought.  This costume is Levi's from last year when he wanted to be a mummy. We thought it … [Read more...]

Create tribal beads in a flash | craft tutorial

an easy tutorial for tribal beads | |#crafts #beads #jewelry #tribal

My new favorite toy is a Dremel micro power tool. I admit it. And it should come as no surprise to those who know me well. I am not characteristically a froo-froo person. I gravitate toward the natural, earthy, more substantial elements in the stores. I don't have much patience for delicate crafting unless it's pom-pom making (which, I guess brings into question my claim to not like … [Read more...]

roasted tomato crostinis |make your entertaining simple.

roasted tomato crostini | easy, fast appetizer |

Lanet and I love to entertain. And when we entertain we want all the pretty things on the table. We want to drink all the delicious things. And we want to eat all the tasty things. But often the pretty, delicious, tasty things we see on Pinterest or in recipe books and such take so MUCH TIME and money to make. Never mind the skill sets that one needs to make said recipes. Or tools. For real...not … [Read more...]

give a cupcake and gain a friend.

make a cute individual cupcake holder. So easy to make and gift! #gift #cupcake

It's true, you know. Bring someone a cupcake in an individual cupcake holder and you'll gain a friend, or two. Everyone loves a cupcake. And everyone loves pretty packaging. These diy holders are such an easy way to gift a single cupcake! You'll be spreading sugar love to teachers, neighbors, friends, and more. These are so simple that we weren't initially going to put them on the site. We … [Read more...]

Science Museum of Minnesota

Science Museum of Minnesota: a great place for kids! #sciencemuseummn #onlyinmn #minneapolis

 Recently, we were invited by the Science Museum of Minnesota to a media event showing a preview of their new Omnitheatre film "Flight of the Butterflies".  We were pumped!    The movie was very well made, and was the perfect film to be put on such a huge screen.  But to be honest...the real fun for us began after the film was over and we could go and explore the … [Read more...]

Quick & Healthy | candy corn fruit cup

Candy Corn fruit cups; a recipe from NellieBellie #halloween #afterschoolsnack #healthy #fruit

So up in this here house we like healthy. We like fun. We like fast. We like healthy, fun, and fast all smooshed together. And yes, I'm talking about food. Now that my kids are in school, I need to make tasty after-school treats for my kids that are fast and healthy. These candy corn fruit cups are perfect. I mean...look at them! Aren't those just the cutest little things you ever did see? My kids … [Read more...]

Haystacks | toilet paper tube craft|tutorial

Make haystacks out of toilet paper rolls. A easy, fun project for the fall! #kidscrafts #fall #craft #recycledcraft

Aren't those the cutest haystacks you ever did see?? These are an easy, inexpensive idea for your fall table. You can get these made up very easily in a few minutes and they add so much to your fall table. And, because of how easy they are they make a perfect craft idea for children. Let's get to the tutorial: Materials: paper tubes (1 per namecard) colored twine tags (you can cut … [Read more...]