wild rice banana muffins

Wild Rice Banana muffins are a fun and unique take on the traditional banana bread.

So here in MN there is this ingredient that shows up in every. single. thing. that Minnesotan's can think of putting it in. That ingredient is wild rice. Tater tots run a close second and anything on a stick comes in third. Or the other way around? Whatever. The point is; we need to talk about wild rice and use it in an unusual way. Hence the wild rice banana muffins. Because using wild rice in muffins is...unusual. I'm working to pull the entire Minnesotan wild rice industry into mainstream baking and cooking. I'm thinking snack mixes, jello puddings, chip flavors, and even a soda. It has to start somewhere ...

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Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cake (Gluten-free)

This gluten-free chocolate pistachio cake is made with dark chocolate and in a bundt pan for a great texture and unique flavor!

Yes, Bob's Red Mill paid us to make this chocolate pistachio cake.  They did not, however, require us to gush nonstop about how much we love them.  That's all us! Katie says a bite of this classic chocolate pistachio cake tastes like a ball of fudge. The 16 year old speaks truth. Dark chocolate bundt cake with a hidden stash of pistachio goodness. It sounds hard and tricky but it's neither of those things. And gluten-free baking isn't hard or tricky either.  Did we mention that this is gluten-free?  It is. Look 3 photos down the page. See that flour?  It's Bob's Red Mill ...

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How to make homemade gnocchi

how to make homemade gnocci. So easy to do at home. A video tutorial is included as well as a basic recipe. A great thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. www. nelliebellie.com

Hello there! I am so glad you are here. Today we are talking about gnocchi. The little, tiny, absolutely fabulous puffs of potato pasta. Many of you love them as much as I do. But I wonder, have you tried making your own? True, purchasing them is easy, fast, and delicious...I usually do, as well. But I love taking a lazy Saturday afternoon and making up a batch of fresh homemade gnocchi. We have some for supper that night and stash the rest away in the freezer for an easy weekday supper. Nothing beats pulling gnocchi out of the freezer that YOU made. Nothing (truth...there are a few things. But not many.) The picture ...

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Coconut Brownies (gluten-free, oil-free, egg-free)

These healthier brownies are made with almond flour, dates, and coconut so they are gluten free and full of vitamins! Don't be afraid to try these coconut brownies, even if you don't have dietary restrictions; you'll love them!

When I think of brownies I don't think of vitamins and healthy things. No, I think of oozing chocolate, sweetness, gooey centers, and heaven. Heaven.  At least, that's what I thought of until I started making these coconut brownies. Now I think of health, vitamins AND heaven. Chocolate bliss.  Without guilt, or a stomach ache, or a heart attack. Win!!! These coconut brownies are made with almond flour, ground dates, and coconut. They use greek yogurt rather than oil AND don't even include a single egg. Gluten-free, oil-free, AND egg-free. They taste good too.  Okay, not jsut good.  They are ...

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Sweetheart Martini | Grapefruit martini

A sweetheart martini is a delicious cocktail perfect for Valentine's Day. It is a mix of a grapefruit martini and a cherry martini.

This Sweetheart Martini is a perfect Valentine's Day cocktail that will make your special dinner complete.  This martini recipe isn't as strong as a traditional martini, but still packs quite a punch. Which means it's a perfect drink for those that like girly drinks AND for those that like a little hair on their chest from strong drinks. If you don't like strong drinks at all, skip this one. But if you are a fan of martinis try this sweeter version, we think you'll be a fan!  It is a mixture of a grapefruit martini and a cherry martini, and the combination is sweet, tart and beautiful to look at! It ...

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a little bit of heart stuff.

No recipe today. Or anything that will teach you anything. Nothing that will give us good SEO rankings or a magazine to feature us. Only a thank-you. I can't possibly explain what this job is. Creating recipes, DIY, and crafts for the masses. Knowing that they will be critiqued (rightfully so), loved, hated, and everything in between. Never quite feeling like we get to make friends with the tens of thousands of you that visit our site each month. Many of you come and leave without reading anything else but the single post you came for (and won't see this, either). That's okay, we know that's our job. Amongst ...

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Pizza Crust 101: Pizza Crust Recipes, Tips, and Tricks

Pizza crust recipes, tips, tricks, and more! Recipes for gluten-free, whole-wheat, cauliflower and more.

Any good pizza is only as good as its crust. And oh boy, do we have crusts. Generally I stick with a traditional crust, but I often like to pull out a whole-wheat or cauliflower pizza for funsies. And gluten-free pizza crust is my fave! These are my favorite go-to pizza crust recipes that I think you'd love to have in your home pizza arsenal, as well. I've made sure to add all the tips and tricks I know to make homemade pizza a success every time! Cauliflower Crust   Have you ever tried a cauliflower pizza crust? We bet you won't even miss the real one. Although we love this crust, we aren't in the habit of ...

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How to make homemade tortilla chips

Make your own tortilla chips at home. Easy tips, tricks, and tutorial from nelliebellie.com

So really, tortilla chips are simply fried tortillas. Nothing fancy. And because they are nothing fancy...you can make them at home! Make up a batch of homemade tortilla chips to serve with delicious dip for your next party, event, or simply because you want a snack. We love  Tastefully Simple and use Tastefully Simple dips almost every time we are entertaining. I love using Tastefully Simple's dips because they are quick and easy as well as absolutely delicious! For these homemade tortilla chips I served the Fiesta Party Dip, Tastefully Simply Simply Salsa, and the Santa Fe Warm dip.  Because even ...

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Tortilla Shell Pizzas (Less Than $1 Each!)

Tortilla shell pizzas (Cost less than $1 each!), includes simple tortilla pizza recipes. Repin to save.

I might just be your new best friend. Why? Because I'm giving you an excuse to eat pizza every day!!!  How? By taking away the mess, fuss, complexity of homemade pizza. By using a tortilla shell as a crust.   Tortilla shell pizzas are delicious. If you're a thin crust lover or an all-crust lover, you need no convincing. But even if you are a thick crust lover, I still think you'll appreciate how tasty these pizzas are. You'll also appreciate: How fast they are to make (dinner - start to finish - in 15 minutes!) How quickly they bake How light they are (depending on your toppings, these ...

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Hearty Macaroni and Cheese pizza | Macaroni Pizza Recipe

hearthy macaroni and cheese pizza is a fun twist on a favorite! A great pizza for family pizza night! This macaroni pizza recipe is simple and delicious!

We must stop for a moment and appreciate that slice of art on the plate. That, my dear friends, is macaroni and cheese smooshed together with pizza and then made even better with MORE cheese and a cracker crumble.  Now that we have appreciated this macaroni pizza recipe in visual form, moving on... One of our favorite lunch spots is a wood-fire pizza place that makes a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. You guessed it... macaroni and cheese. They simply put macaroni and cheese on a pizza crust and bake it all up. The kids eat it up like candy. This is my version. A bit heartier and a bit more friendly ...

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Polka dot Pizza (meatball pizza recipe)

Meatball pizza recipe (we call it polka dot pizza in our house) is fast, easy, and delicious! A great recipe for family pizza night! #MeatballMasters #ad

 I made a delicious meatball pizza recipe using Johnsonville┬« Meatballs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. We call this meatball pizza recipe the Polka Dot Pizza in our house. Probably obvious why. Perfect balls of meat, tomatoes, and cheese make this pizza a favorite on pizza night. Using frozen meatballs speeds up the time from oven to table (and believe me, these Johnsonville┬« meatballs taste amazing...frozen or not!). I use a traditional homemade pizza crust for many of my pizzas but don't feel bad about pulling out a prepared crust. For this meatball pizza recipe you'll use ...

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garlic white pizza sauce.

This delicious garlic white pizza sauce recipe is a fabulous variation for your pizza night!

We love Papa Murphy's Delite pizzas.  A lot.  And one day we were sitting around chatting about how much we wanted one, but didn't want to go get it; so we made one ourselves.  We have created a ton of recipes, but apparently have never thought to create one for pizza sauce.  We aren't sure why we neglected this vital staple.  Not only have we not created a white pizza sauce recipe...we haven't even made a red sauce recipe. That has now changed.  Well, the white pizza sauce has been created.  The red sauce...not quite yet. The most important part of making a good gourmet pizza is ...

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