Square Lake Beach

Square Lake Beach and Park in Minnesota is a wonderful spot for swimming and having a fun time! #onlyinMN #beach #Minnesota #TwinCities

Square Lake Beach seems to be a fairly well-kept secret in the Eastern metro area.  And as much as we'd like to keep this beautiful little spot to ourselves, that seems a bit selfish.  Because the beach is huge, the water is clear, the woods are beautiful, and we could go on.  Really.   The water gets pretty deep, and quickly.  So be aware that you'll need to watch … [Read more...]

Marx fusion bistro

If you're ever in Stillwater, head over to Marx fusion bistro and enjoy one of the chef's specials. Some of the best food we've ever tasted!

 Marx Fusion Bistro is a little restaurant on Main Street in Stillwater.  It's on the newer side, at least as far as our historical little town goes, and it's fabulous!  We'd heard a lot of great things about this place, but it took us several months before we finally set out to try it. Why so long?  The lines!!!  Oh, the lines.  This place is popular.  Really … [Read more...]

Buffalo Chicken Salad. it’s the new, best version!

Buffalo chicken salad; yum!!! #salad #maindish #buffalochicken

   What do you get when you take a buffalo and a chicken and a salad and smoosh them together? Buffalo chicken salad, of course!  Okay, we didn't actually get a buffalo.  And there isn't a green salad in here.  But it still is buffalo chicken salad.  And it's delicious. And without the nasty hair and hooves...this salad is great! We had picked up a … [Read more...]

Amy’s Cupcake Shop: Not Just Another Cupcake Place

Amy's Cupcake Shop, an adorable and incredibly delicious shop in Minnetonka, from NellieBellie

Cupcake shops were a fun fad, weren't they?  I'm not even sure if there are any still around...but they were great while they lasted.  Little adorable shops decorated in pastels and lace, with nothing inside but cupcakes and frosting.  Yum!  Amy's Cupcake Shoppe at first glance may appear similar to these, but don't be tricked!   Recently, we took some time to sit down … [Read more...]

Tex Mex Cornbread: The Lazy Baker Version

Make Tex Mex cornbread quickly. Easy and tasty! Another Lazy Baker Recipe form ~www.nelliebellie.com #cornbread #fast #easy #lazybaker

I'm betting that this trick is nothing new for many of you. Or all of you. But, sometimes we need to be reminded that it's A-okay to be easy and fast. We don't have to make every thing from scratch to keep our title as SuperMom or SuperWoman or SuperWife or whatever title it is you need. Time to love and time to play is sometimes far more important! But, tasty cornbread is a needed commodity. … [Read more...]

Matchbook Notebooks. so dang cute.

Matchbook Notebooks are adorable and easy to make with this trick from www.nelliebellie.com #tutorial #craft #matchboxnotebooks #gift

We've noticed these adorable little notebooks at some of our favorite little gift shops and stationary stores. The matchbook notebook. Unfortunately for us, they are usually quite expensive. Especially when you consider how tiny they are.  So much so that we decided to just make them. That is generally our go-to plan for things we want and can't afford.  DIY.  So glad we did! … [Read more...]

Tex Mex eggs benedict. The best version, imo!

tex mex eggs benedict...easy, delicious, and a great Saturday morning breakfast! ~www.nelliebellie.com #breakfast #texmex #eggsbenedict

  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it's advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.#CollectiveBias Oh my goodness times infinity!! This recipe, you NEED this one in your life! Unless you are anti-spice. Or anti-eggs. Then, this one isn't for you. But, on a Saturday morning I cannot imagine anything better than this Tex Mex Eggs Benedict with habanero Hollandaise. … [Read more...]