Homemade Tater Tots

Bacon and Blue Cheese Homemade Tater Tots

Alice, from Dining with Alice, is back again to show off her Minnesota cooking skills. She is the kitchen star for the local Twin Cities Live T.V. show and rightfully so; she is charming, talented and fun. You'll be able to catch a new MN recipe from her her on NellieBellie each month. Watch for casserola, cheese, wild rice and things on a stick! Today she's bringing us the most classic of all Minnesota dishes; tator tots! I was the big kid at the kids' table.  I sat at the tiny preschool table. My legs were awkwardly stuffed under and out the sides of the table and my bottom was quite too big for those ...

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The only fudge recipe you’ll every need.

Microwave fudge as good as Grandma's in a fraction of the time. Easy, fast, and simple candy.

 Now, this microwave fudge isn't quite as amazing as the kind we spent hours making with Grandma from scratch for Christmas.  But, as we've mentioned many times before on NellieBellie, sometimes it's okay that something is just a wee bit less amazing than it could be if it means you have the time for other awesome things. Besides, we think that that Grandma's fudge really tastes better only because of the nostalgia. Making treats with family is ALWAYS better! Like drinking lattes or hot cocoa. Always better with a friend. So... This fudge is good and, it was made in the microwave. Give it a ...

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easy veggie burgers that your family will love.

easy Veggie burgers that are fast, healthy, and delicious! A fast easy dinner for hte whole family. I LOVE that these are gluten-free veggie burgers! nelliebellie.com

Let's be truthful, veggie burgers don't excite the general population of burger eaters. Myself included...typically. But this recipe is awesome, fast, delicious and doesn't contain any soy or gluten. Score! My family loves these and asks for seconds every time. Be warned, however, they are filling (my hubby still bravely eats 2 because he says they are too delicious NOT to)! Nothing is the same as a real meat burger, true. And we won't claim these taste just like your favorite hamburger. They don't. Cause they're made with vegges. But truth be told, they are utterly delicious and we don't miss our ...

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Homemade chocolate coins

how to make homemade chocolate coins. A fast and easy candy making tutorial. Great idea for St. Patricks Day, Mari Gras, Pirate parties, and events.

These are sooo much faster and easier than you are thinking right now. Truly. And they taste much better then the cheap-o version you pick up in the store. Frankly, these chocolate coins can taste as good as YOU want them to. You are the one controlling the quality of the chocolate.  So, if they taste gross it's all your own fault. Don't you love being in control of all the ingredients! For my purposes, candy melt works just great. And believe it or not, the candy melt STILL tastes better than the cheap-o gold coins. Imagine what good quality chocolate would taste like? I'm seeing chocolate coins ...

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gluten free brownies with chocolate chip cookie topping

gluten free brownies with chocolate chip cookie topping; so delicious!

These are gluten free brownies. I know, I know! Hard to believe all that deliciousness doesn't have gluten. And, and, and...they truly taste as delicious as they look. Best of all, they are fast and easy to make. We served these up the other day after-school with a glass of milk. To test the taste of these gluten free brownies versus traditional brownies we didn't tell Levi that they were gluten free and offered him up a brownie (with a bit of nervousness, for sure). It was gone in a blink. There is absolutely no question about how delicious they are and how much they DON'T taste like they are gluten-free. The ...

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Park Your Rump at Wild Rumpus Bookstore

wild rumpus bookstore in Linden Hills, MN is a perfect location to bring your kids to experience books!

2720 West 43rd Street  |  Minneapolis, MN  |  612-920-5005  |  www.wildrumpusbooks.com We are so excited to have Nicki back again at NellieBellie! Nicki is a Minnesota mama who goes on crazy and fun adventures with her two littles, and will be sharing some of her favorite places and experiences for you to try with your own children.  Check out more of her great ideas at MinneMama Aventures. There is something to be said for a hard copy book. Something that allows you to physically turn pages and – if you're weird like me – flip them just fast ...

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mini pavlovas (gluten-free)

These dang cute mini pavlovas from nelliebellie.com are easy and delicious!

Just say the word Pavlova. Isn't that just fancy!   *sigh*   I love fancy sounding words. And fancy sounding desserts! You know what I love MORE??? Fancy sounding desserts that are uber easy. Like my mini pavlova's. They are gorgeous, they are easy, and they are delicious. Not joking...amazingly delicious! And, how gorgeous would these mini pavlova's be for your holiday dessert? stunning! This recipe uses store-bought meringues...for a homemade pavlova recipe, take a look at our chocolate pavlova.  Yum! Super Hero Mini Pavlova maker...you are about to get this great gluten-free recipe ...

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easy sausage apple sliders with smoked gouda and homemade french onions

easy sausage apple sliders with smoked gouda and homemad french onions. Using rolls not sliced, baking the sausage in a flat, and more tricks make this beautiful appetizer fast and easy! #ad #MeatballMasters

I made these delicious sausage apple sliders using Johnsonville® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars, but of course, we only use products we love and think are delicious.  And you all; this sausage is great! #MeatballMasters Uffda, that is quite a name! Y'all, there is no way to properly put into photos how GOOD these sausage apple sliders are. They are really, really great! When I say great, what I really mean to say is fantastic, superb, outstanding, and out of this world. All the adjectives. Best part; they are easy! Oh how I love those two adjectives together...great and easy. It's like coffee ...

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easy olive appetizer recipes x2

this olive bruschetta is easy to make, and delicious! A great olive appetizer idea. #OlivesFromSpain

Compensation was provided by Olives from Spain via MomTrends, though we only work with products and brands we personally enjoy and appreciate.  These olive appetizers really are great!  Ever since we were small we have loved olives. We are amongst the olive-lovers of the world, the great and clever group. And, our love isn't specific to black or green as many olive-lovers are. We love them both. Perhaps it has something to do with our need to eat foods rich in vitamin E (olives have a good amount!). It might just be because they taste good. Did you know there's actually more than just green and ...

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Birdman Pie | Vegan

Birdman Pie. A vegan blackberry whiskey pie with chocolate pie crust.

We've teamed up with a handful of other great foodies to share a collection of Oscar themed recipes; head to the bottom of the post for recipes like this Birdman Pie that are based on other great Oscar nominated films! When we decided to participate in an Oscar-themed party collection, we were so excited!  We love doing themed parties, as you've probably seen with our Alice in Wonderland party and our Beer Tasting Party.  This was going to be right up our alley.  But, being honest with you, this Birdman pie took quite a few hours of thought and creativity. See...if you haven't seen the movie ...

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Eight Things I Love About You

This post written by my daughter as a surprise for me on Mother's Day in 2013 (she was 15) is being shared today because it is the greatest love letter of all time in my humble opinion. It is my encouragement that I am succeeding as a mother. It boosts my hope for my daughter's future as a lovely, kind, generous, and beautiful soul. It is my hope for you as well. That your child will have confidence to share their love for you with the world. That you will not have to wait until your children are grown to see proof of your labor. That you will have small moments daily that remind you that what you are doing ...

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Katie’s Kitchen: Easy Lava Cake

easy chocolate molten lava cake recipe nelliebellie.com

Another installment of Katie's Kitchen. This post of easy lava cake by Katie was first seen on Mom 4 Real as a guest post. But, in true  mom fashion I wanted to share it with you all. Cause my girl is freaking amazing!! Take it away Katie!!! Hello. My name is Katie Jane. I am fifteen and my mother is NellieBellie. I've come a long way in my baking since my very first post of Brownie's in a Mug. Those were yummy and you should eat them. But this easy lava cake...even better! Currently, I am watching American Idol, because the mean people on it make me feel like a better person in comparison. I was told ...

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